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10 Best Places To Hang Out In Hyderabad – Part 2 March 7, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

Well, it’s been quite a while since I wrote the first part. Here is a new list:

Mzuri Sana (Jubliee Hills) : One of the consequences of the new coffee culture in India. It has a laid back feel about it… perfect to spend a few hours with friends. The hookah and coffee are not bad either.

Knock 10 (MPM, Abids) : I’ve always felt about the lack of good gaming and bowling parlours in Hyderabad… Here’s one decent place.

Ohri’s (Banjara Hills) : One of the favorite eat out’s for IIITians, they’ve got a pretty good buffet. One of the few places in Hyderabad which is open well after midnight.

NTR Gardens (Necklace Road): A really chill place, even better so due to its vicinity with Prasads and Eat Street.

Bottles and Chimneys (Begumpet): Among the top pubs in town. Has special attractions like their rock shows and celebrity DJs.

Lifestyle (Begumpet): Great place to shop (or window shop :D). Also has 10D, and other popular hangouts nearby.

Barista (Kavuri Hills): One of the pioneers of the coffee culture. They serve amazing coffee and chocolate pastries.

Javagreen and WebWorld (@many places): Eat, drink, play stuff and generally hang out.

Secundrabad Club (S’dbad): If you are a member, this is the coolest place you could have ever imagined!

NBH-47 (IIIT): Of course! The endless BCs we’ve had over there.


1. Kunal - March 7, 2007

you seem to be a coffee freak 🙂 three cafes in the list of ten…
and last point is really rofl … 😀

2. infernoabhi - March 7, 2007

well …goin by d stats , d last 1 hud hav been 8 the top dude!!!!

3. ashwin0003 - March 7, 2007

A couple of places that I think can be included.

Caffe latte (Adjacent to Temptations) Coffe shop with decent food and good hokkah. A much bigger choice for hokkah.

Ice and Spice, Temptations, the whole complex (A bit after Toli chowki) Food (Siddique, 4 Seasons, Chic King is just 10 mts away), Ice cream and milk shakes, a gaming parlour (XBox or Ps2 not sur e about which1 they maintain there), hokkah (4 Seasons) and a tea place (Forgot the name but its pretty good and adjacent to Chic king)

4. mythalez - March 7, 2007

lol at the last one …

5. Playboi - March 7, 2007

have u been to birla mandir in the morning .. trust me .. with the rising sun, thats the best place to be.

6. summu - March 8, 2007

Been to all except Mzuri Sana and Sec club.

Amazing places tht cheddi has mentioned, we used to hang out a lot there in our 4th year ! 😀

7. Maruti Borker - March 8, 2007

nice !! lets explore a bit more for ur part 3 wat say are u game ??

Raju Bhai - July 27, 2011

ammakade.. pehle ke do part toh visit karke aa , fir part 3 ki baat karna…

8. CHAND - March 8, 2007

I agree with baba….
NBH 47 is the best place to hang out …..
paisa bhi nahin kharch hota hai ……

9. Karan - March 13, 2007

@Kunal. yup, ‘cos cafes are the ‘in’ thing now 🙂
@pagare. unfortunately, u’r leavin the room now 😦
@Ashwin.. well i agree, they’ll come in part three 🙂
@playboi.. i totally agree with ya.. i lived ova thr in my drop yr, and netime i felt lonely, that was the place to be
@maruti.. sure, will u treat us 😛

10. Deepti - March 14, 2007

Agree wid Ashwin sir…Birla mandir in the mornings is awesome!!! 🙂

swas - February 22, 2010

hi deepthi this is roopa

11. khaiz - March 23, 2007

hi sana,

thanx for your cool information.

12. Aditya - March 27, 2007

where’s this mzuri sana…nevr herd of tht….
bt i was just wondring how often do we get to goto these cafes 😐

13. Aarti - July 2, 2007

HI Karan,

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14. criso - March 16, 2008

hi ppl…im a hydrabadi…..me n ma frenz love to explore new places in hyd….well i hav neva heard abt this NBH 47…so can ya ppl temme what it is ..n where it is ????

chandu - February 22, 2010

hi arthi i love you

15. Sam - April 8, 2008

Where does all go to meet beautiful single girls in Hyderabad ?

