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The Artist In Us February 7, 2011

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I’ve seen a couple of brilliant movies in the last month. It started with Dhobi Ghat– had to be awesome with Aamir Khan, isn’t it? The painter seemed to be a metaphor, and you felt that the Director was creating a canvas of modern art on screen. While there was no seemingly central message, the 90 minutes inscribed a lot of subtleties in you; not least of them that it made being a loner seem cool. More on that in sometime. The other brilliant movie is Yeh Saali Zindagi. While this movie is also a piece of modern art, it seemed to be like one of those puzzles which we had to solve when young. The way Sudhir Mishra connected the dots was fascinating; it kept the audience on its edge. Didn’t you ever want to make an awesome piece with a lot of randomness to it?

Now the most fascinating aspect of these movies is that they seem to be unadulterated, they take Hindi cinema to the next level, while giving unbridled joy to the scriptwriter and director by bringing out the true artist in them. With this, and looking at the patterns around me; I’ve a feeling that the more of a loner you are, the more it brings out the artist in you, and the more fascinating pieces of work you have. Be it Aamir Khan in Dhobi Ghat (which seems to make a loner look cool, and hence brings urges the artist in us on) or my friends who write a lot of poetry, being a loner seems to drive you on and bring out the best.

While that’s one theory, I think bringing out the artist in oneself bring unadulterated joy in you. It could be writing for me, dancing for my dear friend, random photography for somebody else. However, it’s this aspect which gives you immense happiness, makes you think and refreshes you for your next phase of life. Needless to mention, it also brings out the best pieces (albeit with some random ones) of art.

With the last month at IIM Indore and a lot of time on hands, I urge each one of us to bring out that artist in us. Soothing music is one thing which can help you towards it 🙂


1. Kunal - February 7, 2011

Interesting observations.. And yeah yeh saali zindagi was indeed like a piece of modern art 🙂

2. Purva Tamhankar - February 7, 2011

Being a loner brings out the artist in you!!! awesomeness dude…

3. Kartikay Khator - February 7, 2011

Nice work my artist.

4. mythalez - February 7, 2011

art is after all a solitary occupation 🙂

5. Himank - February 7, 2011

What art is this artist going to plunge in the next 1 month then?

6. Himank - February 7, 2011

And regarding the loner point, its very true, how shall you have time for art when all your time is spent doing BC with people (which can be helpful if you find people to your taste, which rather sadly happens rarely). I am always of the belief, that art requires solitude along with the talent of the artist as the 2 prerequisites to greatness!

7. Himank - February 7, 2011

PS : btw didnt realise,i was tagged as one of the poets, Thnx! 🙂

8. neuron.spike - February 7, 2011

“Eat,Sleep,Draw” – Ishaan Awasthi

I always thought I can have the same amount of freedom as that kid from TZP. Freedom to do anything you want at anytime and laze around to let those beautiful thoughts simmer in your mind. But No. As the years are going by and I’m growing the fuck up, I’m realizing I don’t have that kind of freedom. As an adult, I’ve responsibilities. There are certain expectations out of me. These shackles don’t set you free. Free to create art. It’s devastating. It took me sometime to get around this concept. I believe an artist needs to find this absolute freedom, which is a state of mind rather than a physical state (solitude)

Do tell me what you think about this.

All the best!

vrikmace - February 7, 2011

I agree. Being a loner is not a pre-requisite for being an artist. An artist must have a keen sense of observation, be it observing oneself or the world!
Responsibilities will always be there, if not towards others then at least towards oneself. Some artists lose themselves in their art, which helps in creating masterpieces but they must also take care of themselves to life a more fulfilling life.
An artist may work in solitude, but always learns from people and from nature.

Ranga - February 8, 2011

man! that comment looks like Eminem’s lyrics beyy!

Ranga - February 8, 2011

that was for neuronspike.

neuron.spike - February 8, 2011

you mean with respect to fluidity, emotions and style? really? thanks.

9. sid - February 9, 2011

maroo sahab looks like at least u r definitely bringing out the artist in u..

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