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Travel, and travel young! September 26, 2012

Posted by Karan in Uncategorized.

Thanks to my wonderful organization, I have discovered an aspect of life which seems so fascinating to me now that it seems reprehensible that it was not an integral part of me earlier. The urge to travel, discover new worlds and reap all the benefits which come along with it is endearing. Beyond the obvious, there are so many things which you learn when you travel.

The point I have to make is that travel young. People often give various excuses like the lack of time, the need to save at a particular stage of life etc. However, the world is littered with cases where people end up not travelling at all, even when they have time and money on their side. And that, is such a pity.

The youth of your life is when you are forming a view about the world, opening up your minds to different aspects and growing. Travel at this age does something very important to you- it gives you an opportunity to grow. There is nothing better than travel when it comes to discovering yourself and what better than youth to do that? I would go as far to say that travel can actually help you figure what you want to do with life.

Discover the Himalayas, swim in the Indian Ocean, party hard in Thailand, bingee in New Zealand, soak in the culture of Cambodia & Laos, hike the mountains of Mexico, safari in South Africa, cross the European borders by train, learn Mandarin. Life, after all, is so beautiful!

Travel young because:

  • It helps you open your mind to the world and forms views in your head
  • It helps you discover yourself and your purpose
  • It teaches you how to live with the nature, its children and eccentricities
  • It imbibes qualities like independence, and gives you a great level of maturity
  • It improves you as a person
  • You are most energetic when you are young!