16. junaid - April 24, 2008

wers dis m’zuri sana in jubilee hillz….

17. vijay - June 19, 2008

hey guys. what is this NBH 47. never heard abt it. where is it?

18. Anurag - June 20, 2008

Strange!!!! u nvr heard of NBH-47 ..in brief its in gachibowli .hyderabad . … 😛 😛

19. Chand - June 20, 2008

arre bhai ye “NBH 47” nahin jaanta …..

20. abhijeet - June 20, 2008

baap rey…nbh 47 nahi janta ..ye kaun budbukh…prani hai 😛

bestindian.info - July 25, 2011

If u know tell, otherwise shut the fup.

21. Anurag - June 20, 2008

@ sam
beautiful n single both at d same time ??? !!!! 😛 😛

22. cottonstar - November 20, 2008

Sorry, but these are no way even close to being the best places to hang out in hyderabad. I’ve lived there for around 20 years now and literally know every corner of it. Except 1 or 2 , most of the names you’ve mentioned are the most crowded and overrated places

23. vijay - January 9, 2009

hey what is this NBH-47

24. Sirish - March 25, 2009

🙂 Vijay, i guess u r out of the league here…like me.
After serious scrutiny of the series of replies here…I understand..most of these guys are from IIIT and by NBH-47, they mean National Bombay HighWay – 47. NBH-47 is where IIIT is located.

25. Sirish - March 25, 2009

College for me too was a nice hangout.. 🙂 cant forget those days.

26. Sam - May 14, 2009

Hii guys my name is sameer m livin in u.k. Since past 6 yrs n on dis yr’s november or december m plannin 2 visit hyd… I am 24 yrs old n i am interested in visitin d most happinin places of dis city… So anybody who culd help me will b appreciated…!!!! Thnks again evry1.

27. Janit - August 31, 2009

Nice blog…great list of hangouts.

28. vishal - October 4, 2009

y would any1 read my post

29. nattu - December 19, 2009

janta hub at madapur….
plot no 39 , mega hills , madapur…..

30. Aniketh - December 21, 2009

dudes are u serious barista and java green as a hangout place,
i think hyderabad needs a serious face lift…
pls dont take any offense in these statements i still like potti’s there…

31. sachin - January 15, 2010

hi guyz.. m from mumbai newly shifted here.! hang out places u can’t compare it to mumbai.. but I loved da pub call 10 down da street- nice house music and wednesdays r rockin there.. its ladies nite dere.. guys chicks r waitin fer u guyz.. go hit da floor..!

32. abrar - August 30, 2010

hav u been to all da places ? how u cum to know abt it all? its quite cool

33. faiza - August 30, 2010

wat abt mount opera n ramoji n all?

34. Abhi - June 16, 2011

new and cool place and very reasonable prices.. under 100 Rs. check out Organika – New and cool sandwich place, bubble tea and frozen yogurt, chocolate desserts.. check it out. there is a facebook page as well organika guilt free. address is Unit G2, Ground Floor, Rd No 1 and 68, jubilee hills, Hyderabad, India 500036. be sure to check it atleast once. cool hangout place for everyone.

35. bestindian.info - July 25, 2011

I just noticed, this list was done in 2011!

36. candyfloss - July 28, 2011

yep….im having a date 2morrow guess we’ll hang out in nbh 47!! tnx 4 the suggestions!

37. Hyderabad Shopping Places - January 18, 2012

nice list of the hangouts. Also there are many good shopping malls in the city that you can probably add to your blog.

38. takkarr - February 23, 2012

dudes are u serious barista and java green as a hangout place,
i think hyderabad needs a serious face lif

39. takkarr - February 23, 2012

dudes are u serious barista and java green as a hangout place,
i think hyderabad needs a serious face lift…

40. zayesha - December 31, 2012

guyz… wer is NBH 47 ???
can i take my frnz out der??
v r just gulz so…
n ya dey are 10 gulz n i dun want it to b vry expensive for me……

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