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Random October 30, 2010

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Life is a bitch. In a poll, possibly a widely held opinion would be that it’s so with them. It’s true, isn’t it? Boss not reasonable, pressure from all quarters, struggles everywhere. You work for something, expect the results and they don’t come- You see your neighbour win, and the feel the blood being sucked out of your limbs.

Sometimes, it looks like all of the environs want their retribution for a crime un-attributable to you. Sometimes, even tearing a part of your soul and channelizing it is not enough of an effort. Sometimes, you seem to be in the accusatory hot pot for all the good intentions you had. Sometimes, nobody seems to understand you and the sacrifice you make. Sometimes, the hurt sucks you to an extend that even the tears refuse to flow. Sometimes, you feel like running away from the ones who understand and love you the most.

Sometimes, you just want to give up. After all, is it freaking worth it? Is there something for you in there? Anything at all? For if your closest ones do not sympathize with your efforts, should you carry on? Are all those sacrifices being counted? Aren’t you messing up your life? After all, even the river does not flow till the Sun recognizes the snow clad mountains.

In such a situation, it is amazing what an innocent “Thank You” can do to your soul. It is soothing to see the respect you might have earned, if just in a limited arena. It is divine to talk to yourself and realize that this was your calling.

Cheers, to the amazing feeling called life!

Morpheus a.k.a Prof. Sunil Handa October 25, 2010

Posted by Karan in IIM Indore.

“Tumhare professor yahan baithe hai, but even then I say.. Woh business shuru nahi kar raha kyuki uski phat ti hai”

The sentence probably captures the spirit of what Prof. Sunil Handa was trying to convey.

There are times in life when you are down and out. There are other such times when life just goes on, with that spark or the X-factor missing. At such times, you need an inspiration, an angel, and a stimulus. You need an initiative, some of those trillions of neuron fibres activated. You need vitality about life; you need to add that jazz. In short, you need a Sunil Handa.

Prof Sunil Handa spoke about basic things- but stuff which was reinforced in a striking way. For example, he gave an instance of a salesman trying to sell a product for Rs. X, while the customer said, “Bahut mehenga hai”. Prof. Handa defined a good salesman as the one who does not give up and say, “Abe tu ruk, 10 minute aur is product ke bare mein gun gaan gaata hoon, gaatha sonata hoon.. Aur tab tu yeh product kharidega”. This example had the audience wishing for a marketing professor like him!

There were these numerous instances of Prof. Handa speaking about his students, peers, colleagues, employees. All of these stories had something to tell you, something to motivate. He inspired, mocked, pleaded, forced and did what not to drive home one point- “You are the maker of your own destiny. Do you have the bloody guts to take up something of your own?” He even shattered myths by proving that getting trapped in the matrix of being an employee is far more risky that being an entrepreneur or a businessman.

The way Prof Handa connected, interacted with the audience was fascinating. I mean, it’s not every day that the audience wanted more even after four hours- today was one such day. How I’ve wanted more such days during my stay at Indore!

Personally, after all the frustrations of the last few days, this was a morale booster, warm hot chocolate for the soul. Thank you Prof. Handa!

I’d like to finish off by saying something which Prof Handa reinforced in a beautiful way, “The day someone comes and tells me that your son is a boy of gold, I shall be happy to die! Remember that this is the only thing which every mother wants from you. And this cannot be achieved by doing a bloody job.”

I could see tears in the eyes of the audience after this narration.