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Happy Bloggers’ day! August 30, 2008

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The day we were waiting for is finally here. We had a meeting few days back, which led to the bloggers deciding on contributing their two cents towards reviving the flagging blogging culture at the IIIT. Bloggers’ day was one of the ideas. And here it is – 30th August, Bloggers’ day! Lets all raise a toast on this day to all those souls for whom blogging has served as a chicken soup during some point of their lives.

Happy blogging!

What is Democracy? August 15, 2008

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I had a terrific discussion separately on this with Varun and Pagare a few days back. What is democracy? Is it as simple as for the people, by the people, of the people? 61 years after Independence, people call us one of the biggest and truest democracies in the world. Unfortunately, I can’t fathom how. For a general person like me, what options I have if I don’t like the system? Try make my voice heard, which is pretty difficult. Plunge into politics, which I would not like to do, leaving the comfort of my life. Or just sit back and relax? They say that don’t criticize the system, try and improve it. But is that possible for each and every one of us?

They say that I have all the choices to select my own candidates. But what if I am not satisfied with the choices? What if I don’t deem any of the candidates fit enough? Should I just go and strike out the ballot paper, as Pranav says? Does that serve any purpose?

In early democracies, every decision was passed by the people. It might not be possible today, but is this the best system we have come up with in all these years? Thanks to coalitions, a party might come to power in spite of the people rejecting it. Elected governments take decisions which a majority of the people may oppose. What can people do in such cases, especially when such issues are lost during the time of elections. Governments are selected not on the basis of performances, but on politics, casteism etc.

I seriously think that form of democracy we are following does not serve much purpose.

PS1: This is my 100th post.
PS2: I hope I don’t receive a backlash on this post, just that this issue is eating me up. Hence I decided to post.

Thank God.. August 12, 2008

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That my wordpress account stays! Someone hacked into my gmail and orkut accounts, and just deleted them. It was bad.. Lost a lot of contacts on both of them. To top it all, the guy changes my wordpress password. That was the worst part. However, wordpress has a terrific password retrieval system, and my account’s safe due to it. For all my friends, please add me on maroo.karan@gmail.com on your gtalk! Cheers!