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Felicity ’07: An Emotional Roller Coaster February 28, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric, Personal.

Scenario 1: “Dude, I’ll give in my best. Don’t you worry about it.” I promised Varun that I’ll work my ass off for Felicity.

Scenario 2: “We are not sponsoring”. Those four words left me broke. That bastard. After three visits and innumerable remainders, this is what we got from Hyderabad Central, who had initially promised a sum of 50K+. After a great start, when we had finalized the Crossfire deal, this was a major setback.

Scenario 3: I locked the door, and buried my face into the pillow. Within fifteen minutes, the pillow was wet and my nose blocked. All I could fucking care for was Pink Floyd. Was this what one gets to hear after working so hard and sincerely? All I had done was sent a mail to the Felicity that the messes should be closed during Felicity. This was what I had promised the guys whom I had requested to put up their stalls. In return, I got a mail from Varun saying that I should not interfere in these matters. He blasted me for my ‘carelessness’. (Off the record, he tried consoling me) And to think of it, I had given everything into it… and I mean it into getting stalls for Felicity. Why the hell was I included in the core committee if I had no right in decision making? I had almost decided to give up working…

Scenario 4: Within two days, we managed to break three deals. The Chinese and South Indian guy refused after initial commitment. Samba and the others said NO to the TIME deal. We were running out of time, and had just 36 hours to go to Felicity.

Scenario 5: Just gave everything into it that day. Kshitij, Rishab, Priyanshu and I. We were driven into despair. And finally, in the last couple of hours of the day, four deals were confirmed. Just when all seemed lost, God had rewarded us for all out efforts over the past 10 days.

Scenario 6: The prospects looked bleak. Try as hard as we could, the participants were just not up to the mark. We wondered what would happen to MnM on stage. On top of it all, the stall walas were after us for not giving them electricity, for the messes being open etc…

Scenario 7: And finally, we did it! Tears of joy flowed from my eyes as the results of Mr and Ms Felicity were announced. I gave a tight hug to Rishab and Kshitij. Celebrations soon followed.

Scenario 8: It sounds beautiful. So it did on the 23rd of February, when Manthan played it. ‘Doorie’ is an amazing song, and Atif is the best of them all. As I go back in time, I remember those few beautiful days with moistened eyes. My heart cries with joy and my mind finds a soothing relief. The world is so wonderful. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we did it! Felicity was a huge success, and I feel like hugging everyone right now. Those ups and downs, the tears and laughter, the relations I built and lost, the hunger and pain, the relief and joy… It was all worth it. The event may have faded away, but its memories will remain within me forever. Every time I feel low or high, I will recollect Felicity ’07 with joy and pride. I miss it all now… Feel empty deep inside!

PS: Right now, I am overwhelmed with emotions.
Thanks Rishab, Kshitij, Priyanshu, Ejaz and the others… you were simply amazing
Great working under you Varun, Rathi and the others. Your batch seriously rocked, and you are amazing organizers.
We have to do it next time around too, Himank.
The experiences were personal, and were experienced during mission sponsorship and mission MnM.
Thank you everyone, who trusted me. Sorry if I belied your expectations.
Please do read my previous post also, which I wrote yesterday. That’s an objective overview of Felicity ’07.
See you at Felicity ’08! Love you all.


1. Maruti Borker - February 28, 2007

Whoaa … nice post dude … We will rock harder next year !!!!

2. harshita - February 28, 2007

nice post ….its straight from ur heart ..and next time i want u to become the felicity coordinator …the best thing abt u is that u always put ur best in what ever u do

3. Sweet Child O’ Mine was a Joke !!!!!! « My Life .. efiL yM - February 28, 2007

[…] posts by Karan on Felicity 07 check them out here and here […]

4. Priyanshu - February 28, 2007

I must say,it’s a beautifully written post..it expresses the feelings in such a perfect manner..!!!..i must say u worked hard for it..!!(shows even more explicitly in ur post)..i m sure u l be the felicity coordinator next year..the writing expresses what(probably) most of us have been feeling..(atleast me..)..i really liked it a lott..

5. CHAND - February 28, 2007

nice post be direct dil se…..
We know how much u have worked for this fel….
just want to say one thing next year’s fel will be
n with u leading the way we will surely achieve our dream…..

6. Shrikant - February 28, 2007

great great great post !!!
emotions at peak and truth to be believed 🙂

7. amlendu mishra - February 28, 2007

gr888 post…i must say …mst importantly straight frm da heart ….saw karan wrkn so hard fr dis felicity ….n ya next time wid u leadn da way we l be derr to support u n felicity will bcome bigger n better…cheers:)

8. Prateek G V - February 28, 2007

Great work dude. Have no words flowing out to describe the work you did for Felicity 07. Hope we get to see a better version of Felicity year after year.
Coming soon Felicity .. Version .08

9. harsh - February 28, 2007

I just have 4 words for you ….

