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Of the IPL April 27, 2008

Posted by Karan in General.
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What else can this be about? Its everywhere, and its started a revolution like never before.

However, the balance between the ball and bat have been altered beyond the tolerable levels in the tournament. An important reason for the success of the T20 world cup last year in South Africa was the fair amount of success the bowlers achieved. The pitches were sporty and there was a lot in there for the bowlers who were ready to bend their back. There have already been 4-5 200+ scores in the first 8 matches, compared to the 5 in all of the world cup. While there is no doubting the fact that people love watching sixes and fours, a competitive match is appreciated greatly by the audiences around. Generally, balanced pitches tend to produce closer matches. If pitches like the ones in Chennai and Hyderabad become more common, the game would become pretty monotonous after a certain point of time. At least that’s what I felt while watching the matches. On the other hand, the pitch in Mohali was one which I enjoyed watching- there was a decent bit in it for the pacemen and spinners alike. The other thing with respect to the same is the Orange Cap. While the concept is good (though unoriginal), what is there in it for the bowlers? Is there something like the violet cap for the best bowler around? There is a cash award of Rs 1,00,000 for the batsman who hits the highest number of sixes in every match. Do we have an award for the guy who gets the maximum number of wickets? It must be remembered that without decent bowlers, T20 matches cannot be won. Glenn McGrath, Asif, Warne etc have shown just that. McGrath and Asif bowled brilliantly against Deccan Chargers and won the match for their team. Rohit Sharma though was unto the challenge and countered them beautifully. It is this battle between the bat and ball which is a joy to watch.

Meanwhile, the campaigns run by the managers have been brilliant. The most important factor for a league to succeed is support among fans for teams which is exactly what the guys running the show have been trying to muster. I’ll myself get a Deccan Chargers tee as soon as their show on the field improves. Lets wait for a couple of years and see how the entire league thingy shapes up.


1. infernoabhi - April 30, 2008

could not agree more on the monotonousnesses of this format. In fact trust me, it will become mundane irrespective of the pitch and the venue as well. It is a such a short game that it has a limited number of options and a very narrow scope for different trends to emerge.

2. Anshul - May 1, 2008

Yeah… IPL is everywhere now…. and blooming more and more. There isnt much for the bowlers in this format ( at least on Indian pitches). Even more i would say that technical players struggle to score that well. More of a pinch-hitter dominated game, but still runs pouring in from all sides..crowd love it. Lets see who comes out victorious !!

3. yogesh - May 4, 2008

The audience demand – we love ball galloping , roaring high in sky rather than the cracking of stumps with the ball.
And yeah,.with the ball dancing high ‘n high on field added to the latke-jhaktke of the cheerleaders the game gonna a big hit.
– audience-view- 😀

4. Pulkit - May 8, 2008

T20 is by definition is a batters’ game. What’s worse is that it rewards batsmen who muscle the ball over midwicket far greater than those who cream it through the covers. It’s often reduced to a show of your muscular strength over your cricketing prowess. For a genuine cricket lover, there can’t be a better time to lose interest in the game than now. Sad, but that’s the reality.

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