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IIM-I gdpi experience February 13, 2009

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X (CBSE) – 91.6%
XII (CBSE) – 91.2%
Undergrad- B.Tech CSE (IIIT Hyd)
GPA – 8.43

Work-Ex: Nil

CAT %ile:
DI : 84.92
Quant : 99.88
Verbal : 99.18
Aggregate : 99.86

Others: Lots of extra curriculars- quizzes, debates, cricket, blog, writing for newspaper and college mag, blog, organising events etc.

Date and Place: 13/2/2009 (8:30 AM), Hyderabad.

GD: Find it here

The GD was a fish market for the first 10 mins and quite peaceful after that. I think I did quite well. I started the GD and gave it a direction, pitched in a lot of times and gave quite a few original points. I was satisfied with my performance. 🙂

I was the first one to be interviewed. Lets call the professors P1 and P2.
Ask for permission to enter the room and sit. Wish them.

P1: So Karan, How’r you doing?
Me: Fine sir, Thank you.
P1: So you’r doing your B.Tech?
Me: Yes sir.
P1: You want to shift to management?
Me: Yes sir.
P1: Why?
Me: Sir, I think the possibility of leading and guiding businesses excites me. It’ll give me high levels of accountability and responsibility which I cherish. I believe that I am a natural leader and have in me to give vision and lead the fortunes of a company. In the future, I would also like to set up my own venture.
P1: What are the qualities which make a good leader? Why do you call yourself a good leader?
Me: Sir, a leader should have qualities like 1) visionary (elaborated) 2) good himself (elaborated) 3) inspirational (elaborated).
Then spoke about how I fulfill these qualities. How I was elected coordinator for my college fest, a 1.5 million INR event. Then spoke about the challenges I faced during the fest and how I handled them 😀
P1: What is network security?
Me: Talked about the definition of network security and what are the different types of security issues: 1) impersonation (elaborated) 2) interception (elaborated) 3) viruses.
P1: How do you make sure that a network is secure?
Me: Talked about asymmetric and symmetric cryptographic algorithms. Elaborated on the differences between the two, which is used in which situation and why.
P1: But are they effective? Whatever is available in the market today?
Me: To a fair extend sir. Then I spoke about RSA, RC4, DES, SDES, AES and how they are being used today.
P1: Then what is a virus?
Me: Sir a code written to make sure that the computer program performs in an ineffective way.
P1: Can you name a famous virus?
Me: Sir, Y2K..
P1: (Cuts me) No no..
Me: Sir, the “I love you” virus. It was started in Thailand in 2000. (elaborated)
P1: Ok. Now tell me something about database management systems.
Me: Spoke about what is db and dbms. Then spoke about issues facing a database, distributed databases, database admin’s role etc.
P1: What is a relational database?
Me: Defined.
P1: Ok.

Now P2 takes over

P2: What is globalization?
Me: Spoke about the definition, the types of globalization- economic, cultural, social etc. Elaborated on each.. Gave examples like western culture affecting countries in Asia etc.
P2: What are the types of economic globalizations?
Me: Sir 1) Trade , imports and exports (elaborated) 2) FDI, when a company invests (elaborated) 3) Joint ventures between companies.. Gave the example of Vodafone Essar. 4) Acquisitions.. (elaborated) Tata-Corus acquisition.
P2: How many people in India below the poverty line.
Me: Sir, according to one dollar a day definition around 30%.
P2: What is the FDI cap in telecom in India?
Me: 74% sir.
P2: Banking?
Me: (Hmmm.. 49 ki 74?): Sir 49%.
P2: Insurance?
Me: Sir its been raised to 49% by the cabinet.
P2: Asked about some economic term.
Me: No idea, sir.

Back to P1

P1: Karan, what do you know about IIM Indore?
Me: Spoke about the vision of IIM Indore- thought leadership, world class entrepreneurs, managerial excellence, social awareness etc. Then spoke about the logo of IIM Indore, what it mean etc. Also told that it started in 1998. Spoke about integrity, excellence etc.
(All smiles)
P1: (smiling) So you’ve gone through the site?
Me: Yes sir.
P1: What did you find special about IIM Indore?
Me: Sir, the fact that it stresses and fosters thought leadership. It is in sync with the vision in life I have for myself. Spoke about how I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I also spoke about Iris, and the other fests of IIM Indore. 😀
(All smiles again)
P1: Do you know someone in IIM Indore?
Me: Yes sir and named him. Spoke about Indore 360 the mentor system and how it has helped me.
P1: Why have you been moving from one state to another?
Me: Spoke about how family moved from Ranchi to Vizag for personal reasons, then about why I moved to Puttaparthi (spoke about Satya Sai Baba) for my 10th and 12th, then about why I dropped a year for JEE, then about my engineering in Hyderabad.
P1: Asked about something like
Me: No idea sir.
P1: Ok. What does your dad do?
Me: Sir, business.
P1: What business?
Me: Answered.

Both look at each other.
“Ok thank you, Karan. Please take your certificates”.
Me: Thank you sir. Good day sir.

Overall, the profs were pretty cool. Enjoyed my first GDPI experience.