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Serendipity November 12, 2009

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Lonely and dark no more,
The woods are the place to be
Miles to go I definitely have
But the warmth of her hand I now can feel

The feel, the touch, the breath, the voice..
Its all so magical and utopian.
The angelic presence of the lassie
Makes me forget all my fear and ambition.

She gives me the look
And It fills me with ardency
In her chromatic and beautiful eyes I dwell
And lose myself in fantasy.

The conjuncture was never intentional
Nor was the story conventional
For some, it takes ages to happen
For me, that one moment…
That one moment had all of what I wanted to see in the depths of her gaze.

The way it kills you and yet you want more of it..
The way you’r together always and yet cant subsist for a minute without
The way you tried to escape and yet the arrow buzzed and bit.
Is this what they call love? Or rather serendipity?