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Abra Ca Dabra May 20, 2007

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Am doing this thanks to Deepti. These are the five wishes I’ll ask Genie.

1) Three inches more in height-> I’ll like to have a height of at least 6’1” so that there’ll be no situation where I like a girl, and he girl turns out to be taller than me 😀
2) I’ll like to have a very good body, probably as good as that of Salman Khan. This will obviously stand me in good stead. I say Salman and not somebody like Arnold Schwarzenegger (Hope I got it right!) ‘cos what the Governor of California has is a little too much. Salman’s got the perfect muscles.
3) I have always wished I were as talented a dancer as Hrithik Roshan, or maybe people like Pagare and Chand back home. 🙂 If only…
4) Whatever I do in life, I should be remembered in a positive way by people. The same holds for my parents. People should say, “Yeah, he was one really nice person”.
5) In order to have more wishes, I’ll ask Genie for another Genie, so that I can have five more wishes. This will go on recursively!

I tag:
Rama sir


1. kis - May 20, 2007

There is always that wish of 5 more alwaysss 😉 !!!

2. Deepti - May 20, 2007

lolzz at the 5th wish 🙂

3. thekillerattitude - May 20, 2007

dude u r too greedy !!! lolz

4. CHAND - May 20, 2007

Even gennie can’t make u a gud dancer (just kidding! ).
@fourth wish … anyways u are going to achieve that one day, just keep working hard .
u rock!

5. justpiyush - May 20, 2007

abe you forgot one thing …. one most important thing …. damn ! how can you forget that ….. maroo ……. what about your HAIRS ……hehe … you must have written that !!
and ya ! i agree with nigam …. u are too greedy …. [;)]

6. Manish Arora - May 20, 2007

gud 1…especially 4th wish.

7. Himank Sharma - May 20, 2007

I too had thought of he 5th wish.. i guess almost everybody must have.. but thought that was cheating.. 😛 but u enjoy ur recursive wishes…. Besides i got whatever i wanted in the 5 wishes…

8. vipul - May 21, 2007

u seems to be very greedy but the 4th wish is really a worth and how come u gorgot my name in the 3rd wish 😛 {just jokin}……………

9. Karan - May 21, 2007

@jis, deepti, shrikant, manish, himank 😀
@chand, thanx!
@piyush, dood.. m comin back 2 normal now!
@vipul.. oh yeah 😉

10. Priyanshu - May 21, 2007

he he 🙂 now thats what human nature is 😀 😀

11. Pankaj Saini - May 21, 2007

here comes another tagging……….dude I really don’t have the time to write a post……….but do have the time to comment urs…………. I think you won’t confront a girl taller than you……..c’mon 5’10” is good enough………… if you don’t agree than think of me with 5’8.5″ …………and don’t worry you are a nice person ……hehe…………… and salman……..well do spend some quality hours in gym………

12. Namrata - May 23, 2007

Hit the gym.You dont need a genie for that.Look whos talking – me who wished for a no ‘putting on calories’ thing!!I was expecting a lot more things on your list actually.You are a nice person but being nice doesnt guarantee fame.Keep blogging!!!!

13. Karan - May 23, 2007

@Priyanshu, of crse 😀
@Pankaj, hmmm. arey i noe gals 6″ in height baap.. they’r like shit hot!
@Namrata. U Said it!

14. Maruti Borker - May 23, 2007

Oops i didnt comment on this post 😀 … anwayz saale har jaga programming aur padai lagayega saale … kabhi to padna chod de

15. Srijan - June 13, 2007

The recursive solution is cool!

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