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Protected: Are current IIITians spineless? September 4, 2008

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Rock On: A Review September 2, 2008

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After a long time, a movie was met by applause at the end of it. After some time, a movie which makes you think. Without being spectacular, Rock On sends across its message. It’s not your movie where you have stand out scenes, but one which slowly but surely brings out some ideas. A movie which grows on you as time goes by.

We’ve all had dreams in life. We’ve all had passions in life. But how many of us have chosen to pursue our passion in life? How many of us have had the courage to build our lives around our passion? When I join that investment bank paying me an eight digit figure, is that what makes me happy? Or rather, am I happy doing that job? Is there a spice in my life apart from the job? Why did I not pursue journalism as I wanted to? Does one have to compromise with such choices in life?

These and many more questions run through your mind after watching this movie. A rock band is just a metaphor. The crucial aspect is being passionate about the thing you love. About pursuing your passion. And Abhishek Kapoor brings about this aspect in a way which no other movie in recent memory has done. He goes a long way in showing how listless a passionless life can become. No using fancy dialogues or scenes to show this- just that non expression on Farhan Akhtar’s face when he got the promotion was enough. Ah… The actors. They were all pretty effective. Especially liked Arjun Rampal and his wife. (Don’t know the name 😛 ) The music was alright, but the lyrics were disappointing. You expect more from a rock album.

So, are you ready to pursue your passion in life? Are you ready to rediscover the spice in your life? Or do you even care about it? Think about it.