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My Googling Stats January 30, 2009

Posted by Karan in Personal.
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I thank Zenwalker for tagging me 😀



1 ) Account created only in July
2 ) Sleep hours around 1-7
3 ) Afternoon sleep at around 3
4 ) Peak activity at 5-8 in the evening and 9-1 in the morning
5 ) Search activity down in October and November, when I was preparing for CAT
6 )Search activity at its peak in December, when I was preparing for placements
7 )Search activity low on Sundays.
8 )Search activity highest on Tuesdays, in fact much higher than other days. Thats probably when I relalise that Sunday is over 😛

Now I tag:
Mythalez, Kunal, Ankit Garg, Aakanksha, Deepti, Pankaj, Sambhav, Daka, Aniket, Arctic Monkey, Sainani, Siddharth Chandra, Rohit.
(Anybody else wants to write? Just ping me, I’ll add the tag 😀 )


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