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Eenadu Cricket Tournament – A Farce October 3, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

WTF! This is all we had to say to what happened to us a couple of days back.
It was for the first time that I had been selected in the IIIT cricket team for the Eenadu cricket tournament, and needless to mention, was pretty excited about it. The team practiced hard for more than ten days – two sessions a day. It was all coming out very nicely. On that fated day, we reached the OU campus, and to our dismay, it was raining, albeit not very heavily. We looked forward to a late start. However, on enquiring, the authorities bluntly told us that if the area around the pitch doesn’t improve, the match would be decided on the spin of a coin. Holy shit! The signs looked ominous, as the team at the other end, Sri Chaitanya could have gone through the next round only in this situation. There was no way they could have beat us, even in a five overs match. To while away our time, we decided to practice spinning the coin. And we lost seven out of nine times- captain Varun losing four on four. After some time, the two captains walked on to the pitch. As our fate seemed to be written in those dark skies, we lost the toss and hence the match. Poor Pagare and Sagar- they had gone out for a quick bite and thought that we were kidding when we told them the result.
On retrospect, it was all very ridiculous. The organizers should have anticipated rains in the month of September. And for all such matches to be decided by luck rather than have a reserve day or a bowl-out is throwing their own credibility out in the dustbin. A lot of deserving teams would have lost out on this count. Eenadu- you suck. Tata Indicom (the sponsors), if you’re reading this – you suck! I am never ever going to take a Tata Indicom connection.


1. Namrata - October 3, 2007

“I am never ever going to take a Tata Indicom connection” – LOLZZ.
Tough luck but hope for the best in the future.Keep blogging!!!

2. Prateek G V - October 3, 2007

A Cricket match whose result is decided by a toss. Thats insanity dude! The organizers are true loosers in this case.

3. Vivek - October 3, 2007

I am glad they dont decide ‘who won’ on the whims of a coin toss in international Cricket 🙂
To carry on the retaliation Karan, even I will never buy a Tata Indicom connection 🙂

4. manish jha - October 3, 2007

yeah totally agree…15 days f mammoth practice..esp dat 6 am routine nd den result consummated by flip nd call shit…leavin one nd half a dozen confused,infuriated nd incredulous faces …..reveals insolent behavior nd dilettante organization f whateve newspaper it was…..
nyways…. bt v partially allayed this sheer stupidity by our off d field performances…..hope u gonna remember dat felicity mascot thing…. :P:P…..nd don worry ..chances r either 2 be availed or 2 be missed nd dis time it decided 2 go other way……bt dis time v wont take a chance nd apart 4m battin bowlin nd feildin ,thr vl b practice session 4 tosses also….esp 4 captain….. :P:P:P

5. abhijeet pagare - October 3, 2007

dude ………ur “the” co-ordinator of felicity….never ever talk like this of any can-be-felicity-sponsor !!!

6. Kunal - October 3, 2007

this sucks big time!!!
at least show a no-result.. play the match on reserve day …

anyways hard luck dude

7. Deepti - October 3, 2007

So sad 😦 ..Waise b careful buddy..As Pagare said,u r “THE” felicity coordinator..so think b4 u speak 😛 ..ROFL at the last line!!

8. Himank - October 3, 2007

All i have to say is HA!! HA!!! HA!! HA!! But ya it actually was Hard on you guys… But you could have salvaged your pride by winning the match for Akash.. Last year champions akash… The house with 8 players in IIIT-16 man squad lost all its matches… Finishing last…. HA!!! HA!!! HA!! HA!!! 😛

9. Varun - October 3, 2007

excuse for aakash losing: the boys were shocked by the happenings on the previous day. 😛

excuse for IIIT losing: Sagar took the lucky coin with him to pay for bread and omelletes…

@Karan: dude…look at the positive side……well….i dunno…there must be one…..

gotta say though…we have one helluva team. and credit to how uv grown as a bowler…keep up the stomach crunches and situps and youll only get better…

10. Chirag - October 3, 2007

hard luck madoo …. u got selected in IIIT team for d first time nd d team lost just by d flip of a coin….. nd that too against a “School” team …. shit !!!!

11. Arun - October 4, 2007

Damn, that sucks. But it is heartening to know that sport teams in IIIT are practicing hard. All the best next time around.

12. anonymous - October 5, 2007

Stop cribbing and whining … get used to the realities of life

13. Karan - October 7, 2007

@Namrata Thanks.
@Prateek, Kunal, Chirag Coudn’t agree more
@Vivek.. Hey, thats great 🙂
@Manish.. Crisly dude, we had a ball later 🙂
@abhijeet, deepti dont worry, we’ll get vodafone 🙂
@himank.. hey, varun’s replied to you!
@Varun.. Thanks man! All credit to your support. Cheers!
@Arun.. Yeah, this was the hardest we’ve ever practised.
@anonymous .. yawn!

14. ramesh - January 25, 2011

hi this ramesh i have to world cup match time table this is it.

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