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MI vs RCB: 21st April at the DY Patil stadium April 22, 2010

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The cheerleader stand: We’d initially entered the allotted stand based on our tickets. However, observing the free movement possible between stands, we moved to the area right in front of the Mumbai Indians cheerleaders. And needless to say, it was a lot of fun, with Mahindroo and Anant dancing on the mini podium with them!

SRT..: All of DYP was cheering for the master, whether he was batting, setting the field or speaking on the microphone. Towards the latter part of the Bangalore innings, when Sachin was injured and was looking on from the sidelines, the crowd went into a delirium when he was shown on the big screen. “Sachin.. Sachin” is all one could hear.

..And the rest: The other players cheered were Pollard, Harbhajan, and surprisingly Malinga. “Ma-Lin-Ga” is easy to chant and the affable player responded with a wicket in his first over. Pollard was cheered all through as well.

The poor Bangalore fans: There were four Bangalore fans in the entire stand- and they were seated right in front of me. While critics might say that the IPL will take time to build franchisee loyalties, you should have seen the hatred in the MI fans’ eyes when they looked at these chaps. For me, the moment of the day was showing them the finger when Uthappa got out after the crazy Harbhajan over.

Dale Steyn and Lasith Malinga: We all know how fast the South African is, but the Sri Lankan was surprisingly quick as well. The ball was reaching the keepers gloves in a flash when these chaps were bowling- it was fascinating to see it in the ground.

The boos: All of DY Patil booed 1) whenever there was a third umpire’s decision against the home team, 2) when KP had a confrontation with Rayudu 3) when Uthappa came into bat.

The ohhs: Collective gasps were common whenever the ball went past the edge! Ohh.. and the Mexican waves kept failing!

Singh is King: Trust Harbhajan with his antics. In the 18th over, when the match was nearly done with- Harbhajan came unto our stand and asked us to show some passion and excitement! The notorious stand that was, the collective slogan was “Singh is King.. Singh is King”. Bhajji loved it, and so did the stand and the square leg umpire (Billy Doctrove).

Yo beauty: After SRT, the loudest cheers were reserved for Deepika Padukone. The junta went bananas when the big screen flashed her.

Balle Balle: The stand out feature of the IPL as opposed to the ODIs and Test matches I’ve seen before is the constant entertainment- it was amazing to be dancing to Bollywood tunes with so many people. It was one awesome party!

All in all, a terrific experience. Looking forward to Sunday’s visit to the ground!