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What A Nation! March 23, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

* Expectations have soared followed India’s recent wins against the Windies and Lankans. However, the men in the colour of the sky fail to repeat their feats against an inspired Bangladesh. The entire nation goes berserk with the not-too-long-ago-touted-rockstar Dhoni’s house in construction being attacked. Burning effigies is the order of the day and the entire nation ‘condemns’ the team unanimously.
* Dr. Rajkumar, Karnataka’s biggest superstar ever, dies a ‘natural’ and peaceful death. His fans go crazy in the ‘investor friendly’ and ‘software hub of India’, Bangalore. His followers burn up buses, trains, stop business, close shops and go on a rampage in general. Insane. It would have made sense had Rajkumar been murdered or something, but this… it was outrageously crazy.
* Some fanatic Muslims burn up a coach carrying some fanatic Hindus, killing 50+ people. The crazy bastards respond back by killing more than 1000 Muslims in Gujarat.
* The Left party opposes investors and growth wherever they are in opposition, citing the plight of farmers who, according to them, are ‘forced’ to surrender their lands. When it comes to West Bengal, a state where they have had a vice like grip for nearly three decades, they take a U-turn. Just look at what happened in Nandigram!

Welcome to India!


1. gaganpreet - March 24, 2007

India’s cricket performance is usually a sine curve…. always full of ups and downs (maybe a little baised towards the down side)
Never heard of Rajkumar before, but I do remember something like this happened in Bangalore.
Nice revenge by the Hindus. 🙂 Tit for tat, I say.
Politics is too hard to understand for me… never bothered with it.

2. Priyanshu - March 24, 2007

nicely portrayed picture of the recent incidents..but i don think its all that baaaad..and cricket to kya kaho..nothing is left after the memorable world cup losses..but there’s always hope..we must be positive [:)] and keep doing our jobs in the best possible manner..things “will” change.

3. mythalez - March 24, 2007

eh? u into writing newspaper editorials now? 😛

4. summu - March 24, 2007

Amchi India – The only place where you can love-hate the same person to any extent !! 🙂

5. Deepti - March 24, 2007

Well written!! Our people are always known for their extreme behaviours.I remember a similar set of incidents during the last World Cup too… Playing well depends on many factors right??So why blame indian cricket team and hate them??We always have another chance…

6. Spawn - March 24, 2007

d00d.. tit for tat is not the solution. I used to think that educated people would be more open minded.. I guess hatred has no barriers.. Its sad and disappointing that even young people like you look at revenge as the way out.

Nice post!

7. Pankaj Saini - March 24, 2007

to add further there’s yet another though sarcastic statement…. ‘ a boy injured by some wild animal….and villagers burning the village post office…’…. it all seems to be choatic….. people seem to have no mind of their own…. they behave like wild savages… barbaric…. anyone can tell them to do anything and they will do it….. without thinking of the consequences….. thats why we find more and more people fleeing whenever an opportunity come to them….. it’s all disappointing…but that’s the ways the things really are…. no matter how much progress we make industrially…but the roots we remain the same…. even education can’t do any good when people are ready not to use their brains and senses……. can’t get rid of it….we have to face it….. not just for the sake of it…. because when we know all this is wrong then only we can set things right………

8. rorschach - March 24, 2007

India bashing has become a celebrated topic amongst the young and hip (sorry yaar, but I’ll have to disagree with you here).
Look, I know you’re trying to be sarcastic but wouldn’t it be better if we suggest some solutions rather than sneering at our own selves (it is our own country)… I personally have no suggestions to give (a dunce I am, I agree) but you guys are smarter, let’s make India a better place to live in.
Lets follow the RDB ideology and do as much right as we can, individually…
Plus, lets right blogs on the plus-points of our nation (is that really hard?)

btw, it’s my personal view… don’t start bashing me after this 🙂

9. namrataalltheway - March 24, 2007

True ,what a country and what a set of extraordinary countrymen.Unpredictable and extreme when they shouldnt be.Cricket is a game at the end of it , why raise cricketers to God like status in the first place?? Politics in India is not about the country its about the politicians so Gujarat and Nandigram are not the first instances and I am pretty certain they are not the last either.Unless and until today’s gen does something about it , it will only get worse.
Hoping for a better India!!!

10. Maruti Borker - March 24, 2007

Nice post !!

@Gaganpreet : Tit for tat is not the solution .. by the way the main cause behind these things are the politicians .. those sick @#$#@$

And i think the first incident is gonna repeat this time too 😛

11. tipo - March 24, 2007

gg post !! have got used to such things though !!

12. Prateek G V - March 24, 2007

Assuming that “Welcome to India!” was announced in an Airplane.(After narrating the incidents). The next line would be –
“Please tighten your seat belts as the landing is going to be rough”.

13. Shrikant - March 26, 2007

@prateek nice one dude lolz 🙂
Even I hate these things but that isnt a solution to any of the problems …
we should take steps rather than writing or discussing things this way
o know someone will ask me to come up with some solutions but guys we can contribute on an
individual level too ….
so lets see what did you do today to make it[INDIA] a better world
i suggest/request you all to write those things maybe you can help ignite the fire
wont that be good 🙂
so what are you waiting for think and come up with something here is your chance …

14. Karan - March 26, 2007

@Gaganpreet.. I think enough people have countered you!
@Priyanshu.. Hope’s always in.. but the situation IS bad. Yup, we are the generation who’s gotta improve it!
@Mythalez.. If I get some cash, am game 😛
@Summu.. so very true 🙂
@Deepti.. so very true..
@Spawn.. thanx 🙂
@Pankaj.. true maan.. i guess u have a prticular sensitive opinion towards the third point!
@Rorschach.. Well this is not exactly India bashing. Its just pointing out some weird ironies in the system, and in how people behave. Yup, we need solutions, quite true! And don’t underestimate yourself man!
@Namrata.. Hope for the best 🙂
@Maruti,Tipo Thanx 🙂
@Prateek.. hehe, good one 🙂
@Shrikant.. yup, we as youth have to find the solutions 🙂

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