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It Happened In India : A review May 18, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

Did you ever wonder what the story behind Central, Pantaloons and Big Bazaar was? Ever thought of how Big Bazaar gave you stuff for such rock bottom prices? Well, here are the answers to these questions and more. Kishore Biyani, the enterprising brains behind them comes up with a winner, “It happened in India”. A story of the victory of the indomitable human spirit, its one helluva inspiring book. KB stresses on the long standing Indian principles of humility, simplicity, confidence and combines these with out-of-the-box-thinking to start from virtually nothing to become the ‘rajah of retail’ in India. The best thing about him is that he thinks about the consumers, and thinks Indian. His success highlights the fact that it’s not necessary to have fancy MBA degrees and stuff, what’s required is creative thinking and good understanding. The best aspect of KB, of course is the fact that he stresses heavily on building relationships – even in the age of cut throat competition. He maintains good relations with everyone, right from the peon to his dealers, from his children to uncles.

A must read for every wannabe entrepreneur, and a lovely book even otherwise. True to KB’s style, who can feel the pulse of Indians, the book’s priced at only 99 bucks. Go grab it!


1. CHAND - May 18, 2007

abe pehele 6 novels to padne de ….
ya be …. help me in writing summary ….

2. mythalez - May 18, 2007

why dont u jus summarize the book here?
I wont find that book arnd where I live 😛

3. Maruti Borker - May 18, 2007

Haan bhai 6 novels pad le .. .

4. thekillerattitude - May 18, 2007

lov to read the book but got lil time to do that 😉

5. Prateek G V - May 19, 2007

Thanks for the information dude!

6. manisharora - May 19, 2007

k…need 2 read dat buk on maarroo’s suggestion…lukin quite interestin by ur review.

7. abbulugadu - May 19, 2007

Thnx dooD ! Will definitely give it a read 😀 ..

I also noticed some similarities between KB and some other enterprises else where in the world ….

In fact thats the same funda that is follwed by Mcdonalds (thought its prices arequite high by indian standards) , and most of the auto-mobile companies in Japan ..no wonder the western company ,General Motors is almost out of business!

8. Namrata - May 19, 2007

I guess all wannabe MBA degree aspirants should read the book.It sounds pretty interesting from what you have written.Like I aldready said your style of writing posts has changed completely!Nice post.

9. Karan - May 20, 2007

@Chand, aaja
@Mythalez. huh! hmm.. err.. eh
@Maruti, abe enlish ke 3 padh liya.
@thekillerattitude.. ,dude, come on! its better than wtchin shit on ur lappy 😛
@Prateek, anytime 🙂
@manish, it sure is
@abbulu, yeah.. in fact the MacD success book is available in the lib, its moi next destination!
@Namrata, bingo! do go for it.

10. vipul - May 21, 2007

thanx 4 da information……it seems to be a very interresting book…….surely i will read it but after i have finished 6 novels………
haan be help me with the summaries…………..

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