Whatever it may be you are simply outstanding !!
The post was really emotional and everyone deserves special credit for the effort they have put .

I really admire you for expressing yourself so beautifully .

10. Himank - February 28, 2007

Well man you did it… Nobody from our batch worked more than you did for this felicity….Man i am sure the next felicity is gonna rock IIIT and a major credit for that would go to you… I think this Felicity too you should get a special mention and ya thanx for mentioning me too…. 🙂
But chill down odrwise u will get Felicity fever in literal sense (whatever it means… 😉 )

11. kshitij - February 28, 2007

hey Karan,,,
i remember v both huggin each other that day!! It felt soo gud, a senior treatin u that way, it ought to. Well, apart from the sponsorships n MnM experiences…. I have learnt much more from u dude! u never stopped man… remember the last day, the 22nd. , when rishab n me were here with the deals at 11:30 in da night, i cud see the joy on ur face… all was worth it. N no more a senior junior relationship, its all abt gr88 friends now… U rock BRO !!!

12. Priyanka Malpani - February 28, 2007

heyyyyyy dats soooo TRUE!!!
felicity reallly rocked….ur hard work was shown!!!
i think the post reflects completely everything bout how each one of u felt….n trust me u were amazing…!
Keep rocking dude!

13. xeqtr - March 1, 2007

can’t helping leaving a mark in the blog world maru 😀

Glad to learn that for few people, blogs can be more than merely attracting attention … keep up the good work \m/

For lots of us, felicity 07 was all about fun and frolic, three days of entertainment(may be even the idea of missing classes for some) … but not many know the pain and sweat that went into its making. I m not trying to brag about the efforts of a selected few here(cant believe ppl actually thought that!), all m trying to do is throw some focus light on those who were always there, behind the curtains.

I rmr varun saying, “Its like we have unleashed maru as our ‘sponsership machine’, he can just take down anyone in his way”. And you quiet did so too. From those regular follow-ups to the last minutes frenzies, its the sheer commitment of guys like you that made felicity 07 a celebration in true sense.

I rmr u and me and samba calculating the scores at MnM while everyone was busy dancing, and tell ye wht … it all pays off when ppl from all over walk up to u, smile and congratulate ur team on the show they’d put up. Besides, u suck at dancing anyways … 😛

Herez wishing u guys lots of luck for the next felicity … wouldn’t load you with mommy type instructions, but as a last word …
Never ever give up on the good work!

14. Sundeep Sancheti - March 1, 2007

Well, nothing much remains to be said

This is the 3rd Felicity I have witnessed and lemme tell you the major reason for this huge success is tht it was not just UG3’s Felicity…It cudnt have happened without support of you guys.

n another thing…u guys have to take over now….so be less sentimental and control your emotions…Problems will pop up from nowhere like hell next year as well…so start preparing yourselves to step into those shoes.

Hoing to see a better Felicity next year!

All the best.

Congratulations and Thank You!

15. varun - March 1, 2007

karan maroo – stall machine 🙂
dude, im sorry if i hurt you.
and ser man..whats with u marwaris……u guys close deals like i bottoms up…

16. Deepti - March 1, 2007

great post!!Just shows how you put your complete self into everything you are into!!!. I am a big fan of yours in this aspect!! Cheers!!

17. abhijeet - March 1, 2007

the least i can say is……fantastic work bro…..you really worked your ass off…hope the momentum carries forward in felicity 08 as well.
one more thing…keep working like this…..u’l surely achieve your goal (u know what m talking about!!!!)

18. aditya agrawal - March 2, 2007

well dude…u r a true epitome of commitment and dedication…. the degree of hardwork u’ve put in this felicity is hard to match by others… (frankly yaar i cant imagine wht ll ur state be in our felicity 😀 ) u’ve really set a precedent for future…m confident tht felicity ll reach new hieghts under ur (more than) able leadership…

19. varun - March 2, 2007

i dont know why i find senti posts and comments downright funny…..

