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An Open Letter – To Sis August 29, 2007

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Dear sis,
One more Rakhi gone by without you with me. The sixth in a row. I’ve kinda got used to it. It was just another day with one of my friends tying all those rakhis to me. But you know what, after speaking to you in the evening, I felt different.

I went for a walk in the evening, and all those memories came rushing by. Those pillow fights, those complaints to mummy, those sharing of goodies, everything. I still remember the day you bit me 😛 . And yeah, the day when I emptied the toys’ basket on you. Of course, how can I forget those blackmails 😉 Those days when we played, and I was always made the ‘doodhwala’. Ah, how I miss it all now. I’m sure that you do the same! It’s great that we’r just a year apart from each other. It made growing up with you all the more fun (and irritating sometimes!)

But sis, as an elder brother, I’ve somehow never said this to you. There were times when we had a brawl, clashed, bit, beat, complained and what not. But amidst everything, I’ll take this opportunity to tell something which I’ve never done before, I love you sis. These are true feelings right from my heart, and I’ll always be there for you. I just wanted to tell you (not that you didn’t know it before) that you have nothing to fear while I’m around. And now that I’ve done so, I feel much better.

Hey, get a Tee of your choice from my side.

Your bro.


1. harshita - August 30, 2007

hey karan….gr8 letter …it reminds me of my brother …really touching [:)]

2. harshita - August 30, 2007

A brother is one of the greatest creations of god.

3. Prateek G V - August 30, 2007

‘Doodhwala’ .. lolz 😀

Nice post man!

4. Vivek - August 30, 2007

Nice post dude.

5. Meghna - August 30, 2007

Nice post 🙂

6. Namrata - August 30, 2007

Short and sweet.Nice post!!!

7. Blah - August 30, 2007

really nice post !!
now u have shown how good a brother u r …. galz from GH will flood you with Rakhis next time…
so u remain a lovely and sweet bro….
congratz universal Bhaiya !!
already Namarata, Meghna and harshita are ur sis 🙂

8. Deepti - August 30, 2007

Great post..Very sweet 🙂

9. cherry - August 30, 2007

HITLER………….. nice post raa u became BOSS(Brother Of Six Sisters like kranthi) [:P]

10. Blah - August 30, 2007

nice 1 Cherry !!

11. Blah - August 30, 2007

Deepti also added to list 😛

12. shiben - September 1, 2007

never been able to tell that to my big sister, dont know if i will ever b able to.
She might thinks i m just a selfish stupid emotionless person.
Damn, I am such a loser 😦

13. Karan - September 1, 2007

@harshita, vivek, namrata, meghna, deepti, thanx 🙂
@prateek.. yeah, and everytime i had 2 deliver the milk!
@blah n cheery, i hope not, already got enuf sisters 😛
@shiben. chillax. this is the first time i did it 🙂

14. sneha - September 1, 2007

thanx brother……………i love u too………very sweet post…brought tears 2 my eyes!!!
thanx again…njoy ur carnival..

15. sneha - September 1, 2007

but u idiot!!!! y dint u write my name in da post?????

16. Himank Sharma - September 1, 2007

Emotion(x)=Senti() && Place(Emotion(x))=blog && x=maroo
The result : Emotion(Himank)= :O

Now dont kill me!!!

17. ankita - September 2, 2007

thts really a very sweet letter………
bt “dhoodhwala!!!”…honestly……[:D]

18. priyanshu - September 18, 2007

simply lovely..
i miss my brother all the more…

19. divya - March 18, 2008

wonderful post!! v.touching…..

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