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Making A Software.. June 21, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

Its pretty difficult, needless to mention. I have come to realise this only now, while am doing an internship (in Green Space Technologies). The basic task wasn’t much different from what we guys do back home, at IIIT. However, delivering a complete product has so many intricacies involved in it. Its so different from completing a project and throwing it on the tutor’s face! Thats taken up a major part of our time. Actually, it can get a little irritating at times, but the drive to see an end product working urges one on. The first cheque in our lives (Pagare and mine), only gave birth to that feeling in us.. that-the-company-has-paid-us-and-hence-work-for-them.
Overall, its been a pretty good experience, the internship. The four of us (the other two are Aditya Teja and Pankaj Trivedi) have had a ball together. We’ve turned into good friends; and of course, Pagare and I have learnt a lot from the two bonds, Pankaj and Teja 😀 The company’s provided us with all the required facilities too, apart from the green notes 🙂 Besides, we woudn’t have done anything in the college anyways, our friends being the testimony to this fact. I mean, apart from the CVIT guys, and to a lesser extend the LTRC people, noone’s done any work during the summers. On the contary, we’ve learned quite a few things and applied it to good use. Its been a fruitful summer in all!

PS: Thanks Ankur Khare, for getting us introduced over here. 🙂
Thanks Yeshwanth, for giving us this oppurtunity!

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Life Moves On… June 6, 2007

Posted by Karan in Personal.

I rushed out of the hall and felt a whiff of fresh air. Finally, I was going home, and yeah, could be called half an engineer now! I rushed to my room for the all-so-heavy-and-boring ritual of packing. Well, it could hardly be called packing, as I just dumped my clothes and stuff into the bag. The clothes were finally moving out of the chair, and things that I had assumed lost were making way into my hands. I had to rush, as the train was just a couple of hours away, and the station far. Metallica made the arduous job easier, keeping me entertained.
College life was great, but it was good to get away from the campus once in a while. Especially after the fourth semester. The last few days were all too hectic. The rituals of assignments and exams could sap a lot out of you. Of course, the campus was vibrant and friends great, but I needed a breather. I was looking forward to rushing home to the aroma of freshly cooked cakes and paneer. I was looking to lazing around for hours. I was looking forward to those lovely family outings. And ah, I was looking forward to meeting my old chums! Hadn’t it been quite some time? There were some really good friends whom I was to meet after a gap of more than a couple of years.
I set up a meeting with him that evening. I was seeing him after such a long gap. I had imagined that it would have been lovely. I was looking forward to it. But a few minutes into the conversation, it was probably not to be. The whole home experience was different. His talks did not interest me any more, and vice versa. It looked so bloody mechanical and monotonous. I somehow got through those few minutes. Wasn’t it not too long ago that we were the closest of pals? We knew everything about each other, and spent the best of times. We could have done anything for each other. We left with tears in our eyes, and promised to stay the same way forever. But things changed… He went his was and I, mine. What had gone wrong? Why didn’t we get along well now? Why, why, why…
As I think about this, I feel a twinge of pain in my heart. However, then I come to the realization, and as they say, Life Moves On…