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Dream On. October 7, 2007

Posted by Karan in Poetry.

Have you ever imagined what’s the best feeling in the world?
Thinking of those moments spent with her
Reviving those pretty instances in time
Every little touch… every word of hers
Which you go through again and again
Imagining and re thinking your reactions
What you could have said better, what you could have done better..

Flowing with the music..
Crying because you felt and saw her pain
Weeping because of the joy reflecting in her
The brightness her thoughts bring to you,
You can spend a lifetime in those deft moments..

She loves me… She loves me not.
Shall I call her now… or later?
Such perplexities, in fact make your day.
In such thoughts are the best part of your life lived.

If only you could see her again..
If only you could speak to her again..
If only you could touch her..

So what if I cant see her?
So what if I cant speak to her?
So what if I cant touch her?
So what if she never will know that I loved her..
I have spent the best moments and thoughts of life..
Immersed in her ocean of love…

Dream on…


1. Anshul - October 7, 2007

Hi… Amazing poem….. your poetic skills are reaching new heights day-by-day 🙂
Again the poem is flavoured with ‘her’ , ‘she’ and your ‘feelings’.
who is ‘she’ ???? 😛

2. kshitij - October 7, 2007

Nice poem…[:)]…
stop writing arbit stuff and concentrate on your poetic skills.. you can do wonders…[:)]

3. Namrata - October 7, 2007

Someone’s getting all mushy huh [:)].Great poem and ya who is this ‘she’ ??

4. Deepti - October 7, 2007

Great poem!!

5. Prateek G V - October 7, 2007

Is Mr. Jain’s fever contagious? 😛 😀

6. Himank - October 7, 2007

Good one man.. 🙂 You wrote a poem after ages this time but this time write on something except love… Love is the most easiest to write on.. but your repertoire will become boring with only love in it… 😛

7. Pankaj Saini - October 7, 2007

just one question………… every poem is the result of poet’s source of inspiration………..so where is the inspiration coming here from? who’s the ‘she’ ….dude!!!!! nice effort……. worth it……………… 🙂

8. mythalez - October 7, 2007

ahem … that shows some ‘experience’ in these matters of love … so dude .. when r u telling us the whole story?? 😛

9. Aniket - October 7, 2007

Mushy mushy mushy… someone’s listening to too much POP…

10. abbulu - October 8, 2007

ok if u mean the poem go tell her …deadline : oct 8, 23:59:59 😛

lest u want me to beat u up when i come to hyd ..lol !!

11. Kunal - October 8, 2007

just send her this poem 🙂 it is good…

12. Vivek - October 8, 2007

Well….I wonder if I only I see a dispute between words and thoughts.
A very good effort nonetheless.

13. Phani Chaitanya - October 8, 2007

Its simply awesome dude !! [:)] .. but feeling the pain is again feeling happiness as it resides inside it [:D] … btw whozz “she” ?? !!!! Keep blogging.

14. Karan - October 8, 2007

@Anshul, Namrata, Pankaj, Kunal, Chaitanya Hey, thanks a lot. But dont worry, there’s no she. Its all hypothetical.
@Kshitij.. hehe. Am not that good at it. 🙂
@Deepti. Thanks!
@Prateek.. no sweat, its not 🙂
@Himank. Thats precisely why i wrote on love 😀
@Mythalez No story boss! 😀
@Aniket. Probably its a result of the Hindi songs I listened to after a long time 🙂
@abbulu. No her 😛
@Vivek. Thanks. Can you point out the instances? My mail id is karanmaroo@gmail.com

15. aakankshasingh - October 8, 2007

The poem has varying degrees of seriousness …I was thinking of my mum when i started( mark ) reading it …but apparently it is ‘your’ (?(!real/real)) girl huh? 😛

16. Abhishek Sainani - October 9, 2007

Awesome work ! What else can I say !! 😀
It’s hard for me to comment on poems… this poem really makes an interesting read…

17. rorschach - October 9, 2007

i didn’t read… just want to tell you that i helped increase your hits!

18. Karan - October 12, 2007

@aakanksha, you’r probably right with the first point 🙂
@Abhishkek. Hey, thanx a ton!
@rorschach.. Why have you stopped blogging? 😛 Thanks neways.

19. Harsh - October 12, 2007

Self generated hypothetical inspiration ….
I loved the last two paragraphs …
“If only one could ” and “So what if one can’t ”
a perfect combination of the deep embedded desire and What actually matters for
someone who really loves “HER”.

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