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Good Job, Apex Body July 30, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

At the start of the year, the Apex Body had an arduous task on hands. The Supreme Court’s ruling on ragging, the incidents last year etc had put it in the spotlight. They had to make sure that neither did we have any ugly incidents on campus, nor should the interaction between the freshers and the seniors cease to exist. They had to welcome the juniors to the campus smoothly. I must say, that they have been able to accomplish all tasks that they set out for quite well. Interactions have been kept at a healthy level; problems, if any, have been sorted out at the mentor level itself and the freshers are starting to find their feet, fitting into the IIIT family quite well. For this, I’ll say hats off to the Apex body-> Chand, Pranav sir, Samba, Chhaya and Anthwal. The fact that some of them had good relations with the entire students’ community and the faculty really helped matters. People respected them, and listened to what he they to say. But more importantly, they ensured that the interactions did not stop-> rather they were done in the right manner, which was acceptable to everyone. Things like the informals really helped. The only thing, that probably we can raise the interaction levels next time around. I wish that what has been done is built upon in the future!

Hope we have a wonderful Freshers’ evening.


1. Namrata - July 30, 2007

Agreed that it was all smooth this time – credit to the APEX body but the interaction levels were dismal.

2. Himank Sharma - July 31, 2007

Well.. well.. you have touchd a few chords here.. Agreed that the interaction period passed of without any events at all but the interaction levels were pretty low this year.. may be this was because i was in OBH and the juniors in NBH…

3. alumni - July 31, 2007

wat i heard that the interaction level has dived sharply…. its not the same scene at OBH 3rd floor as it used to be….

4. another alumni - July 31, 2007

@alumni: Well those were the golden days of junior senior interaction in IIIT.
But i guess with years people have become more paranoid with a general fun interaction with their seniors.
Though I was on the *receiving side*, I vehemently and full heartedly support a much open (within limits) interaction between senior and junior batch.
The informal smooth program with seniors and juniors are well…umm (yawn)…okay

5. Pankaj Saini - August 1, 2007

interactions……..are at so-called OK level in NBH too……but this time around we guys are having more fun than last time…….no incidents till now……gud news……..hope the same for the future……..informals was dismal……….lets see how does the freshers’ turn out….

6. Deepti - August 2, 2007

Agreed that the problems were sorted out at the mentor level itself,but the interactions were very less this time and I think the juniors are missing all that fun of being “focussed” .

7. Sreejith - August 10, 2007

So thats whats ragging has turned into nowadays!! Anyway ragging at IIIT was never serious.. atleast not as serious as most other colleges.

8. abbulugadu - August 11, 2007

Trust me yaar !!
U guys should try to get the golden days of interaction back …yaane ki ….with venue as 3rd floor OBH (leave the ma-crying pansies out it ..but try to get the majority of the facchaa batch)
Otheriwise, the whole spirit of knowing them s lost , man 😦

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