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Sachin Tendulkar: The Waning Aura? May 7, 2012

Posted by Karan in General.

Yesterday, I got the opportunity of witnessing another of those last ball finishes at the Wankhede. The match had it all- high runs being scored, massive sixes, athletic fielding, good death bowling, a top innings by God..!

God. This is probably the seventh time that I witnessed Sachin bat in a stadium, including last year, on a sombre birthday in Hyderabad. Every time, I’ve seen him bat, including in faraway Vizag and Hyderabad, the crowds have gone berserk and chanted his name till their throats hurt. His batting is something which people have eagerly anticipated; his sixes are the most cheered for. But yesterday, it was a little different.

Sachin still got cheered for the balls he stopped and the runs which he scored. However, it was fairly subdued to anytime before. The usual chants of “Sachin.. Sachin” were missing, in fact the DJ had to egg people on to do the same. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the chanting for Malinga was much louder than that for Sachin. In Mumbai. In God’s own abode. On the day after the Eden erupted for their own son of the soil, Dada. Oh dear!

Thus far, I had refused to believe it. After all, he was the darling of the nation just a year back, when he had won us the world cup. People in office talk about his decline and how he should have retired after the world cup. Twitterati never fail to bash him up. His hard core fans started to turn away. In spite of that, I refused to believe. Till I visited the stadium yesterday. Sachin Tendulkar’s sheen has surely started to wane away.

The reasons for the same could be many- the wait for the 100th, the news about penalties and RTIs, the new house, the Ferrari, the Rajya Sabha nomination, the Rahul Dravid retirement. It could be a heady cocktail of all these factors. To my mind and heart, He is still God- an inspiration, an entertainer of the highest magnitude, the reason why I am still drawn to this game. But sadly enough, I have now started to believe that he is no more God for many people across this country.


1. rohitbharadwajg - May 7, 2012

The media first hypes you. Then it decides your time is up. Then it builds your downfall. That’s what every celebrity in India has to go through it. The same happened with Ganguly (with chappel), Dravid (with WC2007), Dhoni (with test losses) and now Sachin (with MP and all)….Now a days most of the debates on Sachin is basically why he didnt deserve what he got and why he hasn’t retired yet. So the same mindset carries over to the people all around. Sachin has been through this before and I am sure he will come out brightly even this time but his age and strength has to hold up for the answer cannot come from his bat (as people have stopped accepting it as an answer). This part of Sachin’s journey is quite interesting to follow.

But in the end, no one can take away the fact that he is one of the greatest ever batsmen to hold a bat and by far the best sports super-star any one can look upto.

Karan - May 7, 2012

I hope Sachin has the time to come out of this phase unscathed too. I hope he plays for a couple of years more. But I am not sure.

There is no doubt that he’d be considered the biggest sportsman India has ever produced.. Its just that I would not like him to go the Kapil Dev way, who is often loathed more than he should be.

2. Ashish Kumar - May 7, 2012

Are you kidding me? Chants and hoots do not make God or define His aura! I’m quite sure the Father of the Nation did not inspire chants when he came upon stage or courted arrest. Such things are for lesser mortals.
People stand up and applaud in awe when he approaches and leaves the crease. That defines His aura! And His greatest achievement has been while He is considered as the GOD, He has remained nothing but the most loyal devotee of the game. He does not play for fans nor for the occasion, He plays only because of His love for the game. That is what has defined His aura since a long time, and will do long after he has retired…

Karan - May 7, 2012

“People stand up and applaud in awe..” That was what was missing in the stadium yesterday, and that was what hurt me. The fact that only a handful of us stood up and applauded his innings showed me the loss of an aura. For the reaction of the people to what he does definitely accounts for an aura- after all what is a player without his fans?

I suspect the aura will come back though.. At least I hope so 🙂

3. Pramath - May 14, 2012

T20 numbness maybe, don’t read too much into it or get disheartened. Indian cricket has had a crappy few months and the fans have got to be jaded by now. Dada on the other hand has just come back to the limelight and as they say, “Distance makes the heart go fonder”. 😛

4. Karan - May 18, 2012

I really hope we get to see him in Wankhede for a test match soon 🙂

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