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Five Things About The IPL That Caught My Attention May 30, 2008

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Here’s one more post on… what else, but the IPL. Prasant Gopal had tagged me quite some time back on this. However, I wanted to put off writing on the same till the IPL reached its concluding stages. So, here I go on the five best things I’ve liked about the IPL:

1) Manpreet Gony, Shikhar Dhawan, Amit Mishra, Yomahesh, Yusuf Pathan, Dhaval Kulkarni. Do you ever remember going to watch a Ranji match? But for the IPL, we wouldn’t have possibly seen these colourful players on the circuit. The tournament has given a lot of opportunities and a taste of the big stage to the rookies. And I dare say, a lot of them are ready to give the current crop of Indian players a run for their money.
2) Half the people in the country seemed to be supporting the Mumbai Indians– and the reason? Yes, you guessed it right- It was being led by God. Every single Mumbai Indian player said that he was lucky to be playing under God. Every single fan in Mumbai was screaming for God to score in every match that he played. Fans in Jaipur were more concerned with God scoring than their team picking up wickets. Take a bow Sachin Tendulkar- the major reason why most Indians are glued to cricket.
3) My sister and female friends support the KKR. My aunt supports the CSK. Corporates run live matches. 50 matches have had more than 80% attendance. The TRP ratings have crossed the eight mark, pushing Panchvi Paas, Saas bahu sagas into oblivion. The support the IPL ahs got has been mind numbing.
4) It’s been weird to see some real dome strategizing by stalwarts like Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman. Rahul Dravid and Mallya put up a dumb test team for the T20 (Though a lot of fans hate Mallya now, especially after his outbursts against Dravid). Must admit that Dravid was good though. Guess he’s made a case for his re-selection in the ODI team.
5) Harbhajan Singh is a total jackass. Need I say anything more? I support Murali Kartik or Amit Mishra getting a chance in the team ahead of the Turbunator.

There are other things like the IPL becoming a regular feature in my daily life, Shane Warne, Sanath Jayasuriya, Glenn McGrath etc, but I guess the tag doesn’t allow me to write more than the five points. And before signing off, here’s wishing Rajasthan the best of luck and here’s hoping that Mohali kicks Chennai’s ass (Oh, forgot to mention. Am mainly against Chennai because of Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s attitude towards seniors)

I tag everyone on my blogroll who hasn’t been tagged as yet.

The Three Mistakes Of My Life: A review May 20, 2008

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The first reaction after reading “The three mistakes of my life”- haven’t I seen this before. A book filled with a lot of clichés- and a lot of similarities with “Five Point Someone”. The reason Chetan Bhagat got so popular in the first place was his refreshing attitude towards writing and his way of putting things in perspective. FPS was different as it was path breaking. However, two novels later, Bhagat seems to have settled into a particular mould of writing- not willing to experiment too much and stick to the proven. On the other hand, probably most successful novelists do the same- be it a Sheldon or an Archer.

As stated earlier, The three.. is quite similar to FPS with respect to a plethora of aspects. Three young friends, their tryst with destiny, the romantic scenes, the ups and downs, the dark humour, the screw ups.. It’s all there. However, there are a few roborant and refreshing aspects to the novel- not the least of all the handling of the business mentality. Coming from a Marwari family, I truly enjoyed this aspect of the subject. The other good things were the unabashed handling of the communal issue, the “Ali” part of the story (though it’s a little filmy), the handling of cricket and the local Gujarati flavor.

Bhagat’s however continued the trend of pricing his book at Rs.95. His earlier successes, coupled with the price of the book and the timing of the release will ensure that the book starts off pretty well. All in all, it’s a masala book and good for summer time pass.