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I Love Her.. May 23, 2007

Posted by Karan in Poetry.

She came and she conquered,
Life was never the same again.
The most picturesque moments were spent imagining about her…
I itched for her voice,
How could I catch every word she spoke?
I treaded a long path,
Just to give myself a chance
To cede her a love-filled glance.
Every action of hers allured me
She couldn’t have been more perfect.
I would gaze at her for hours
To catch that one moment…
She was dazzling and delightful
Sublime and statuesque,
Warm and wonderful,
Elegant and enticing.
I could give her anything… nah everything she wanted.
My heart beat for her,
My soul was entwined in hers..
And when finally,
She did glance at me
I noticed a twinkle.
Was it my imagination?
Was I hallucinating?
That moment of the ultimate pleasure,
Took me to the abode of joy.
Why O why
Did I have to love her so much?
Why am I in such a state,
That even those tears elude me…
Why was she taken away?
Even before I could let out my love…

Sorry! May 21, 2007

Posted by Karan in Poetry.

Life ushered me into a new phase,
One that makes or breaks.
I was ready for it
Or was I?

I thought I had it all.
I imagined that it was perfect.
But alas..
It was not to be.
Where had I gone wrong?

It all seemed very beautiful.
We shared the most enticing moments.
The world was the best place to be in,
It was all too perfect.

Things between us came to a pass.
Was I to blame, or him?
It was not easy to come in grips with the loss.
Looking back, my face sparkles with tears.

How do I tell him that I cared,
Or her that I really loved from the bottom of my heart
My heart ached when we fought,
But ready to compromise, I was not.

Not once, not twice, but many an uncountable time,
I had let myself down.
I wish those times, those angels,
Come flying back into my life.

What an irony!
I was in the company of people,
But still felt empty at heart.
In spite of sharing heart beats
I was walking down the lonely road…

Abra Ca Dabra May 20, 2007

Posted by Karan in Personal.

Am doing this thanks to Deepti. These are the five wishes I’ll ask Genie.

1) Three inches more in height-> I’ll like to have a height of at least 6’1” so that there’ll be no situation where I like a girl, and he girl turns out to be taller than me 😀
2) I’ll like to have a very good body, probably as good as that of Salman Khan. This will obviously stand me in good stead. I say Salman and not somebody like Arnold Schwarzenegger (Hope I got it right!) ‘cos what the Governor of California has is a little too much. Salman’s got the perfect muscles.
3) I have always wished I were as talented a dancer as Hrithik Roshan, or maybe people like Pagare and Chand back home. 🙂 If only…
4) Whatever I do in life, I should be remembered in a positive way by people. The same holds for my parents. People should say, “Yeah, he was one really nice person”.
5) In order to have more wishes, I’ll ask Genie for another Genie, so that I can have five more wishes. This will go on recursively!

I tag:
Rama sir

It Happened In India : A review May 18, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

Did you ever wonder what the story behind Central, Pantaloons and Big Bazaar was? Ever thought of how Big Bazaar gave you stuff for such rock bottom prices? Well, here are the answers to these questions and more. Kishore Biyani, the enterprising brains behind them comes up with a winner, “It happened in India”. A story of the victory of the indomitable human spirit, its one helluva inspiring book. KB stresses on the long standing Indian principles of humility, simplicity, confidence and combines these with out-of-the-box-thinking to start from virtually nothing to become the ‘rajah of retail’ in India. The best thing about him is that he thinks about the consumers, and thinks Indian. His success highlights the fact that it’s not necessary to have fancy MBA degrees and stuff, what’s required is creative thinking and good understanding. The best aspect of KB, of course is the fact that he stresses heavily on building relationships – even in the age of cut throat competition. He maintains good relations with everyone, right from the peon to his dealers, from his children to uncles.

A must read for every wannabe entrepreneur, and a lovely book even otherwise. True to KB’s style, who can feel the pulse of Indians, the book’s priced at only 99 bucks. Go grab it!

Cricket @ bbcourt May 4, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

Summer in IIITH has both its deprivations and charms. Among an interesting aspect of the latter, is night cricket in the basketball court. Be it the nerds working on a project in the campus, the mothballed who just while their time away or the professionals, who intern with a company; this is the time to come together and have some good fun. The mid night game is a great stress buster.

The test-cum one day matches, two innings per side of eight overs each provide ample opportunities to the amateurs like Somani, Alok, Manish, Kulbir etc as well as the seasoned cricketers like Pagare, Mahaveer and Gupta. Must mention here that the star batsmen, undoubtedly is Vig and Somani, a terrific allrounder. And yeah, who can forget our dear coach, Dandeshwar! His tips can spruce up any players’ game 😛 Meanwhile, Mahaveer has become famous for the hiding he’s received, and is fondly known as t**teshwar 😀 The other day we played this ‘false questions’ game, and it turned out to be awesome! A lot of facts came out during the game, like Mahaveer’s agony, Pagare’s apparent love towards this chick X (Cant reveal her name here). So much so, that whenever X passes by bb court, Pagare immediately hits a boundary or takes a wicket; and Manish screams “abhijeetp@students” 😛 . Lets hope the chick does contact him 😀

All in all, great timepass and good way to stay away from the laptop.