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Bangalore 2008 July 17, 2008

Posted by Karan in Personal.
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Summer ’08. Will remember these months forever! Had never imagined that I’d land up with an internship in Microsoft.. And the last couple of months at Bangalore have been as good as they come. Here’re ten memories (in no particular order) that I’ll take back from Bangalore.

1 ) Foosball. We’ve spent hours on this lovely game. Just listening to the sweet sound of the ball hitting the post spurs me on. We’re ready to take on Joey and Chandler now!

2 ) Pagare-Paro-Khatri-Piyush-Saurabh-Prateek. Ah.. What a blast we’ve had. Some memories which stay etched forever. For people who didn’t know this, Piyush is Hilarious (note the capital H) when he gets going. We’ve had nights when we never stopped laughing. Khatri, as usual was his unassuming best, and the victim- poor Paro 😛

3 ) Ooty and Mysore. Undoubtedly, the best trip I’ve ever had. My initial resistance against missing the mock broke down, thanks to the persuasive skills of Khatri. And I don’t regret that wee bit. The all night road trip, where no one slept, the RJ show, the cold I’d caught, the freezing temperatures, the game we played.. Ahh… Life’s good, ain’t it?

4 ) Polo Nest and the breakfast we’ve had there. Needless to mention, Microsoft pampers its employees like no one does. The exorbitant guest house and its breakfast was a part of the story. Those 15 days where we’d pinch ourselves every day, unable to digest the fact that we were being treated like kings.

5 ) July 12th. My birthday 🙂 My friends made it all the more special for me by gifting me a terrific Fastrack watch. Thank you, Pagare, Khatri, Paro and Prateek.

6 ) Work at Microsoft. We’re nearly done. Hurray!

7 ) Brigade road. Every Saturday, we’d reach the road and hang out like crazy. Watch movies, go bowling, eat out. Gosh! Some weekends we’ve had. It’s when you are working that you realize the true value of weekends.

8 ) CAT. And the mocks we’ve given on Sundays. Has to find a mention.

9 ) Gudbud. For every damn thing, we’de bet on this fantastic icecream. One of the better Sundaes I’ve had.

10 ) WonderLaa. How Prateek and I conquered every ride. How Khatri, who was trying to intimidate poor Pagare, got bludgeoned himself.

All in all, a fantastic summer ’08. Looking forward to getting back to college now!


1. khatri - July 17, 2008

yoooo baby….we ve njoyed like crazy!!!!…..In everywhich way the best days of my life….thanx to u guys for such a memorable stay @ BANGALORE!….n PARO….dene ke liye shukriya![:P]!!!!

2. Vipul - July 17, 2008

jealous of u 😦

3. Pankaj Saini - July 17, 2008

summer 08 has indeed been very special for me as well…. but there are things i can’t mention in blogs…. so will tell in details in person.. a lot has happened 😛 …. but it’s good to see that you guys have enjoyed a lot 🙂

4. justpiyush - July 17, 2008

Hey look … date and time to be noted … someone in this world actually said that I AM Hilarious (note capital AM) 🙂

I miss bangalore weekends …. all that fun we had … I thank microsoft for offering you guyz an intern in bangalore …. that made my summer [:D]

And khatri …. HAts off to you !!

5. justpiyush - July 17, 2008

@maroo … btw ooty trip does deserve a separate post … what say ??

6. Himank - July 18, 2008

Hey man.. I also gottta agree.. MS has mad this summer for me too.. Not one day went when I said “This is boring” which always happens in summer vacations..
About mock tests.. Am bored with them now Quant is always fun to attempt and earlier DI & Verbal were also bearable but now they have become pain in the ass.. Specially the last test.. Couldnt make myself sit for the whole duration!! 😦

7. Manish Arora - July 24, 2008

@Himank : yeah, build process hasn’t left u any chance to feel bored 😛
@Maroo: thats awesome man, so, all set to take on Hyderabadis in Foosball ??

8. Karan - July 24, 2008

We’ll kick your ass in foosball.. Aaja!

9. Gaurav - July 25, 2008

Have you visited the ART OF LIVING INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION at KANAKPURA ROAD ? No ? Please do…its an architectural beauty and an amazing place with amazing people from around 151 countries across the world…and yes! please experience the HEALING-BREATH WORKSHOP…”amazing” would be an understatement….

your perspective of life changes, so also your performance, people skills, and in everything you do there is Grace…

have fun!

10. bangalore blast july 25 - July 25, 2008

[…] which stay etched forever. … july 17, 2008 at 11:25 pm. Hey look … date and time to be noted …https://karanatiiit.wordpress.com/2008/07/17/bangalore-2008/Where to Eat Delicious Alphonso Mango Icecream in Bangalore? at GEO …U must be enjoying ur time in […]

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