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Rock On: A Review September 2, 2008

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After a long time, a movie was met by applause at the end of it. After some time, a movie which makes you think. Without being spectacular, Rock On sends across its message. It’s not your movie where you have stand out scenes, but one which slowly but surely brings out some ideas. A movie which grows on you as time goes by.

We’ve all had dreams in life. We’ve all had passions in life. But how many of us have chosen to pursue our passion in life? How many of us have had the courage to build our lives around our passion? When I join that investment bank paying me an eight digit figure, is that what makes me happy? Or rather, am I happy doing that job? Is there a spice in my life apart from the job? Why did I not pursue journalism as I wanted to? Does one have to compromise with such choices in life?

These and many more questions run through your mind after watching this movie. A rock band is just a metaphor. The crucial aspect is being passionate about the thing you love. About pursuing your passion. And Abhishek Kapoor brings about this aspect in a way which no other movie in recent memory has done. He goes a long way in showing how listless a passionless life can become. No using fancy dialogues or scenes to show this- just that non expression on Farhan Akhtar’s face when he got the promotion was enough. Ah… The actors. They were all pretty effective. Especially liked Arjun Rampal and his wife. (Don’t know the name 😛 ) The music was alright, but the lyrics were disappointing. You expect more from a rock album.

So, are you ready to pursue your passion in life? Are you ready to rediscover the spice in your life? Or do you even care about it? Think about it.


1. abbulu - September 2, 2008

The lyrics were more like a pop=song made for K.G kids …listening to them was a major mood-off factor !

Btw dude ! Sweet post man .. but here you are talking about a rare breed of people who knew exactly what to do in life (as in the movie)

Many I am sure dont even know what to do in life. I mean, maybe they do “fancy something” but they wont suffer for it if they get a better choice in life (like say a better job that gives more money and status) In the end what people are obsessed about is success more than passion …

Yes perhaps … thats what makes the select few exceptions special 🙂

2. Karan - September 2, 2008

@ abbulu.

Yes, thats precisely why I’ve also mentioned:

“Are you ready to rediscover the spice in your life?”
“Is there a spice in my life apart from the job?”

It’s not necessary that one leaves his job or something. It’s just that one should be pursuing his passion alongside it, be it hanging out with friends, be it painting, be it long distance running 😉
Because, what is life without one being able to do his thing 🙂

3. yogesh - September 2, 2008

The movie has the message – Live your Dream. Rock On.
Arjun was so under the skin of the character, others also did a good job.
…coming to lyrics, I think rock lyrics are supposed to be like that only – they were written by Javed Akhtar.I have seen English rock, whose lyrcis sometimes appears so weird to me.

4. Aniket - September 2, 2008

With every review I read of this movie, my craving for it increases.

5. harshita - September 2, 2008

I loved the music yaar . Its gr8 . Its an awesome movie. Arjun Rampal was looking just like a rock star…

6. Abhijeet - September 2, 2008

hardly made me think…regular stuff based on the lines of DCH with indi-rock as the back drop…by the way prachi desai was a refreshing change (yes I watched “Kasam Se”…kya kar loge 😛 )

7. aditya - September 2, 2008

interesting flick… one of the best in the recent times… nice setting… youthful and thoughtful characters… i especially like the slow feel to the movie which is perfectly blended with the dynamism of the jamming sessions and gigs… i dont mind if it is called a DCH-copy… if a movie is made on DCH lines and is executed well, it makes an excellent watch…

@Karan: u got it perfectly right dude… its not about leaving ur jobs and blindly following ur ( maybe non-practical) passions… its about keeping the spice and happiness in ur life alive…

8. Namrata - September 2, 2008

I didn’t like the movie because of its slow pace and treatment. Like you said the backdrop was rock music but it could have been anything else and the movie would have still been the same. Shahana Goswami is the girl who plays Rampal’s wife and hers was the best performance! For me Mumbai Meri Jaan has been one of the better movies this year.

9. mythalez - September 2, 2008

am not reading this post .. since i want to watch the movie ‘unadulterated’ 😛

10. Himank - September 2, 2008

Agree with Pagare.. Wasnt impressed much with the movie.. i think the major reason of my liking the movie was the music, odrwise almost a rip-off of DCH, even the characters can be mapped.
Arjun Rampal was easily the pick of the lot.
Prachi Desai was for most parts of the movie, just like the typical Indian woman of yore, not least like the modern Indian image of a woman, except the dresses.
The more praises I see being showered on the movie, more undeserving it looks for them.
My views only don’t argue!!

