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Deathly Hallows : A Review July 21, 2007

Posted by Karan in Fiction.

It was a day I had been waiting for six years now. To finally finish the Deathly Hallows, was overwhelming, to say the least.

It is a fitting farewell novel which Rowling gave her fans. Her writing style, the suspense all glues you together to the final T, except for a brief aberration in the middle stages of the thriller. That portion could probably do with some editing. The book, it seemed was a continuation of the sixth. Without wasting any time, Rowling gets to the point from the first word. The two books, Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows are like Matrix 2 and 3. The book is as dark as it could get, and after it you wonder if it could still be called a ‘children’s book’. Harry continues to evolve through his adolescence, having wild mood swing while the trio is on their quest for the Horcruxes. Voldemort, of course, is more powerful than ever before and at times, the battle between the two sides created a lump in my stomach. The book also reveals amazing secrets, secrets which neither me as a reader, nor Harry had ever imagined. And this confirms Rowling’s creativity and prowess. It is these portions, which are undoubtedly, the most intriguing. Just when you start relaxing with the novel, she comes up with something. And yeah, at least half a dozen characters die along the way. Don’t be surprised if you are teary eyed while reading Harry’s adventures.

All in all, an amazing and breezy read. Little surprise at the fan base Rowling holds. I’ll place this, along with the third and sixth installments as the best of the lot. Take a bow, J.K.R!


1. sumanth - July 21, 2007

Well.. I got a lil bored reading this.. 😀 It went along predictable lines, I mean abt RAB, Harry being tht thing, Snape and the people who die.. I was expecting a big surprise somewhere !

2. vipul - July 22, 2007

i completely agree wid u …… the last 100 pages were simply awesome and the secrets revealed were breathtaking…..and the way the fight ended made me into tears …… bow to J.K.Rowling

3. aakanksha - July 22, 2007

D buk iz undoubtedly well written … but i dint hv ne “teary moment”… n missed fred n george … dint really have much of dem in dis one.

4. Kunal - July 23, 2007

I had not liked the 6th book as much as I liked the 4th one ….

there were few moments when the book dragged, but not more then 15-20 pages…. and especially loved the finale where everything is explained… that was great!

5. rohith - July 23, 2007

i still rate 4th as my fav…. as sumanth said some things went as predicted…. prince’s tale rocks and that epilogue is more like a fan fiction than JKR’s work 😛

6. Maruti Borker - July 24, 2007

Not into harry potter (Not even d movies ) !! But looking at ppl coming to stores at unearthly times like 4-5 for the book explains the popularity of the book .

Have started readin novels will hopefully start harry puttar in next sem …

7. Namrata - July 24, 2007

I too have never read a single page of the HP books but wanted to know the end.I love happy endings and it seemed like one.Keep blogging!!

8. Prateek G V - July 24, 2007

Even I am not Puttar fan, ws waiting for some company here and finally they have arrived 😛 . But yeah I did the spoilers work, love doing it

9. phani chaitanya - July 26, 2007

I some how managed to know whats going on by the side of Harry Potter ….. [No comments on HP series] … Rowling is amazing …. turned her imagination into a beautiful story [atleast fo HP lovers] …

10. Ashish Lohia - July 27, 2007

I agree with u karan, its a great book and very very dark, the chapter where harry was going to surrender to voldemort was the most gripping, my heart beat really went high then. Dobby’s death was so well described. Other interesting portions were snape being proved innocent, and then the epilogue in which harry who has named his son severus tells that he was one of the bravest persons he has ever known was simply great. I just wonder how ppl can critize rowlings work saying it is full of dark magic and witchcraft etc. it is a great series showing the power of love, sacrifice and bravery. J K Rowling you are simply great

11. Sandeep - July 27, 2007

i think that 1st,3rd,6th and this are the best of the lot. In her last book rowling made us laugh,weep and amaze all at the same time,hats off to her….the grand finale was more than what i expected for……gr8 post keep blogging 🙂

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