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Of academics, placements and others : IIM Indore August 1, 2009

Posted by Karan in General.
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It has been a month in IIM Indore, and it’s amazing to see the amount of effort which people put into their academics over here. Of course, people were pretty serious about their academics in IIIT-H as well, especially in the first semester; but certainly not to these levels. The competition here is pretty intense, and there is a clamour to present the best assignment or give the best quiz. I mean, there must be at least 70-80 students vying to be in the top 20. Of course, it’s bound to change over the next few semesters- how much is the big question.

There is one more factor which cannot be overemphasized and contributes to this phenomena- the amount of importance the admin gives to your academics. With the number of surprise quizzes (12), assignments and presentations we’ve had in the last 30 days, it’s been like going to a Gurukul. Of course, academics are the primary function of any university, but it’s pretty different over here. For one, students are very serious probably because this is their last degree before they are thrown into the real world for good- they’d possibly be using the concepts learnt in a B-school more than anything else. Two, the stakes over here are pretty high, in terms of the jobs and packages you could possibly land up with. Three, there is a level of maturity which comes with age and value for an MBA from a good B-school.

However, it’s not been just that at IIM Indore over the past five weeks or so. There are a host of other activities to keep you on your feet 24*7. Even your extra curriculars are taken pretty seriously over here- given the interest people have. Kidding, it is the interest- but is more about the value such activities add to your resume. 😀 Ahh.. resume and placements are the biggest catchwords over here. I wonder what’ll actually happen during the placement season!

All in all, it’s been a pretty hectic last few days, especially given the lethargic final semester we had spent in IIIT-H. I’ve finally begun to find my feet and enjoy myself at this place. It is that time of the course now, when I am really looking forward to the next few months at IIM-I. 🙂


PS: Planet-I residents- Read about the PGP1-Sec C CP phenomena here. More on CP later.