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Atif Rocks! April 15, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

Of late, I had been listening to a lot of rock, nearly completely ignoring Hindi music. But all that completely changed one fine day, when I decided to check out ‘Doorie’, Atif Aslam’s latest album in the market. And boy, hasn’t the album blown me away? Its got some amazing songs, soothing music and awe inspiring lyrics. “Kuch is Tarah”, of course takes the cake. What a song, what soul! Even though I’ve never fell in love, it gives you such a feeling… probably this is how people feel when they are in love. “Yakeen” is another master piece. A couple of lines which really strike a chord:

“Kuch is tarah … teri palakein,
Meri palkon se mila de
Aansoo tere … saare,
Meri palkon pe saja de”


The title song and “Ehsaas” are pretty good too. In fact a lot of Atif songs are amazing… He seems to be the pin-up boy of Hindi music now. The Pakistani’s has managed to take me out of rock, so much so that I’ve been listening to only Atif for the past few days, with a period where I was like listening to “Kuch is Tarah” 200 times in a couple of weeks!! He just suits the mood and immediately grabs you. Looking forward to more of his albums, and hope that he has a great career!


1. chand - April 15, 2007

writing somethin interesting …..

2. CHAND - April 15, 2007

sorry for the typo — write something interesting …

3. Maruti Borker - April 15, 2007

@chand Buy a new keyboard

@karan get a life 😛

4. Priyanshu - April 17, 2007

nice post 🙂 hey and if you have not tried some of the Boyzone’s and Ronan Keating’s..amazing songs..beautiful hai..
and yes you forgot to mention “hum kis gali ja rahe hain”..
it has so much meaning and at the same time awesome music.

5. Karan - April 22, 2007

@Chand. Topic de yaar post likhne pe
@Maruti. abe tujhe comment likhne ka time mil gaya 😉
@Priyanshu. Thanx 🙂
Ronan Keatin.. will try for sure.. nd yeah, have done a lot of boyzone 😀
hum kis gaali is good too, but i haven’t gone to the depth of its lyrics.. guess i’ll do so now 🙂

6. aditya - April 25, 2007

for blogger’s sake… write something worth reading….m sure u don wanna lose out readers for the sake of visits…

7. Deepti - April 30, 2007

Atif sings with heart and he is completely into the song which is the thing I think which makes it so good and enjoyable.I too like his songs but they are too emotional and so I cant listen to them at all times..

8. aakriti - September 25, 2009

ATIF ATIF ATIF….alwz rock$

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