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Terror Struck! September 15, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

Last week, my dad was here in Hyderabad. I had a good day with him, and was returning back with a host of goodies he had brought for me. All of it was stuffed in a bag which was carrying along. I decided to board the MMTS train from Nampally to Lingampalli. The train was scheduled to leave at 1735 hours. I looked at my watch – there were ten minutes to go for the departure. I decided to get out of the train and get myself a magazine, leaving my bag behind in the compartment. I looked around but couldn’t find a vendor. I decided to take a stroll, looking for a bookstall. At a distance, I caught up with the latest India Today. I picked it up and started going back towards the train. Meanwhile, the train started to move, albeit a little early. I dashed and caught up with my compartment. As I breezed into it, I was startled by what I saw at the place I was sitting. The man who was sitting in front of me was about to throw away my bag. The others around him were urging him on with an unmistakable look of terror on their faces. I immediately stopped the guy. Staring at me, the doubting Thomas said, “Jamana badal gaya hai ji. Hamari to jaan nikal rahi thi. Aap apna bag aise kaise chod ke chale gaye?” I looked around and found everyone staring at me. I had to do some explaining as to how there was nothing suspicious in the bag and all. Only then did the passenegers breath easy.

This is what a couple of terrorist attacks can do to a city. To Hyd’s credit, citizens have remained resilient – but the unfortunate thing is that the terrorists have succeeded at what they’ve set out for – a new fear has set in everywhere.

Sunday Carnival September 1, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

UG3 is conducting the season’s first Carnival this Sunday. The event’s already generated a lot of buzz with some of the events like Cricket, Group Discussion etc witnessing record entries. The biggest feature of the Carnival is the number of people who’ve come forward to organise the event.

Here’s the wonderful poster designed by Piyush:


Do attend the event, and have loads of fun!