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The Three Mistakes Of My Life: A review May 20, 2008

Posted by Karan in Fiction.
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The first reaction after reading “The three mistakes of my life”- haven’t I seen this before. A book filled with a lot of clichés- and a lot of similarities with “Five Point Someone”. The reason Chetan Bhagat got so popular in the first place was his refreshing attitude towards writing and his way of putting things in perspective. FPS was different as it was path breaking. However, two novels later, Bhagat seems to have settled into a particular mould of writing- not willing to experiment too much and stick to the proven. On the other hand, probably most successful novelists do the same- be it a Sheldon or an Archer.

As stated earlier, The three.. is quite similar to FPS with respect to a plethora of aspects. Three young friends, their tryst with destiny, the romantic scenes, the ups and downs, the dark humour, the screw ups.. It’s all there. However, there are a few roborant and refreshing aspects to the novel- not the least of all the handling of the business mentality. Coming from a Marwari family, I truly enjoyed this aspect of the subject. The other good things were the unabashed handling of the communal issue, the “Ali” part of the story (though it’s a little filmy), the handling of cricket and the local Gujarati flavor.

Bhagat’s however continued the trend of pricing his book at Rs.95. His earlier successes, coupled with the price of the book and the timing of the release will ensure that the book starts off pretty well. All in all, it’s a masala book and good for summer time pass.


1. mythalez - May 20, 2008

I thought FPS itself was filled with cliches and stuff … I cant imagine how much worser this one is 😛

yah .. I dont like FPS .. at all !! 😛

2. Sultan of Samarkand - May 20, 2008

FPS is the worst book I’ve read till date. In fact, reading it might as well count among the three(million!) mistakes of my life.

3. Kunal - May 21, 2008

seems worth a miss 🙂

4. Pankaj Saini - May 22, 2008

don’t wanna read any of his works after ‘one night at call centre’ it was a horrible experience…….. i guess there are better stuff to read 😀

5. Risk - May 22, 2008

FPS is the best book when i was in college.Now 3 mistakes is next version of FPS

6. Vipul - May 23, 2008

seems like everybody is against FPS here ….. but i support u maroo …. i liked it and i waiting to read this one also 🙂

7. Digvijay - May 23, 2008

FPS n One nite.. wer indeed class buks n the very first novels i read now i m dying to read the third part!!!
thanks Mr. Bhagat

8. varun - May 23, 2008

2 reasons why ppl like bhagat:

1) narcissism: ur so self absorbed in yourself that u wanna read a book about your own life……

2) u havent read good stuff….

yup…i detest his books and detest the fact that hes so popular even more…
dude, u write better than him…..so does aniket, rao etc etc….

9. kranthi - May 23, 2008

nice review dude…will not lay my hands on it after ur review and the cool comments :P.

10. Karan - May 28, 2008

Am surprised that so many of us are not exactly in awe of Bhagat. I think he is succesful because of his pan Indian and youth style of writing and because he strikes an immediate cord with his style of writing.
Waise, Thanks Varun n Kranthi 🙂

11. Chand - May 29, 2008

felt like I was reading a movie review in indiafm…

12. Abhinav - June 5, 2008

hey….guys………..i ve read dis book…….
believe me it simply rocks…….
also connectd to som of da real events…….
n d story is entirely diffrent frm da first 2 books!!!!!

13. mohit - June 5, 2008

Hey FPS is a good book to read. You all guys have no taste well ne ways Mr. Bhagat has given such good books and ready to read three mistakes of my life…..

14. Chandan - June 8, 2008

Dude…What I like about “3 Mistakes of my life” is the way Chetan Bhagat has used words to explain the story.I agree although it has all the masala like a bollywood movie but the narration makes u feel as an eye witness of all the things that happened throughout the story.

15. avantika - June 10, 2008

cchetan bhaghat is a fantastic person and his both books fps & a night@call center were fabulous.i haven’t yet read his latest “three mistakes of my life”.
but i will as early as possible

16. Gaurav K - June 11, 2008

The book is not that bad indeed. When talking of Sheldon, Archer or somebody of that level, The INDIANism is missing. Also they are also more or less trendy. i have read this book and found it to be once read is a must for us.

17. Ashish - June 13, 2008

i’ve noticed that people here have written comments either:
1)Without reading the book
2)For the sake of it (or)
3)Reviews that lead the reader to no conclusion.
I’ve read two of his books(not that it matters to anyone here) TML is worth a read(yes I”m aware of the fact that Chetan seriously needs to change the usual stuff(u know wat) if he ever decides to write again and the truth about our “multiethenic” society is worth bring told(for that matter even bollywood style’d be great)

18. harsh - June 14, 2008

love reading ur books chetan.U are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19. deekay - June 25, 2008

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20. manav sethi - June 27, 2008

Well i got the book soon after its release , as i am (or rather was) a die hard fan of Chetan Bhagat but his third novel has broken all my expectation. Far below the standards that was expected from him!
i m rerally sorry , Bhagat ji!