11. Pankaj Saini - September 2, 2008

The name ‘Farhan Akhtar’ is enough to drag me to watch the movie…. I’ve a very biased judgement when it comes to my favorites…. I tend to ignore their flaws and low-points…. Farhan as a singer and an actor has done a commendable job…. I’ve always liked Arjun… and this was his best performance till date…. I liked the lyrics as much as the music…. normal people who don’t have deep understanding of language or whatever you may wanna call it…. can’t come up with better lyrics….. lyrics aptly justify the characters in the movie….. btw Rock On team featured on the cover of “Rolling Stone” …. so for me……… just ‘ loved ‘ the movie [:P] !!!

12. justpiyush - September 2, 2008

nice review my friend!!

@namrata : [i] ‘it could have been anything else and the movie would have still been the same’ [/i]
dats exactli what I liked about the movie … it conveyed what it wanted to convey … keep your passions alive … It was not a promotion for rock music … 🙂

13. Chirag - September 2, 2008

Really liked the movie …. one of the reasons is because it’s free from all the typical masala part so common to hindi movies now a days . Though the way story proceeded was similar to DCH but plot was altogether different. The unique combo of rock and hindi makes it even more interesting. What impressed me most was it’s music,versatility of Farhan and Rampal’s rockstar image. I agree with Karan on the lyrics part upto some extent … but lyrics of the track ‘tum ho to’ and even the title song are quite good.

@ Karan … good post yaar …. you gave a lot of thought on the message behind the movie … never really thought about it …. will see the movie again from a different angle.

14. Abhishek - September 3, 2008

“Rock On… Rocks”. The trailer grew my interest in the movie. The music and lyrics were good, and the looks of the “rock stars” were good. The movie was slow, but had some memorable instances… like the one in which Prachi Desai learns the truth about Farhan, and one near the climax, in which Shahana comes to meet Farhan to leave Arjun alone, and one in which Arjun storms onto the stage, playing his guitar, during the climax, and many more.
@Karan: It does become a ‘BIG’ question of choosing between passion or profession (fat salary!)…
Arjun Rampal looked great while playing the guitar…

15. Abhishek - September 3, 2008

Oh, I forgot to mention the dandiya function part… hilarious situation! 😀

16. vipul - September 3, 2008

this is my first comment after ur blog got [b]hacked [/b] ,so best of luck this time.
Rock on is a rocking movie with a normal storyline presented in a fresh and youthful manner .. the performances are nice especially by prachi, arjun and farhan … and purab kohli is hilarious .. the only backdrop is the lyrics though the music is top notch for a first Indian movie on ROCK .. hats off to the trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy 🙂 .. the rock show in the climax is awesome.
a well written post … its really tough for one to choose between his passion and profession. Very few parents want their son to become a singer or a dancer becoz according to them these are just hobbies and cannot help one to survive .. so i feel most of us just forge about our passion and follow the blind path of so called earning job becoz of the peer pressure from family and society.

17. neuron - September 3, 2008

Prachi Desai, the way she was portrayed as a typical ‘Bharatheeya Naari’ in a casual urban attire. I’m smitten. Rest of the content was served “On the Rocks”, I enjoyed it.

P.S: I’m looking at the film as an independent entity rather than comparing it to the previous ones.

18. Vamsy - September 3, 2008

Nice post! arjun, kd and farhan were brilliant in their roles. coming to the theme of the movie, it is not just about pursuing passion but also dealt with friends parting ways and then reuniting..but.. but.. they were badly interwoven. 1st half was decent, but the second half lacked pace and it failed to create an impact towards the end.

19. Karan - September 4, 2008

@ Yogesh. Well those might be specific cases. In general, rock lyrics are quite thoughtful and reflective.

@ Aniket. Have you seen it as yet?

@ Harshita. Totally agree.

@ Abhijeet, Himank. Well DCH dealt with three freinds and their their relationships while this was based on the aspirations of a group of musicians. Totally different I guess.

@ Aditya, Piyush, Chirag, Vipul Thank you 🙂

@ Namrata, I haven’t seen Mumbai.. but I think the slow pace of the movie only allowed you to think about it.

@ mythalez, LIked it?

@ Pankaj.. Seriously, the rolling stones thingy was something!

@ Abhishek. I think no one loved the movie more than you did 🙂

@ Neuron.. Yeah, even we kept harping on the Prachi Desai and bharatiya naari angle 🙂

@ Vamsy. Am happy with the pace of the film. Don’t think a movie like this would have been better off with some more pace.

20. prashasti - September 5, 2008

Movie was nice…but not anywhere in caomparison to DCH.
And I totally agree that life should be a blend of spice and serious efforts….Better than most releases of August..

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