20. pramodh - March 3, 2007

Over a span of time, only the Success of Felicity’07 will remain in your inner eye. You will forget the obnoxious moments eventually (unless you read this post again then 😉 ). Besides it has added a lot to your experience in organising things.Hoping to see a great fest from you guys! 🙂

21. Karan - March 4, 2007

@Maruti. sure dude 🙂
@Harshita.. thanx so much, hopefully I can live upto it.
@Priyanshu. m glad that u liked it 🙂
@Chand, Prateek, Aditya yup dude, time to get working 🙂
@Shrikant thanx be
@amlendu, we need all ur support… thanx
@harsh. thanx so much yaar.. waise, tune kuch jyaada hi badhaai kar di!!
@Himank. wel it isint easy. its our turn now, and i coudnt have been more xited 😀
@Kshitij. yeah and i hope this frenship lasts.. cheers!
@Priyanka.. thanx . your’s and mili’s participation only made the fest better 😀
@xeqtr.. well yes, the sacrifices are always worth it:)
PS: dude, one day, u’ll fine me dancing on stage 😀
@Sundeep.. sure.. nd ur inputs will be all the more valued the next time arnd 🙂
@Varun, dude m abs fine. on hindsight, guess i was wrong. waise, u were simply mind blowing… great leadership. as for the emotions part, let ur book come, we’ll see if its funny 😛
@Deepti. thanx so much yaar 🙂
@abhijeet.. wat goal be??
@pramodh. haan true, but its always good 2 record and r’ber them in the furture 🙂

22. abhijeet - March 4, 2007

asshole……tere president banne ka ambition.

23. Karan - March 4, 2007

@abhijeet.. accha haan voh.. u rmberd, cool 😀 thanx waise 🙂

24. saransh - March 5, 2007

well…i m readin ur blogs 4 d first time..n came here to read d othr blog by u.(d one much talked….:)),,bt found dis one gr8…..expressin d whole of ur journey of d felicity…..surely gr8 wrk…..n to underline it we had a rockin felicity….(i specially njoyed it..as it was ma first felicity… )..can c d comin felicity gainin new heights……

25. Avinash - March 6, 2007

hey karan…jus went thru the post n blv me all felicity memories went past flying!!
It def. reflects the amount of labour u ev put in to make felicity a “huge” success and more thn tht ur emotional attachment to it…dude it is this passion which makes events like felicity a success!!
Look out for more ppl in ur batch with the zeal and am sure u will make it even bigger..
am happy we cud take it to new heights…
xpecting a much better felicity frm u guys next year 🙂 keep it up!!

26. summu - March 6, 2007

Nice.. looks like u had loads of fun !! 😀

27. Namrata - March 7, 2007

After reading this and the prev post felt really guilty that I didnt contribute towards felicity 07 but this sure acted like a wake up call.You put in loads of effort and that made felicity better.Keep up the spirit and looking forward to a bigger and better felicity 08.

28. aniketsharma - March 7, 2007

@Namrata, there can’t be even a reasonably good feicity from our batch without the girls’ support. We’ll work hard together next year and Rock the town.
@Karan, this is a gr8 way to express and share your feelings. We barbaric savages just got drunk and spilled our guts out on each other.
GG, and now let’s just get over with what Varun calls ‘politics and shit’ by this Sunday.

29. Karan - March 7, 2007

@Saransh.. thats nice. every1 played a part this time, and thats why u njoid it
@Avinash.. Thanx, it was great workin with u guys. Hope we can live upto ur xpectations 🙂
@Summu.. u Bet!
@Namrata.. hear hear.. did ya get what aniket said?? Girls play a crucial role in many spheres and I hope that the same frm our batch are not found wanting!!
@Aniket. I totally agree with u, but i wonder if it’ll be possible by this sunday. Lets start propagating the idea neways, so that we’re done with it asap. 🙂

30. Namrata - March 7, 2007

I can assure you that next time around there will be a better no..nooo a significant contribution from our side.We could have done it this time too but like Aniket rightly said its not just what you want – there is so much politics involved.All the detractors and people who criticise the gals of our batch need to take a chill pill.

31. Vivek - March 8, 2007

With dedication like this, Felicity ’08 already feels like a success. Way to go Karan!!

32. Sambhav - March 8, 2007

hey yaar everytime I read ur blog it gives me a kick to start writing too…. well thats a great description of “Felicity:behind the scene”… so order for the sobbing heart “GET UP DUDE WE HAVE WORK TO DO”……..and surely Felicity 08 going to be bigger and better 🙂

33. Pankaj Saini - March 9, 2007

first of all sorry for being late in responding…….. but i don’t want my comment to be drowned in the stormy waves of the above comments………………… this is the best post u’ve ever posted…… it’s not just abt being straight from heart………… it’s not just abt the unparalleled work u did………… it’s abt keeping cool and calm under such circumstances and still delivering which u did……….. and i witnessed u from distance struggling and still getting thru……………. u deserve everyone’s standing ovation…….. and now this is our time to organise as Chand put adequately ‘bigger and better’ event……

34. Karan - March 11, 2007

@Namrata.. Well, thats great, if u guys can involve.. that’ll go a long way in making Felicity a success.. Cheers!
@Vivek. 🙂 thanx
@Sambhav, Pankaj.. thats the line BIGGER n BETTER

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