21. shivani - July 6, 2008

da buk wos better than one night but worse than FPS…………wish mr bhagat improved his literary skills…….Even in da serious parts lyk da riots he fails to show da intensity n one almost finds it funny thnx to words lyk “damn” n da numerous maa-behen abuses…………da Ali part does strike a chord but the rest of da book is repetitive……..
hope to see better buk frm u mr bhagat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

22. sunil - July 11, 2008

fuck off all the big losers ………………
superb books allthe three.full stop………

23. mythalez - July 28, 2008

for all those appreciating Bhagat’s writings … http://vinodganesh.wordpress.com/2008/07/23/one-of-the-mistakes-of-my-life/

24. Sunny - August 8, 2008

My expectations were higher than what has been written. Started on a high tone but gradually faded. As said its like a hindi movie and bit of vulgarity. I felt its waste of money and time. There should be a message when we write so that we learn something out of this. This is just a time pass book…at the end of day…what did we learn from this. Probably i picked up the wrong book.

25. Dipu Shaw - August 11, 2008

I completely agree with you..Bhagat is too predictable in his latest book. For those of us who have gone through Five Point Someone many events in “The Three Mistakes of my life” is very obvious. Cliched is the right word and appropriate in this context.

26. swati - August 21, 2008

i just wanna say dude stop selling sex like this bollywood is enough for it.:)

but one thing i would definaletly like to congractulate for that too in advance that soon u will b the millionair if u continued writting these stuffs ……..bcoz u v well know how to take over ur readers u iim-a passout:)

27. devesh - August 26, 2008

Cashing on the youth and Bollywood concepts does not work eveytime. After FPS, i expected Something Higher from Mr. Bhagat….
Not as expected

28. name - September 1, 2008


29. riya raj - September 11, 2008

simply awesum

30. AARTI - September 18, 2008

Hey, everybody
chetan’s buk 3 mistakes seems boring and very slow in starting but the story takes interesting turn and after tht its not tht bad at al…….

31. Preety Kaithwas - October 19, 2008

Although i haven’t read ‘three mistakes of my life’ but i found the excerpt quite interesting. I have read Chetan Bhagat’s book ‘Five point someone’ , and found that it was worth purchasing it. One could relate the incidents by her/his college life. A good stuff for entertaining the readers.

32. Preety Kaithwas - October 19, 2008

Although i haven’t read ‘three mistakes of my life’ but i found the excerpt quite interesting. I have read Chetan Bhagat’s book ‘Five point someone’ , and found that it was worth purchasing it. One could relate the incidents by her/his college life. A good stuff for entertaining the readers.

visit: http://www.preetykaithwas.com

33. Rahul - October 28, 2008

Dont know why some people could be stupid to such an extent that even if they didn’t like the first version of a book, they still go and post negative comments even in the blog for the third book. :O

34. MBA prep - November 6, 2008

yup u r right dude…….FPS was ok (may be bcoz at that time i was a high school boy).and i believe FPS became popular bcoz it was related to IIT and everyone who arn’t in IIT simply love to read about it.that was the fucking fuck most important cause for being bestseller in india.
rather than spending ur time on 3MOML ,read any quality material.

35. Aparna - February 7, 2009

all the 3 books of Chetan Bhagat {FPS,ON@CC n’ T3MOML} are blockbucter novels…………seriously speaking,I just lovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddd them…

36. karthik - March 21, 2009

“three mistakes of my life”…wow what a book…i dono what the heck is wrong with ppl here..either u guys have a preconcieved notion or u just hate him just for the sake of it….but this book is so cool so real and so youthful…the ending is cinematic but i loved it….just the way i wanted it to end…chetan keep rocking dude….waitinfg for ur next fukn release

Silachi - March 14, 2010

hav u seen kartik callin kartik

37. vivek asati - March 23, 2009

nice dear ,its really a demonstrative story

38. nitin dwivedi, mayank jain, vivek asati, gaurav napit M.PHARM STUDENTS - March 23, 2009

we have gone through many nobles while it was really beyond imagine.thanx for chetan.

39. dhruv - June 4, 2009

chetan bhagat seems to have stuck to his predictable way of writing……..i lliked FPS…BUT ‘3 mistakes.’ was worthless..i didn’t like it

40. prami - December 6, 2009

dis is really grt book………..i suggest u 2 go through it……….sure u wll lik it.

41. Rahul - December 10, 2009

Your worst 3 mistakes in your life:

1: Your birth
2: Your lack of intelligency
3: This worst post.

Please don’t irritate us by writing others funda, create your own or keep your mouth shut.

42. Silachi - March 14, 2010

FPS is phadoo novel…… i gav up readin bhagat aftr 1 night @ calcentre but kudoos to him for creatin FPS…… 3 idiots ………

43. sara - November 2, 2010

i recently read this and this is first time am readin his book….i find it very interesting although the last muslim and hidu fight is a bit filmy type.thnx bhagat ji.

44. rohit - May 13, 2011

Must be an enjoyable read The 3 Mistakes of My Life by Chetan Bhagat. loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and orignal, this book is going in by “to read” list.

45. rabin - November 23, 2011

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