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Cricket and Aakash November 8, 2008

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The journey that began more than three years ago ended today. And what a finish! We coudn’t have asked for something better. Having missed out a couple of years ago, it was a dream come true for me. Yes, Aakash won the inter house cricket tournament in a thrilling on-the-edge-of-your-seats finish.

There were a couple of fabulous things about today’s win. The first, of course, was that we got to kick Agni’s backside. Agni has a very talented team and to beat them was very satisfying. The second was the team effort and discipline shown by Aakash on the field. People stood up to be counted when it really mattered. Rishi’s athletesism, Arpit’s cameo, Ejaz’s stifling line, Ashwani’s comeback, Khatri’s wicket, Rohit’s sixer and of course, Pagare’s overs.. They were all efforts when the team really needed it. Oh.. And yeah, whosoever said that tight matches between top teams cannot be played without bad blood creeping in? Today’s match was played in the best spirits, with an ovation being given to Ruhela as well, as he was playing his last match.

Ahh.. Talking about last match, it was so for a lot of us. Pagare, Khatri, Rishi, Ashwani, me and possibly Pradeep have played our last match for our house. A terrific way to end it, of course. However, there is this tinge in our hearts that we’d never be playing for Aakash again. Playing for Aakash was a fantastic experience. The spirit and the camaraderie in the house was always amazing. Varun, Kochar, Alankar, Kiran… It was a good learning experience to have played alongside these guys. In a way it is reminiscent with a lot of things this year. Leaving the college, placements, CAT…. But hell, more about that later. This is the time to savour our win and raise a toast to all the future Aakash cricket teams!



1. Pankaj Saini - November 8, 2008

congratulations [:)] !!

2. Himank - November 8, 2008

🙂 Congrats bro and the whole of Akash team, hope to see the repeat performance in inter batch matches

@Pankaj : Seems u r orkutting quite a lot these days!

3. Varun - November 9, 2008

we used to have inter semester tournament in iiit rather than house .. we won it twice lost it twice.. once semis once finals..

4. rohitbharadwajg - November 9, 2008

yeah i really cherish playing for aakash.. my first wicket… C sreekar @ mid-wicket… still remember the day when i used to share ball with varun, plenty of memories 🙂

kudos to the team for the awesome performance and regarding inter-batch.. we will make it even more memorable guys.. 🙂

5. Sreekar - November 9, 2008

Congrats!! Great to hear!!
We could not do it when we (me and Kiran) were there. I am happy now.

6. Varun - November 10, 2008

senti kardiya…

7. Kunal - November 10, 2008

I feel so good that Aakash won… I used to be in Aakash, and when in college we used to be the worst team in all sports except Volleyball (which we won 2-3 times during my 4 years).. In my 3rd and 4th years I had to literally drag people out of labs/rooms for them to come to practice or for matches… it is great that those times have gone by 🙂

8. Varun - November 10, 2008

i think we still lose overall in sports but in the team events we kick ass! BBall 3 times in a row…VBall weve won more than our share. Cricket twice in the last 3-4 years.

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