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Tagged! April 30, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

I’ve been tagged by Maruti and here goes a post describing my fellow bloggers.

Himank: He wears his heart on his blogs, not his sleeves! He’s the most passionate blogger in UG2K5 and the joy which he gets from his blogs is amazing to watch.
PS1: Read his blog regularly 😛
PS2: Comment on them 😀
PS3: This is the end.

Maruti: In real life, he’s a big ‘fatte-baaz’, but in blogosphere, he’s got a cheesy sense of humour. He writes on interesting things, and his technical blogs are like shit popular everywhere. He’s got the highest number of hits, 1.15 lakhs plus… Gosh!

Gaurav: He plays around with words like a magician. He’s got amazing language, but off late he’s been using it to show his frustration on his blog 😛

Namrata: Her language is again, among the best, and this reflects in her writings. She’s pretty modest in her posts, but someone give her a set of topics to post on 😀

Aditya: Every other post of his is on rock music 😀 He has achieved cult status in the batch for it. Wish he blogs more often.

Aniket: He’s undoubtedly among the better bloggers. His creativity reflects in every post of his. Especially known for his short stories!

Abhijeet: His ‘frustapan’ sometimes reflects in his posts. He’s known for his sense of humour, but somehow I feel that he’s never realized his potential.

Pankaj: His rendezvous’ with the fairer sex are well documented in his posts. Wonder why he’s stopped blogging now!

Deepti: Another blogger who takes no pains in curbing her instincts in blogosphere. Known for her wit and heavy dose of sarcasm, I feel that she should refrain from making all her posts so personal.

Prateek: Writes on a plethora of topics, and writes quite well. His language is pretty neat too and it’s a pleasure reading his blog.

Piyush: *Mush mush* An amateur blogger, he’s started off quite well by working on the sentiments of people 😀

Manish: He writes very thoughtfully, but doesn’t write often enough.

Shrikant: Another of those bloggers who’s started of nicely, but haven’t managed to carry on the good work.

PSS: Plays arounds with expressions beautifully. A very good blogger.

Sashidhar: Somehow, his posts have not contained enough of his ‘fattas’ 😛

Rama sir: One of the best bloggers around. Of late, he’s been writing too many of those “I am frustrated” poems 😀

Now I tag all the people I’ve written about except the ones who’ve already been tagged by Maruti! (All except Himank, Maruti, Aditya and Manish).

PS: To get the hyperlinks to all these blogs, please refer my blogroll on the right hand side of this page!
No offence meant to anyone!

Breaking News! April 22, 2007

Posted by Karan in Uncategorized.

I have started to hate TV news channels. How do I care whether Aishwarya Rai sits to the left or right of Abhishek Bachchan during one of those innumerable marriage ceremonies? Or which designer designed AB junior’s sherwani for the ‘Sangeet’ party? Balls.. I couldn’t care less. But that’s what they’ve been showing on news all week! On Friday, the day before they were getting married, everyone went paranoid. Media access to all the functions was restricted, and hence they did not have any clippings involving the two superstars. However, they kept showing the Bachchan house from the outside throughout the day, and speculating on what was going on inside. Shit man, has the world come to such a pass? The news channels can as well go to the dogs. Even DD news was not spared of this hysteria.

In fact this has been the case with them for quite some time now. When Prince, a kid fell into a manhole, his rescue operation was the most widely watched event. Similarly, when Naresh Gupta’s son was kidnapped, the media went into a frenzy which lasted till the time the beleaguered child was rescued. Its insane, can’t they show more sense on TV? They can as well show things like success stories of powerful Moghals, problems which people face etc. I mean there’s so much more creative and useful which they can and should telecast. But guess, it’s the Indian audience which loves to watch spice and gossip upon it which is the driving force behind all this!

PS: Hey Maruti, I’ll write on your tag soon, don’t worry! Thanks for tagging me 🙂

Atif Rocks! April 15, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

Of late, I had been listening to a lot of rock, nearly completely ignoring Hindi music. But all that completely changed one fine day, when I decided to check out ‘Doorie’, Atif Aslam’s latest album in the market. And boy, hasn’t the album blown me away? Its got some amazing songs, soothing music and awe inspiring lyrics. “Kuch is Tarah”, of course takes the cake. What a song, what soul! Even though I’ve never fell in love, it gives you such a feeling… probably this is how people feel when they are in love. “Yakeen” is another master piece. A couple of lines which really strike a chord:

“Kuch is tarah … teri palakein,
Meri palkon se mila de
Aansoo tere … saare,
Meri palkon pe saja de”


The title song and “Ehsaas” are pretty good too. In fact a lot of Atif songs are amazing… He seems to be the pin-up boy of Hindi music now. The Pakistani’s has managed to take me out of rock, so much so that I’ve been listening to only Atif for the past few days, with a period where I was like listening to “Kuch is Tarah” 200 times in a couple of weeks!! He just suits the mood and immediately grabs you. Looking forward to more of his albums, and hope that he has a great career!