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Qudos July 18, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

Five students from our batch got a ten in the fourth semester! Must be a record. Our batch has proved to be the best in acads (just like other fields) once again! We must have had more than 30 nine pointers. All this in spite of the strict implementation of the grading rules by the new dean. I don’t know why he’s done that… as a result most of our HSSM grades got screwed in the third semester.
BY the way, how can I not mention Manish. This brilliant kid from Hissar was one of the tenners of the last semester, and he’s now at the top of the class with a CG of 9.63. Congrats dude.. gg! And yeah, our party 😛


1. Deepti - July 18, 2007

Simply outstanding !!! Ug2k5 rox!! 🙂

2. Anonymous - July 18, 2007

I wanna show _!_ to you.
Guys/gals, don’t comment on this post.

3. Karan - July 18, 2007

@everyone .. ignore anonymous
@anonymous.. fat gayi kya 😛 kal teri sawari nikalenge 😀

4. vipul - July 18, 2007

abe kal NLP ki class hai so yeh sawari ki ceremony friday ko karenge……….

5. aditya - July 18, 2007

yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! manish that calls for a party and a sawari of course!!!

6. Himank Sharma - July 18, 2007

Manish ji ki niklegi Sawari…
Manish ji ki leela hai nyari!!! 😀


7. Peeyush - July 19, 2007

ur count is incorrect ….. its 5 ….
N ya … u guys really roxxxxxxxx

8. Karan - July 19, 2007

@Peeyush.. ass, thats wat i have written, 5!

9. Kunal - July 19, 2007

don’t you guys do anything else then study? 😛
except for very few most of the people in our batch were addicted to gaming and pure unadulterated BC 😀

10. playboi - July 19, 2007

@kunal … They are not IIITians man .. They are ideal juniors of R Deepak.
@karan .. dude from hisar is toping? salla izzat ki watt laga di

11. Karan - July 19, 2007

@Kunal.. f crse not dude.. come n have a look dood.. the bcs r still so very popular.. and d campus is buzzin vid activity. inspite of it all, we manage 2 do well in acads 🙂
@playboi.. yeah, right. the hissar boy is at the top 😀
who’s r.deepak??

12. too lazy to log in - July 19, 2007

no offense or anything, but its a double edged sword

like so – 😀
lots of people getting 9+ means….
SAME people getting more As, which means….
very little competition for grades (relative grading), which means….
35 people academically kick everyone elses ass, which means….
most of the batch isnt very good, which means…..

The statement “Our batch has proved to be the best in acads” has been proved to be incorrect 😛

13. Jim Morrison - July 19, 2007

Lol.. you guys are too bothered about acads. CG is of no use. A 7 pointer is just as good as a 9 pointer. Sometimes even better. So, nothing to be proud of, instead focus on knowledge which can be used.

14. Aseem - July 19, 2007

R Deepak is an esteemed alumn of IIITH. One which playboi would always look up to for moral support. His CG though was almost double that of Playboi’s.

15. nipun - July 19, 2007

crazy ! u guys really need to “get above” cgpa and stuff … u know people at the other end should strive to even out the figures 😛

16. Spawn - July 19, 2007

Awesome.. but you guys need to get rid of this CG thing which some of the people seem to have imbibed in your minds.. CG is not everything.. in fact any CG above 8 is all the same.. this is coming straight from ex-placement comm’s mouth! 😛

One sincere request from my side to your batch would be to revive gaming in IIIT.. Just play any god damned game instead of slogging your asses off! And congrats once again.. lol@playboi, R Deepak and hissar.. 😀

R Deepak is the illustrious alumni of IIITH. I’d rather not comment on playboi’s admiration for him though.. 😛

17. Karan - July 19, 2007

@too lazy ^:)^
@Jim.. who says so? who says that we’re ignoring acads? pray, is it a crime to score well and harp about it? and wat ur talking of is more uncommon than not. Can a seven pointer sit for the interview for a company which has 8 as the cut off?
@Aseem, hey thanx 🙂 didnt noe that u read blogs too!
@nipun, yeah.. but nothin wrong in talking abt it, right?
@spawn. don worry.. gaming’s very much on 🙂

18. Manish Arora - July 20, 2007

@Maroo: Thnx for mentioning my name in your post. Guys like Harshvardhan Bansal, Ankush Kalkote, Varun Jampani, Vivek Prakash, Ankit Saraswat (tenner of Ist sem) (all C.S.E.) and Saurav Khurana (E.C.E.), all tenners, also deserve a mention in this space.

@Playboi: I dint knw dat i hv committed such a heinous crime….never intended to do that 😀 .Btw,Maroo has got it wrong, dude from Karnal (Saurav Khurana) is the batch topper.( i guess, this gives some releif to u.)(Maroo,please no comments on this now.). Hopefully next time se Hissar ki ijjat ka dhyan rakha jayega 😛 .There is still light at the end of the tunnel :D.

@ Other seniors: How can you guys deduce the things like no BC or no gaming and just slogging the asses in acads from the result.You people think this thing to be blatantly obvious which is absolutely illogical.Maroo is right, BC is still alive.Our favourite pastime is no doubt BC and the batch is striking out an excellent balance between the two things which is good i think ( Sorry playboi :D).

@ Spawn: “I’d rather not comment on playboi’s admiration for him though.”
Is there anything intrigue between the relations of the two which you don’t want to reveal?????

@Maroo – a suggestion – This post was an absolute shit in my views. Guys like Ajay Somani, Abhilash, Saratchandra and many more ( sorry, i know i have missed quite a lot of names) deserve accolades (in the form of post may be) …u knw that. This CG thing shouldn’t be an issue …atleast not in the front of what these guys are doing.Getting an A in some particular subject is not as difficult as going deep into that and that is what these guys are doing.

@ Maroo again – asshole, I’m gonna kick your ass if that sawari thing happens tommorrow. (Haryana se hun beta, ek vizag vaale ka to band baja hi dunga :D).

P.S. – Any comments or suggestions from PLAYBOI for getting the prestige of hisar back are most welcome 😀 .

19. Vivek - July 20, 2007

@ playboi : lolz, topper from Hissar. what a shame dude :P, but it will take a lot many 10s from hissarsians to average out your record 🙂
Seriously, thats too much academic excellence. I am sure a lot was missed in this run for grades 🙂

20. obelix - July 23, 2007

cg doesn’t matter … seriously …

and technically, you’re still in college – have as much fun as possible – you may not have that chance later on

21. Prateek G V - July 23, 2007

Join the club CGPA Sucks! Interestingly I found some 10 pointers in this club 😛

22. blah - July 23, 2007

@ug3 : rofl … go, get a life ppl .. my god !! someone’s actually celebrating that their batch is really good ! :D, never expected such a thing to happen in iiit !

23. another senior - July 23, 2007

Somethings are not supposed to be posted on blogs
learn that and you will have fun

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