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Salaam Ganguly October 8, 2008

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He caressed the ball through the offside as the bowler looked, bewildered. The only reaction I managed was a frown. He stepped down and lofted the looping ball into the stands. I glowered. I scowled when he had the audacity to make the best captain in the world waiting. How could Boycott call him the “Prince of Kolkata”… I would rather have it the “Bum of Bengal”. Did he always have to look like a clumsy oaf, spilling catches and running out himself, in the field? Did he have to get himself suspended on umpteen occasions with his antics? Did he have to look like a school kid while facing Pollock’s deliveries directed at his rib cage? Did the Indian captain have to take off his shirt (yeah.. you heard it right) in the stadium? Did India need that kind of needless aggression?

I was probably wrong.

In my view, the greatest tribute to Ganguly has been paid by his long standing adversary, Steve Waugh. In spite of all the bad things Waugh said about him, he said that Ganguly managed to get under his skin and unnerve the Australian captain. The Australians needed a taste of their own medicine, and not necessarily in the Australian way. The South Africans had already tried that unsuccessfully. For far too long, the Indians were seen to be of the meek and unresisting variety who could be bludgeoned over. For far too long, the Indians were seen as uncombative delicate darlings.

Not any more.

Today, to think about it, it is not just the Harbhajan Singhs of the team who represent this indomitable “Ganguly-spirit”. While Zaheer Khan, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Ishant Sharma, Gautam Gambhir and the like may seem different from Ganguly, they are every bit like the former captain. They can today stand up and look at the adversary’s eye. When I see Zaheer blow out two batsmen after being thrashed in the previous over, I see Ganguly in him. When I see the silent determination in Dhoni’s eyes while handing over the ball to a hapless Joginder Sharma, I can feel Dada. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the combative Bengali has effected a paradigm shift in Indian cricket and inspired a whole generation (and more) of cricketers. So what if he wears his heart on his sleeve?

To use the cliché, love him or hate him- you just cannot ignore him. Indian cricket can never forget him.

Warrior from Kolkata, I bow before you.


1. Abhishek Sainani - October 8, 2008

Yeah Ganguly is great… his plan for retirement came as a shock to me.

2. Kunal - October 8, 2008

very well written … you nailed it, “love him or hate him, you cannot ignore him”

the way he regrouped the team after the match fixing scandal – that was awesome, I don’t think anybody Ganguly would have been able to achieve that …

3. mythalez - October 8, 2008

ganguly always rocked .. with his behavior, antics or awesome sixes ‘off’ the spinners!

4. Swapna Mukherjee - October 8, 2008

The touch of agression that Ganguly has infused into the Indian Cricket team has only helped Indian cricket grow and the remakable comebacks that he has had are highly respected. It will be definitely difficult to find another great character like Ganguly.

5. Himank - October 8, 2008

I too have never been quite a fan of the guy but he has it in him that makes you notice the fellow and ofcourse what he has done for Indian Cricket can nevr be forgotten!!

6. Manish Arora - October 8, 2008

awesome post ….. just loved it ……. i read some posts related to him today regarding his achievements but this one has been written in a different manner …. i completely agree with the aggression point pointed by u …. i also respect his determination and love for the game and his good comeback can never be forgotten.

7. Pankaj Saini - October 8, 2008

there you go… that’s really nice…….. now you know what i’ve been trying to tell you …. ‘why Ganguly is my fav. ‘ ………… 🙂

8. harsh - October 9, 2008

my favorite cricketer …. Bengal Tiger …. Sourav Ganguly ….. positive was his attitude …. aggression was his passion … winning was his desire …. and success .. his hunger ….

such a strong personality in Indian Cricket….. Dada , you have given a lot to Indian cricket … added a number of stars in Indian glory ….. the vacuum created on your retirement can , undoubtedly , never be filled by anyone else …. You were the one of your kind … and will remain to be one ….

9. rakesh - October 9, 2008

i like ganguly because for ‘sachin’ they had given name has ‘masterblaster’ and ‘dravid’ named as ‘wall’ but ganguly named as ‘prince of calcutta’,’bengal tiger’
and ‘dada’any name will be sutable for him
every indian will be proud of him
i love him

10. anonymous - October 10, 2008

WTF ??
people like you criticize him throughout his career and when he is forced to retire from this cricket world (which he loves the most) and that only because of people like you,……just to show sympathy you write a post and think that everything is done…dont maintain double-standards…

It is just my sheer frustration at the sad end of the career of a legend..

11. prashanth - October 10, 2008

I was surprised just by reading the first few lines of your post as you said ‘salaam ganguly’ and u started criticizing him, but 1 more thing is that you have exact views as I have regarding Ganguly. So I totally agree with your post regarding him.
Either love him or hate him, we cannot ignore him ! lol !!
It seems it’s time for seniors to retire now ! Even though I adore Sachin, unfortunately I can’t take any more of him. I hope the new generation of players doesn’t do the same mistakes as the seniors and spoil the game (IMO)

12. harsh - October 10, 2008

@prashant,,,,,,spoil the game???…..

what do you mean by when you said that the seniors spoiled the game???……they spoiled the game by bringing so many victories back home???…….or did they spoiled the game by piling together a heap of centuries and half centuries????……or did Dada spoiled the game by making a comeback when everyone else marked him off the paper???……..I am very ignorant…please make me understand how did they spoiled the game????

13. Pulkit - October 11, 2008

Sumptuously written. A part of me still hopes that he will recall his retirement (the other parts know he won’t). I can’t believe that after Lara and Warnie, the most effortless lofter of the ball is also gonna be confined only to our memories. Cricket surely will be duller without him.

Btw, Waugh was never the best captain in the world, at any point in time, statistics apart. He just happened have the best team. In my view, the likes of Fleming (in terms of tactics) and Ganguly (for inspiration/man management) undoubtedly score over him. Even, Cronje was an immensely potent (although criticized for being uni-dimensional) leader who brought the best out his charges until it all fell apart in that disgraceful match-fixing debacle.

14. Aditya - October 14, 2008

Bull crap .. See ganguly in people on streets .. how come you see ganguly in everyone ?
Everyone is different. Please dont see him in everyone baap

15. Deepti - October 19, 2008

Ganguly sure is a great cricketer and I always liked him and his audaciousness. Its very said that he had to take a whole lotta crap from the board and media. I really hope the media becomes a little more careful while dealing with real talent and not make a mess of their careers.

16. Sayan Bose - December 17, 2011

this is such an awesome article hey karan if u r listening pls join our no dada no kkr group in fbk we are going to publish a book … we need people like you who would publish such articles… :))

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