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UG2K5 vs UG2K6 – Fascinating Cricket! March 10, 2008

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.
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I have often been accused of being a batch chauvinist. However, being the only ‘regular’ blogger among the UG2K5 cricketers, I had to write on this one. UG2K5 vs UG2K6. It has indeed been a sensational cricket rivalry. Each of the four matches the two teams have played against the other has gone down to the wire. The much hyped final, which was won by UG2K5 in the last ball truly lived to its reputation. Never before has the cricket tournament been as fiercely contested as this year.

The match up started last year with UG2K6 winning two closely fought matches. The unfortunate final between the two teams was marked by bitter rivalry and the infamous “scuffle”. It was indeed a low point, and something which shouldn’t have happened. Of course, save minor blemishes, the games have been played in the right spirit this time around. There has understandably been some tension in the air, but credit to the players for treating cricket like what it is – a gentleman’s game. People saying “things” and G-Talk status messages only added to the excitement of the matches. A mention about one of them which said something like “Don’t worry guys- its still 2-1. Thats how one accepts defeat” after our win against the juniors in the league match this season- well my dear friend, its 2-2 now!

Personally, it was a pleasure playing the final and the tournament this time around. Especially after being overlooked for most matches in the past two years. It has been a dream come true for me to be performing for a winning cause. Of course, playing with the team has been fantastic- there is this amazing camaraderie in our team now. We know each other well and understand each other’s weaknesses and strengths. We support the others and more than anything else- we now enjoy our training and cricket sessions! I’ll say that winning the finals has been one of the high points for me at IIIT.

I hope Pagare and Mahaveer live up to what they’ve said and write posts on our win!


1. rohitbharadwajg - March 10, 2008

well….u know that was cricket at its best….nd i am very happy to be a part of this time and finish the series on a winning note…in the middle, i was almost decided to make the match a draw coz the spirit of the two teams was so high that no one really deserved a loss. But as said we have the responsibility to make it 2-2 and it was done in style 🙂 playing a match to the final ball is something which would happen rarely and it happened here, that too for a final, wht else will people ask other than that….

kudos to ug3 cricket team, we really rocked this year and yeah to my surprise, this year we had really gud support from crowd which was very rare, so thanks to all our supporters for making our game as memorable as possible

btw nice post… 🙂

2. phanichaitanya - March 10, 2008

The match had been really awesome and you guys really have done well. we enjoyed watching the match out there. congrats to the team and three cheers to our batch.
UG2K5 rocks !! [:)] keep blogging and commenting [:P] .

3. bhargava - March 10, 2008

congrats to you and the team!

too bad i missed the game 😦 (had to go home)…looking at the gtalk status messages, blog posts and from what i’ve heard, i realized i missed the most exciting cricket match at IIIT. hope the team continues this dream run next year too.

UG2k5 rocks!

4. rohitbharadwajg - March 10, 2008

@bhargav….we dont want to play next year so that we would be champions for eva… 😛

5. Abhijeet Pagare - March 11, 2008

yeah yeah we won….just a piece-a-cake 😀

6. Namrata - March 11, 2008

I did not see any of the matches but there sure was a lot of buzz around the whole thing.Congratulations to the cricket team. Nice post.

Keep blogging!

7. Himank - March 12, 2008

Hey man!! This was sure one hell of a match..Victory on the final ball.. Matches cant get more exciting.. UG2k5 V/S UG2k6 matches are the match of IBCT.. not only because of the batch chemistry but also because these are 2 talented teams who are almost equal and out of the league of other batches…
These are the India-Pakistan matches of IIIT

8. ajay - March 18, 2008


9. ajay - March 18, 2008

too bad I missed the matches.

10. rahul - April 16, 2008

you should have described the match…

11. Harshad Shrikhande - May 20, 2009

it was indeed a grt match!…and nicely written!!

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