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Five Point Someone – The Play October 12, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

Before the commencement of the play, when a journalist asked me of why theatre was not popular among youngsters, I gave him certain reasons. However, plays like “Five Point Someone” would go a long way in dispelling such an attitude among the Generation-X. An adaptation of Chetan Bhagat’s bestseller, the play lives up to the burden of expectations (thanks to the book’s popularity) it carries along with it. Packed with powerful performances and commendable direction, the play is a wonderful illustration of how an adaptation works. Dark and humorous, Five Point Someone is the story of three underachievers and their lives at the IIT. It shows the result of not thinking straight, while also questioning the system. The story has it all- love, drama, humour. The characterization is perfect and one can identify with the same. The narrative is lucid, laced with several punch lines. Nikhila, the director largely retains the book’s dialogues, while adding a few of her own which add to the charm on stage. She, was of course helped immensely by her actors, who deliver a flawless performance. Ryan was brilliant on stage, Alok, Hari and Neha were not too far away either. Negatives- not too may of them. One aspect which can be worked on is the sets, they were the same throughout the play and tended to get monotonous. The other is the length of the play, which can probably be cut by a few minutes.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience. Cheers Metro Plus for organizing such a wonderful theatre fest. I’ll try and make it to the other plays too!


1. pankajsaini - October 12, 2007

dude!!!!!! i am all ignorant about when and where this play was organized………. throw some more light!!!!!

2. Rogue - October 12, 2007

Hope I am able to make it to one of those …Haven’t really seen a theater in person …
Btw “The story has it all-“love” …” why is it that that’s the only thing that you have been writing about or referring to lately? 😛

3. Namrata - October 12, 2007

Theatre – wow.Must have been a unique experience.Apparently FPS is being made into a motion picture as well so its a wise thing they had a play before the movie happened.Where exactly is it happening???

4. Varun - October 12, 2007

u should have gone for love letters…BRILLIANT!! gonna check out todays play too…..5.someone i didnt expect much….i mean..u already know the story, the characters…..to an extent the screenplay…..what would u have gone to see anyways?

5. Karan - October 12, 2007

@Pankaj, Namrata. Its at Ravindra Bharti. Check out HIndu’s Metro Plus.
And yeah, the movie’s being done by Vidhu Vinod Chopra
@Rogue. You know as much as there is to the angle 😛
@Varun.. Watching the characters you have been loving for so long come alive on stage is something else. The experience is unique,.. From now on, whenever we talk about FPS, the play will come into mind. Its a similar reason as to why you go and watch the movie with the same storyline as a book you’ve read.
Today’s play should be good, but I have a class at the same time 😦
Will try and catch it tomorrow.

6. Harsh - October 12, 2007

Even I seriously enjoyed the play .
All the characters in the play gave justice to their roles .
Thanks Maroo .. If you wouldn’t have asked me to come along I would have seriously missed something .
For all those who couldn’t see this one I say try to watch at least one of the rest .
Theater really rocks ….

7. mythalez - October 12, 2007

err … sorry .. but I dont like this one nor the call center story by the same author :-s

8. Prateek G V - October 12, 2007

SRK and John plan to team up for the FPS movie directed by Vindu Vinod Chopra.

Between do watch Happy Days .. Awesome movie!

Damn! I missed the play. Damn! once again for missing the ‘Love Letters’ play. 🙂

9. kopos - October 14, 2007

I was so looking forward to go see love letters but damn my finite work schedule and infinite laziness. and someone beat me to revitalising play theatre in hyderabad! yanyway i hope ill catch up with a play soon…

10. Sreejith - October 14, 2007

Was this by Evam too? and metro plus theatre festivals are fun 🙂

11. EvOlVeR - September 27, 2008

dudes and dudettes saw you reaction for 5.someone….well hi im ritesh organizing the play in a lotta parts of the country ….well we were searching fer talent …if think u have some plz contact me ,we might even need some leadin roles

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