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Breaking News! April 22, 2007

Posted by Karan in Uncategorized.

I have started to hate TV news channels. How do I care whether Aishwarya Rai sits to the left or right of Abhishek Bachchan during one of those innumerable marriage ceremonies? Or which designer designed AB junior’s sherwani for the ‘Sangeet’ party? Balls.. I couldn’t care less. But that’s what they’ve been showing on news all week! On Friday, the day before they were getting married, everyone went paranoid. Media access to all the functions was restricted, and hence they did not have any clippings involving the two superstars. However, they kept showing the Bachchan house from the outside throughout the day, and speculating on what was going on inside. Shit man, has the world come to such a pass? The news channels can as well go to the dogs. Even DD news was not spared of this hysteria.

In fact this has been the case with them for quite some time now. When Prince, a kid fell into a manhole, his rescue operation was the most widely watched event. Similarly, when Naresh Gupta’s son was kidnapped, the media went into a frenzy which lasted till the time the beleaguered child was rescued. Its insane, can’t they show more sense on TV? They can as well show things like success stories of powerful Moghals, problems which people face etc. I mean there’s so much more creative and useful which they can and should telecast. But guess, it’s the Indian audience which loves to watch spice and gossip upon it which is the driving force behind all this!

PS: Hey Maruti, I’ll write on your tag soon, don’t worry! Thanks for tagging me 🙂


1. Himank Sharma - April 22, 2007

Cant agree with you more. Media has gone berserk… not only the TV news.. Newspapers also hav front apge story about their wedding…Hyderabad times carried article as to who is invited and who is not and who is wearing what.. Cummon man… spare our poor souls and do some responsible journalism Who cares about their marriage its a marriage after all….

2. Maruti Borker - April 22, 2007

Todays Media is totally fkd UP !!!! i tell u … i used to watch Headlines today for hours and hours during my 12th .. but now i cant even bare that channel for 10 mins 😦 … this is shit man

3. mythalez - April 22, 2007

yah .. as the number of channels increase, the quality correspondingly seems to decrease

4. rorschach - April 22, 2007

do what i do… don’t watch telly and if you really must… stick to mtv and the likes…
news kaa itna hi shauk hain toh read the newspapers naa… why watch yeh tv vaghera… plus half the time they show stuff which has absolutely nothing to do with the word “news” — Pyaasi Chudail ka Atank, Billu aur Nargis ki Shaadi, Khooni Maa and the likes….
better off without it… don’t you agree?

5. kis - April 23, 2007

True indeed !

6. Kunal - April 23, 2007

don’t watch the news channels .. stick to movies and sports 🙂 life is way cooler … when I want to know the news I surf the net, instead of the stupid TV or newspapers …

7. abbulugadu - April 24, 2007

You should have checked out this piece of news called “honking orchestra” which was a news-headline and it was about horns of different vehicles at a traffic jam 😦 :p

8. Prateek G V - April 25, 2007

The basic problem is that The News channels do know what they should run in what segment of the show. For example take the Bacchans – That ws purely entertainment segment but these guys had run it along with the main headlines. Thats Madness!

NDTV’s – ‘We the people’ had a discussion about the topic you mentioned here, It ws good. 🙂

9. Sarvani - April 25, 2007

i totally agree….who cares a dam wat color sherwani abhishek bachchan is wearin or wat designer is gonna do the mehendi thing for aishwarya…they dont show nething but this kind of crap on tv these dayz 😦

10. aditya - April 25, 2007

i wondr if noone of us cares us a damn abt such insignificant bt overhyped events, whom does the tv media show such stuff for??? probably thr is a lot of interested (jobless) ppl around us (we cant see them.. but they are more in number than us) who actually cherish watching somthn as futile as abhi-ash wedding or prince rescue affair…. coz even media is business..certainly they wont display somthn which noone wants to see…

11. namrataalltheway - April 25, 2007

Agreed that the Ash-Abhi thing was blown out of proportion.It was more on the lines of Prince Charles-Late Diana Spencer wedding in terms of the TV coverage(although Ash-Abhi are in no way royalty if we choose to beleive so).Journalism needs to be redifened coz the paparrazi culture has overtaken every other thing.TRP’s is all that the channels are thinking about.But cant blame them – the fact that you know these things were being telecast means you were watching it naa.Its a demand-supply situation.They are intelligent ppl too so its upto the viewer to use his/her discretion and make judicious use of remote controls to switch on to some less-insane channel.

12. Karan - April 27, 2007

@Rorschach. Ur right. The only watchable things on TV are the EPL and the music channels.
@Kunal.. guess ur right 🙂
@Prateek.. shud have chkd it out.
@Namrata. crse i was not watching it. Whenever and whereever i looked for nus, i was shown the finger and this shit. But yeah, its got an audience.

13. Subhashis - April 27, 2007

I agree … some things are over hyped by media…but then who cares …

I guess Success stories of mughal empire would be a boring option to air.. again who cares!

14. Pankaj Saini - April 29, 2007

I completely agree with Gaurav….. you can’t help when majority of the Indian public wants masala…news….. and that’s wht the news channels and media are catering….they have got to make money…….but then the prudent decision to switch on some different channels…..and just switched off the TV if you can’t dispense with it…..and I guess (may be my own opinion) print media has always been and will be stronger than its electronic companion…… there you have the flexibility to read wht you feel like….. so cheers up!!!

15. Deepti - April 30, 2007

I agree with Pankaj..Most of the Indian crowd wants to see something really interesting and the news channels can go to any extent to attract them..We might find it really frustating watching advertisements which last for a longer duration than our program!! Refreshingly new topic!! Iam a big fan of your creativity sir!! Cheers 🙂

16. Karan - May 1, 2007

@Subhashis, ass its not the mughal empire, its the success of big business Mughals
@Deepti, thanx so much, that matters a lot 🙂

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