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Adieu May 21, 2009

Posted by Karan in General.

As I walked along the hostel wing, it seemed to echo with eerie silence. As I trod out of it towards the mess, I noticed that I walked alone for the first time. There was no pillion rider in the bike I rode, I drank my coffee all alone.

Getting the no-dues certificate signed seemed like stoking nails into the coffin. When asked to submit the identification card, I did not want to let go. This same card had accompanied me for four years, getting me a safe passage at unearthly hours and places.

And then there were the little gifts, and the memorabilia unearthened while packing. The ICL tickets, the placement lists, the Felicity posters, the ragging letter, the lost pen drive.. They were all there. Each of them had a story to tell. Each of them was screaming for attention, for those lost memories.

The memories which bound us together, the memories which will stay, come what may. So what if we cannot be together, the spirit lives on. Ten years down the line, when I walk into this place, it will welcome me as if I’d never left. Because this place belongs to me and I belong to this place. A piece of me will be here forever.

Such a bitter sweet symphony is life, isn’t it?