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The Widening Generation Gap June 4, 2011

Posted by Karan in General, Uncategorized.

The other day, I went for this movie with two of my family friends- both guys who are younger to me by six years. Now I remember many of my cousins hanging out together in my hometown Ranchi with this range of age difference but seemingly in the same generation. There was not too much of a gap in the thinking and exposure level of these guys, and they happily got along very well with each other. Today, however, I think the case is not the same. The world has become more dynamic than ever before and changes occur at a neck breaking pace; so much so that guys six years younger than me often seem to be from a different generation (Though I may still get along with them)

The dictionary defines a generation as a period of 25 years. I think over time, the number of years between generations has reduced dramatically- generations change much faster now. Today, while parents try and bridge the ‘generation gap’, I think it’s going to be increasingly difficult for parents in the future in trying to understand and handle their kids. Guys having cell phones at the age of 11, watching the kind of movies which we never did at the age and having a half baked understanding of things at ages you would not have imagined etc are remnant to the same. I think this makes it all the more stronger case to stay in the family, which is unlikely to happen. But the positive side of all this is that kids these days become smarter very soon. One consequence of which is that we’d probably see smarter CEOs and deadlier criminals at much younger ages in the future.

Having gone through this experience, hats off to the parents who truly are friends to their kids.


1. Abhijeet - June 4, 2011

Exactly. I was talking to our VP(40+) one day asking him where he ‘invests’ his money – he quipped “I was not even knowing the word at your age”. So our generation has grown from theirs. At the same time his kid(10+) was reading books I still have not & talking of games n gadgets. So, there is a generation gap there as well supporting your point of “generations change much faster now”.

2. Himank Sharma - June 5, 2011

The very same thought I have had many times. Once upon a time,generation gap might have been decades, now even i would put it at 6-7 yrs.

3. Nicky - June 5, 2011

Nice article, rings true, but I had a slight confusion after the article and the heading seemed to contradict.

Shouldn’t it be “widening” generation gap?

Generation = 25 years, but the gap between 6-7 years difference itself seems like a generation now. So the generation gap is actually 4 generations now in place of 1. So the gap has widened?

Do care to explain if I am wrong.

Karan - June 6, 2011

I thought something was wrong. My bad, correction made- Thanks 🙂

4. Ravi Shankar - June 6, 2011

Maroo, itna load mat le …. Gift your kids an i-Pad-9 on their 4th birthday, and that may be your best effort to give them an illusion that their parents are in sync with the times!!!

I had a chance to work with a few Gen Z people in my last job .. the smart analysts hired from the elite colleges within Delhi University … though there were 5 years younger to me, I felt like an Uncle 😦 I could neither comprehend their out-of-office lingo nor their understanding of relationships/dynamics in this world!

Aniket - June 6, 2011

Ravi Shankar,

The gap that you’re talking about might be more of a gap in space than in time. I mean, it could just be that because those people are born and brought up in Delhi they are so different than you.

I lived in Delhi for like, three months and let me tell you, I never felt more out of place anywhere than in that Hindi-speaking Roti-eating city. The views about relationships, life and the world at large which I have had pretty much nothing in common with the people I interacted with.

Similar could be the case in other cases, too.

5. Anshul Bansal - June 6, 2011

Well said! But I feel it is only about lifestyle… if you talk about maturity, it is still the same.
+1 to Nicky.

Karan - June 6, 2011

I think in a lot of ways kids start to mature faster today. This could probably be because of the exposure levels they face.

6. Shruti - June 6, 2011

Interesting deliberation Karan and yes I have also been experiencing similar incidences…however a dialogue from the recent ‘Kungfu Panda -II’ seems appropriate here–‘stop resisting, just go with the flow’…it is worth appreciating the younger generation…there’s so much to learn from them..!! 🙂

Karan - June 6, 2011

Shruti- Agree. I pick up a lot of things myself- both about material things and their PoVs.

7. Pradeep - June 6, 2011

haha… nice one Karan, well written.
Recently, even my frnd & myself were also in the same conversation where we decided the generation gap to be just 1-2 years these days rather than 6-7 as you described.
Certainly, there is something which we need to learn from them, but at the same time I fear for them as they can end up in catching the wrong direction as well!!

8. Anurag Mohota - June 16, 2011

Very crisply written article.. points are spot on

9. Rajiv Nema - September 17, 2011

Very nicely written. And I must be 6-7 yrs older than u 😉

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