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Wah Taj July 4, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

A couple of days back, I was having a stroll on the beach road with my parents. In Vizag, this is one of the things that’s a very good stress buster. A walk on the moon lit beach road, listening to the wonderful waves always lifts up your sagging spirits. However, even by Vizag’s standards, the beach was unusually crowded on the day. It was then that I noticed that a stage had been put up on the sand and loudspeakers were honking to the beats of the latest Telugu hits. As I went closer, I was grabbed by the magnitude of it all, the banner said, “Vote for Taj”. It was then that I wondered, who had the right to select the seven wonders of the world? The UN? The USA.. in fact this time around, its none of them.. its some organization called NOWC. Who gave them the right to choose the seven wonders? Apparently, they are conducting polls for the same through the internet, to which a very miniscule population of the Third world has access to. In fact, the UN has confirmed that the new seven wonders list is not something being promoted by them. They have nothing to do with it. In such a scenario, the authenticity of the organization and its ‘list’ is highly unauthentic.
However, the good thing to be seen is that the entire nation is backing the Taj. Across the length and breath of the country, support is being gathered for the same. Celebrities are being seen ‘endorsing’ the Taj. Commercial organizations are having a field day in the name of promoting the ‘Taj’.
But does the Taj need all this? Contrary to popular perception, the Taj was never a part of any ‘seven wonders’ list. It may not make it to the new list, and it probably doesn’t need it. It is by itself the greatest symbol of love, and the new campaign has shown that Indians are solidly behind it.

PS: Chand, please stop spamming our mailboxes asking us to vote for the Taj Mahal 😛


1. Namrata - July 4, 2007

Happened to see a news item on CNN-IBN which claims that UNESCO – which is supposed to have the right to declare such titles like ‘new seven wonders…’ has gone on to claim that the sites that are conducting the poll will have no bearing on the decision if there is one.Its great to see the kinda support Indians are giving to this cause.Taj Mahal rocks.Bill Clinton once said
“There are 2 kinds of people in this world , ones who have seen the Taj and the ones who have not”. That says it all!!

2. Aniket - July 8, 2007

yeah crap man. ppl are unnecessarily wasting their time. It’s good that the whole country is together, but also notice that they’re together in an act of childishness and not in one which requires thinking.

3. harsh - July 9, 2007

i totally agree with what aniket said !!
more over these companies are making millions of bucks out of this .
even the mobile companies made so much by fooling the people !!

4. tomriddle - July 10, 2007

As UN body has finely put ” this initiative cannot, in any significant manner, contribute to preservation of these sites elected by this public”. Taj has become part of ” The Internet Wonders” , this is the present state of affairs people, where “alice in wonderland” is “alice is virtual reality”. But sure, what the hell. Why should Taj lag behind in this sort of competition. I feel, I do, I vote.

5. Deepti - July 11, 2007

Ya I do think there is no authenticity of the list but as everybody said,it is really good to see people swarming in to vote and make Taj as one of the seven wonders..And Taj has made its place in the list!!

6. Pankaj Saini - July 17, 2007

whether it was authentic or not……..but everything in today’s scenario goes by mass acceptance…….seeing millions of people voting with whole hearted dedication puts the question of authenticity hidden under thick fog…….and it has paid results…….. finally that TAJ is in the list……..and abt mobile companies making money from this cause……just think poeple do forward crap sms all the time..so i found no harm in sending a sms worth this much (even if it wasn’t authentic……….it does show the spirit )…………and i myself voted ….though i voted through net……….

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