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Rahul Dravid: An Inspiration March 9, 2012

Posted by Karan in General.
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Yesterday, as I clicked on the trending topic “Rahul Dravid” on Twitter, the first tweet which noticed amidst the cluster of messages and tributes was, “Even when he announces his retirement, the media persons rush to ask Sachin Tendulkar for his opinion”.

This has probably been the summary of Rahul Dravid’s career. It is to his credit that in spite of playing in the age of the biggest Indian sporting star India has ever seen, he has more than held his own and marked his route towards greatness. That he has rarely ever received his due is well recorded; what is amazing is to never find himself fretting about it. Never. To my mind, the greatest tribute he could have received was from the Bradman Oration at the Australia War Memorial, who chose him to deliver a speech in front of an August audience. Needless to mention, the speech was delivered with eloquence, dignity and grace. Just like the great man.

“If I had to chose one man to bat for my life, it has to be Rahul Dravid”- Brian Lara.

Cut to Kolkata 2001. With India in dire straits, Laxman hit that knock, but to my mind, Rahul Dravid was an equal hero then. While Laxman was in good form, and hence had been promoted to No.3, Dravid was not. He was not expected to last long but then that’s when you can trust Rahul Dravid to fight. And fight he did. Digging out all his reserves of mental energy, determination, technique, selflessness; Dravid delivered a master class of the highest order.

In a way, Dravid is someone who all of us can relate to. While Tendulkar is someone who has always been seen with God-like qualities, Laxman with his immense talent, Ganguly with his flair; Dravid’s been one who can easily fit into the role of the boy next door. And that’s what makes his achievements all the more amazing. It is what makes him the most inspiring figure around- “I can try and emulate his attributes, and I’ll succeed”.

“All this going around is not aggression; if you want to see aggression on cricket field, look into Rahul Dravid’s eyes.”- Matthew Hayden.

I don’t have too many words to say, I am too choked with emotion at the prospect of Rahul Dravid retiring. My eyes are moist, for one of the biggest idols of my life is walking into the setting sun; for he is the one who has taught me the biggest lesson in my life. Just don’t give up. Watching him fight high quality seam bowling warms my heart.

My favourite Dravid innings:
1) 233 vs Australia- Adelaide in 2003
2) 180 vs Australia- Kolkata in 2003
3) 144 vs West Indies- Georgetown in 2002
4) 93 vs Australia- Perth in 2008
5) 270 vs Pakistan- Rawalpindi in 2004

God Bless Rahul Dravid.