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Where’s The Creativity? March 26, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

“Hu Ha India” goes the war cry in those silly Pepsi ads. Why do all such ads come on screen every time India has their backs on the walls? Anyways, as I look at advertisements today, I wonder where has the creativity disappeared? There was a time when Indian ads were known for their content and sense of humour, but now every ad prompts you to utter “phatta”. A case in instance is Sprite. I remember when it was first launched, they aired some really innovative ads. But its latest advertisement where two monks harp on the usefullness of the drink belies one’s expectations. Then there’s the “Gopal” ad where the “kisser boy” of Bollywood, Emraan Hashmi, does those silly little stunts to get his dose of ‘gutka’. And why on earth do people like Sachin and Amitabh act in those silly little “Navratna oil” and “some x-y-z cheap biscuit” ads? Rather than they adding to the company’s brand value, they seemed to be lowering their own standards. Such ads only suit people like Govinda. Of late, I’ve just seen only a couple of good ads… The Aditya Birla Group’s ad in which stunning graphics are embedded and the Raymond ad. In fact the “Complete Man” series is quite an emotive one which never fails to make you smile. However, this is too short a list. In fact, I can confidently say that the ‘ad-zap’ winners at the IIIT can do a much better job in most companies.

Hoping for more innovation in future ads.


1. Namrata - March 26, 2007

Hutch ads are cute too.As far as actors and cricketers are concerned , I pity the poor models who are supposed to be the people in this proffession but are going jobless now.Keep blogging!

2. danprolde4u - March 26, 2007

Keep it simple should be the motto. Works every time. (refer to Raymond and Hutch ads)
Dainik jagraan ad is too much if you ask me.

3. harsh - March 26, 2007

i feel there are lots of ads there which are actually simple and cute but goes unnoticed …
and yes there are really some pathetic ads aired all the time which can really annoy you .
nice post anyways ..

4. Maruti Borker - March 27, 2007

yeah dude … IIIT ad-zap team wud do better 😉 …

By the way chlor-mint adds are awesome 😀

5. Aditya - March 27, 2007

from whr did u start riting such small posts???

6. Spawn - March 27, 2007

The Gopal ghutka ad is THE most pathetic ad I’ve seen..

And one of the reasons why the raymonds series appeals to people is because of the music and the suaveness attached to it.. Or may be its just me.. hmm..

And WHY did you not mention the MOTOrockr ad.. its by far one of the most innovative and funny ads I’ve seen lately.. 😀

7. varun - March 27, 2007

theres this funda…i cant rmr its exact name…it goes something like this…in advertisement, quality is not as important as being noticed. for example u noticed the gopal gutkha ad but it sucks. the same funda also says that repitition and exposure is what matters, as in, the number of times u actually watch an ad rather then the quality of the ad. so a 10sec ad played 500 times is better then a 30sec one which is played 100 times or so.
wonder if this is what goes into making todays ads.
well…something u might be able to exploit for felicity maybe 😉

8. Deepti - March 27, 2007

The advertisements remind me of my favorite add of AIRTEL — which came around 2 years ago.It says everything about all the expressions you can convey to a person.Starts with say something,say nothing ….That is one of the most beautifully created and picturised add I have ever come across.. And ya hutch adds are very cute..

9. Vivek - March 28, 2007

Would disagree on that karan…
Going back to *traditional adv* reminds me of the age old nirma-washing-powder song or maybe deepika-jee-buying-nirma-tikia.
Just enumerating a few creative ones:
1. All the job sites adv…caught in the wrong job, H for hitler, A for arrogent….salary making you feel smaller etc
2. Times of India and hindustam times adv http://youtube.com/watch?v=CVjRU-p_mtc
3. The Mutual fund *Aapkey saath aisa naa hoga, no no* 🙂
4. The TV ad with headphones (I forgot the name)
One more point, Shahrukh khan working in Sunfeast buiscuit ad is formally under the banner of ITC. need i say more?

10. Himank - March 29, 2007

You have brought forward a very good point.. Somehow i feel that the quality of ads is going down these days… The companies like Dairy Milk(Cadbury’s) whose ads used to be my favs hav now degraded to a very low level.. Nothing to say abt the Gopal and Dainik jagran Ad. And the ads which i miss the most are the Fevicol Advertisements.. they used to be the best…

11. yogesh - March 29, 2007

u r right,by acting in such silly n lowly-grade ads,Amitabh Bhachann is tarnashing his revered image.
These ads rele dont suits such a legendery peersonality.
I m afraid,we might see him in adds promoting product of worth less than penny.
his Hajmola adds were a bullshit.

12. Karan - April 1, 2007

@Namrata.. coudn’t agree more, Hutch ads are the best!
@Danprole.. yeah, the “Jagran Jagran” war cry looks so awkward.
@Harsh.. Thanx 🙂
@Maruti 😀 i agree
@Aditya.. people hate readin long posts, isliye 😀
@Spawn.. oh yeah, almost forgot the moto ad.. its good 🙂
@Varun.. hmm.. food for thought thanx neways.. 🙂
@Deepti.. its a good senti ad 😀
@Vivek.. well, i’ll just say that there are good ads are far and afew. As for the sunfest thingy, it looks cheap, thats it. The visuals and stuff could have been presented in a much better way
@Himank.. yeah maan, Fevicol ads rocked!
@Yogesh.. totally with u 🙂

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