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That Awesome Show March 3, 2008

Posted by Karan in General.

Jackie: Steven, do I really disgust you?
Steven: No. I disgust me because I’m supposed to be disgusted by you but I’m not.

[after Kelso tries in vain to convince the others he had sex with Brooke, she comes to the basement]
Brooke: Kelso, we have to talk about doing it at the Molly Hatchet concert.
Michael Kelso: Just a second, Brooke.
[to Fez]
Michael Kelso: Burn!
[to Eric and Donna]
Michael Kelso: Burn!
[to Hyde]
Michael Kelso: Burn!
[to Jackie]
Michael Kelso: Burn!
[Kelso runs upstairs to the kitchen]
Michael Kelso: [to Kitty] Burn!
[to Red]
Michael Kelso: Burn!
[Kelso runs back downstairs]
Michael Kelso: So, Brooke. What did want to talk about?
Brooke: I just found out I’m pregnant.
Michael Kelso: [defensively] I never touched her!

That 70s show

Freaking awesome! That’s the phrase to describe That 70s show. After 200 episodes, I finally finished my rendezvous with the best sitcom I’ve seen. Be it Kelso’s antics or Hyde’s coolness, the show never ceases to amaze. It’s a rip-roaring laugh-a-minute-serial which a collegian can immediately relate to. There have been instances when I’ve had to pause the episode because I just cannot stop laughing. There have been others when I’ve finished an entire season (25 episodes) in a day. It felt a little emotional to finally complete the wonderful series again. For an off the screen goodbye, check this wonderful video on youtube:


And yeah, take this test on which character on That 70s show you are:
I got Donna 😀

I’ll miss you Eric and company!

That 70s show


1. Vipul - March 3, 2008

completely agree wid u .. its freaking awesome its my first sitcom and i just cant believe how can they make it sooooooo funny …. be it ne character every1 is just tooooo good … i am left with 1.5 season and getting sad wht i gonna do after its finished ….. thanx to all the buddies who told me to watch this show which is the best ever show i have seen

2. Pankaj Saini - March 3, 2008

well i’ve put some TV series in buffer for the summers 🙂 ….. do try ‘how i met your mother’ if u haven’t already….. these days i m watching ‘wonder years’ and it’s pretty cute and naive kind of experience 🙂 ….

3. Karan - March 3, 2008

@Pankaj. Yeah, am upto date with HIMYM 🙂

4. Rohith - March 3, 2008

Seinfeld is the best as far as I know and I haven’t seen this one. So, no comments 🙂

5. Maruti Borker - March 3, 2008

yeah buddy this tv show rocks !!!

6. Prateek G V - March 3, 2008

Watch ‘Two and half men’, felt it better than that 70’s show.

7. Himank - March 3, 2008

Hmmm.. 70s Show is definitelt “THE” laugh riot… Havent foud any better comedy than this… I have seen 2 and Half seasons of Seinfield, am up to date with HIMYM, completed FRIENDS but the comedy of 70s show is incomparable to any of these.. It just stands out.. But FRIENDS is a great show because of the senti stuff.. You just start recognising urself with the characters…
And thats why I rate Wonder Years which I am seeing these days very high.. It hasnt got much comedy but it touches your heart and soul with every episode… 🙂
You and vipul should thank me for making you watch the show…. but waise you have to agree it started sucking in 8th season, similarly as HIMYM is nt as great in 3rd season…

8. ORB - March 3, 2008

70s show ftw! killer!

9. Namrata - March 3, 2008

I love That 70s show.It was probably one of the most consistently well written sitcoms apart from The Simpsons. Kelso rocks !!

10. mythalez - March 3, 2008

yeah 70s show is awesome .. spent the lazy final few months at iiit watchin it 😀
but dint watch the 8th season where both kelso and eric are missing since it wasnt the same anymore …
HIMYM Seinfeld Friends are all great too but each in its own way …
And against all this popular opinion .. the little that I saw of wonder years .. I dint like 😀

11. obelix - March 3, 2008

Umm Whose Line Is It Anyway … The god of comedy … Undisputed.

If this turns into a flame war … bring it on 😀

12. bhargava - March 3, 2008

haven’t seen friends or 70s show (watched only a couple of random episodes). i’m a little scared because i know i wont stop until i’ve finished all the seasons (had quite a bit of experience with OC, Prison Break, Scrubs, 30 Rock… ) and with 18 seasons between them i’ll most certainly miss lunch, dinner and sleep everyday and end up like a cancer patient undergoing chemo. (i guess i already look like one 😉 )

will certainly watch 70s show in summer.

13. rahul - March 5, 2008

@ obelix:- no one watches “whose line is it anyway”, doesn’t that convey something??!!

14. Vivek - March 5, 2008

Took me back to the 3rd year when I was hit by the 70s show craze.
Definitely entertaining, of course not the kelso-less and eric-less 8th season as mythalez pointed out.
But if I were to think comic, The Office [UK and US both] and Coupling [UK] would definitely top everything else given that HIMYM is also losing its touch in season 3.

15. sashidhar - March 5, 2008

The same is the case with me as Bhargava. Once I start watching a TV series, I won’t leave it until it’s done with… I still remember Heroes Season 1 which I completed in some 18 or 19 hrs straight! 🙂

16. Ankit - March 5, 2008

chahe east ho ya chahe west ….
kyuki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi will always be the best … 😛 !

17. infernoabhi - March 5, 2008

yeah its good….there is your comment 😛

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