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Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Na July 7, 2008

Posted by Karan in General.
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On July 2nd, my friends and I were debating : Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Na, or Love Story 2050? Ultimately, we ended up watching both.. But there’s little doubting on which one takes the cake. Jaane Tu.. Is a winner all the way. Its one movie which’ll stay with you long after you leave the theater. It’s one movie which’ll tickle your funny bone without wandering anywhere near the ridiculous. It’s one movie which will take you back to the good old post-teen days. It’s one movie you’ll love to fall in love with. A movie as fresh as a Jasmine flower. A movie so real that you want to go and touch the characters on screen. Its something which Youngistaan can totally identify with- Characters, the couple in a mixed group, the problems with it..

Right from the time I left the theater on Friday night, I’ve been thinking about the film. I’ve done a lot in college life, but feel that I’ve missed out on such an important aspect. Forget about girlfriends, I’ve interacted with a very few girls during my stay in college. Forget about frustration, girls in your group bring around a completely different point of view to the fore. Forget about romance, interacting a lot with the opposite sex brings about a fair amount of discipline in guys. Towards the dusk of my college life, I wish I would have improved on this!

Anyways, let me not get too personal. Avoid Love Story 2050. In spite of a lovable Priyanka Chopra and a decent Harman Baweja, the movie sucks. And no exaggeration with the word. Horrendous story, funny sci fi and romance make for a terrible cocktail. Luckily, I slept through most of the second half. Made for much lesser of a headache that night!

Jaane tu.. 4 stars
Love story.. 1.5 stars


1. Srirang - July 7, 2008

Dude !! Harman wasn’t decent. He tried to act like Hritik, but even failed to do so. He’s just a cute, nice fellow with a very high-professional dance profile. And acting is not his cup of tea.

I completely agree with the second paragraph …something must be done to improve the ratio in our college…

2. Vipul - July 8, 2008

good to see a post from you after a long time 🙂

i missed the movie when others went for it but i want to see it … thanx a lot for giving such a nice review and yaa i agree with the second para as i feel its similar with many of us here 😛

after reading so many bad reviews about love story, i’m happy that i didnt watch it … aur bidu bade paise kharch kar raha hai .. dono movies dekh aaya … sahi hai yaar aish kar raha hai … im getting very jealous 😦

3. abhijeet - July 8, 2008

quite aptly written…Jaane tu had that element which makes you feel good about it every single time you think of it.

4. Manish - July 9, 2008

1.5 stars to LS 2050 …. u suck man ….. it deserves LESS …. neway, I agree with u on the other movie.

5. Vipul - July 10, 2008

finally i watched jaane tu …. and frankly speaking i didnt like it at all … the movie started very badly .. then it picked up some and lost again …. the end was just pathetic …. naseerrudin shah in picture was a real crap thing … acting was not upto the mark … story was not new … in short there was nothing good in the movie

6. mythalez - July 12, 2008

not much interaction with girls during college u say?

well thats one of the ills one is not informed that one would suffer, when joining a top engineering college 😛

7. shrikant - July 13, 2008

nice review and the second para just rox man
i miss good old school days 😦 when we had girls and we “interacted” with them 🙂

8. Namrata - July 14, 2008

4 stars for Jaane is too much. The movie does not deserve even half the accolades coming its way. Love Story was bad and Priyanka was one of the major reasons why the movie fails in the second half. She hammed her way through the pop diva role.

I have opinions on the interaction with girls or lack of it part as well, but maybe some other time.

Keep blogging!

9. rohit - July 16, 2008


jaane tu.. is a mix of many telugu movies which were big hits…and are better than jaane tu….

but jaane tu was good and mainly due to ARR…..

and regarding the interaction part… i feel the same… ofcourse most of the boys feel the same… 😉

10. Vivek - July 16, 2008

I loved Jaane tu…
Its totally useless and totally refreshing, what more can we ask from a movie 🙂

11. Karan - July 17, 2008

@ Srirang. I think he was alright. He’d, of course, improve with time.

@ abhijeet, shrikant thanks 🙂

@ Manish.. Had to give that for the sake of the lead roles!

@ Vipul. Sucker. You need all those senti movies 😛

@ mythalez, rightly said.. But no one mentions it before we join 😛

@ namrata.. I dont think so, the movie was refreshing, original and had the x-factor about it. Waise, I’d like to hear what you have to say 😉

@ Rohit.. Aah, and unfortunately, I’ve not seen any of them. I guess I should catch up with movies like Happy days, Bomarrilu etc.

@ Vivek. 🙂

12. abhijeet - July 17, 2008

jinhe acchi nahi lagi vo doob marein 😛

13. Ashita - March 18, 2010

brings back soooo many memories… Wonder what you would write on the same topic now 😛 😛

Karan - March 19, 2010

Of course. Banta hai 🙂

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