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Pride and Passion: Thank you Sir Alex Ferguson May 9, 2013

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He is gone. I thought he would never go. He is gone today. I ought to be celebrating his career, but I’m filled with despair and helplessness about the possible future of my club. Yes, he was there through the ups and downs of my life, but not anymore. How long will it be before United win their next title? Can we still have the bragging rights over most other clubs in England? Can someone fit in these players in various systems to bring out the best in them? Can……

I started following club football in 2007, a year before we won our third Champions League title.  Since then, Sir Alex Ferguson has been the biggest reference point for me- sometimes a huge enigma, but often an inspirational persona. I mean, he is 71 years old, and still celebrates a goal against Southampton as if it’s his first. I mean, 71 fucking years old. And that passion. Still. 71 years. Do you see that kind of passion in anyone aged 71, in any field? It’s the age when nasal sprays in your nose are more common than a football field under your feet. It’s the age when most people stop celebrating their lives. But nay, not Sir Alex. I think that’s the biggest lesson I’ve learnt from him. Celebrate your life, enjoy every moment of it and live life. He still rips apart the fourth official (read: The Chelsea/Madrid games), still defends his players like they are his own kids (read: De Gea), still runs across the touchline to celebrate a goal (read: Van Persie against Saints), still sulks like crazy (read: Nani red against Madrid), is still naughty enough to take on an opponent verbally (read: Benitez), still revers his wine (read: Mourinho), still gets excited about young players coming through (read: Januzaj). I mean, how in Holy God’s name can someone have so much passion 27 years into their profession? How the fuck?

 I wish I had that smile. I hope to live every moment with that passion, like that man.

There is so much emptiness and sadness, but I hope I can carry this message of the greatest manager of any sports team I’ve seen. Nay, not just a sports team, but the biggest sports club in the world.

Thank you, Sir Alex Ferguson.