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Felicity ’07: A Brief Review February 27, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

This was one Felicity which I totally involved myself in. Hence, the experiences are many, but I would share the negative and positive aspects in a brief summary.


• The biggest plus point was undoubtedly the participation of all batches throughout the mega event. I remember when I was in UG1, I felt totally left out from Felicity. I felt that it was just a UG3 event. However, this time around, the third years went out of their way to break the norm and make us feel comfortable. This resulted in more number of hands, and hence better work. A very small, but striking example. When Felicity ’06 ended, the then third years inundated the stage… not a single second or first year was to be seen. However, this time around, I could find people from across the batches.
• The financial and sponsorship sections were well handled. Pulling off the ADP and CA deals was a coup. It made life much easier for everyone.
• The prizes and certificates were distributed immediately, unlike last year where it dragged on for months.
The Felicity Video. Have already written about it. It spurred us on to great heights.
• Campaigning was really well planned and organized. Even if the participation from outside Hyderabad didn’t see a huge boost, it at least helped in setting the stage for all the future batches to carry on from. The fliers which were distributed throughout teenage hangout points in Hyderabad was a cool concept.
• Internal feud in the core committee was minimal, and even if there was any, it didn’t hinder the conduction of the show.
• Food stalls covered a good variety of cuisine.
• Things like the Street Plays, Crossfire, and Graffiti etc infused life into the campus. It looked like there was something going on in the campus.
• The Shadow Play. It was really good in spite of all the criticism it faced before the event. It provided an opportunity to IIITians to showcase their acting skills.
• The technical events saw in surge in the number of participants.
• All decisions were taken in a consensus manner, and faculty was carried along throughout the event.


• Hardware on the first day was nowhere upto the mark. (People tell me, however, that it was even worse last time around). No electricity to the stalls till 1930 hours, no lights given to Crossfire…
• The scheduling of events wasn’t up to the mark. As a result, participation in the literary events drastically dropped from last year.
• I felt that the core committee dropped their guards after the ADP and CA deals. As a result, a lot of running around had to be done in the last few weeks, wherein the energies could have been diverted somewhere else. Plus, much more money could have been raised had we been more proactive with sponsorships.
• There has to be an improvement in the quality of stage events like MnM, Dances etc. This will of course take a lot of effort, and the positive aspects of this year’s Felicity should have a positive bearing on Felicity ’08.
• Why on earth were the messes open even for dinner during the three days? It made us (people who convinced the guys to put up stalls during Felicity… promising that the messes would be closed) look like liars and put us in a dicey position. Among the biggest negatives this year for me.

I may have missed a lot of points, but I wrote this in a flow. All in all, it was a quantum leap from last year, and a great platform for future batches to improve upon. Hope we can learn from the experiences this year, and take Felicity to the level of a Mood Indigo or a Saarang.


1. utkarsh - February 27, 2007

cool post dude ..
Was not in hyd so could not see the event .. but I guess it must have been great .. hoping IIIT does go to Saarang levels .. 🙂

2. Maruti Borker - February 27, 2007

Hmm .. i agree to u dude .. wanted to write the same post ..

another negative point the music guy was ridiculous he was askin us to write some cd’s for that guy otherwise he thretend us that he will stop playin music on the stage for dance event ..

That guy shouldnt be called again

3. ORB - February 27, 2007

nice! wasn’t here though

4. Kshitij - February 27, 2007

That was nice Karan,
U tried to cover most of the points which were worth mentioning,
I hope the negative points would be reviewed again as the core committee is set for nest year’s Felicity, with u surely being of its members. I promise u the same kinda enthusiasm n paricipation from our batch( present UG1) so as to raise the bar of Felicity every year.
One more thing I would like to mention is that, cases like that of the food stalls n mess not being closed make it even more difficult for the next years sponsorship’s team to arrange for food stalls due to poor repo.
please take care of that next year!!

5. Sharatechno - February 27, 2007


Here is an expansion of Lit-events.

6. evangelist - February 27, 2007

Frankly speaking Felicity’07 is not up to the mark. There was no quality in the cultural programs held. They are hardly enjoyable. Just having the funds is not enough. We need to utilize them well.
The campaigning wasn’t good. There were very few people who turned up from Hyderabad.
Felicity is not worth it this year.

7. Shrikant - February 27, 2007

ok what i felt that this years felicity was far better than last years
i mean ok the participation wasnt that good but third years seems to have worked in quite an organized way and that what is imp
cheers IIIT

8. CHAND - February 27, 2007

u can’t escape from the glitches …
I agree that the participation was dull but organisation was good….
kudos to UG3 for their good management team(including ug1 n ug2)…
I was jus thiking how we can raise the level of participation….
The list of events was too long… we shud do away with the uneccesary events which do not attract participants……
The emphashis shud be on quality not in quantity ….
For me the major hits in cultural seg were
MnM (but Last year it had better participation)
but we can do far better than this ……
I hope we can live upto the standards set by our seniors ….
hoping to make the next year’s felicity bigger and bettter
regarding the participation only solution I can see is
getting a celeb…. but then it has its own pros n cons….

Well its not a comment but more of an opinion pardon if it is too long
nice effort…..

9. Prateek G V - February 28, 2007

Pros and Cons of felicity can be written every year. But, trying to eliminate the Cons would be a key feature for the success of any event. Anyways good to see that someone listed out these things. Bottom line remains that Felicity 07 was a blast, UG3 guys ultimate efforts, Overall participation in organizing any event.

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12. Some One - February 28, 2007

it was nice. I am happy i was there. I agree with the negatives and the positives.
The best thing about every felicity is the effect it has on the students of the college. For the next 1 month at least, everyone things FOR the college. FOR the unity in the batches. FOR the college future.

It was a nice experience.

13. harsh - February 28, 2007

This year felicity standards really went high in terms of organization .
The most striking feature was that the prizes were given right on time !!
which will definitely help us next year in attracting quality crowd .
UG2k4 has really set a standard for us .

I hope we can use all our potential to make felicity even bigger even better .

But yes this time felicity was really wonderful and i will always remember this as one of my best memories .

14. Karan - March 1, 2007

@Utkarsh.. *fingers crossed*
@Maruti.. yup, u localite, use ur contacts and get us bttr ppl 😀
@Orb.. u’ve missed it!
@Kshitij, Prateek.. definitely dude.. in fact keep these points in mind, and we’ll take care of ’em next yr :). After all that’s wat Felicity is all abt .. learning 🙂
@Sharat. nice summary u’ve got thr
@evangelist.. Well at least we tried. I disagree that the campaignin was not good.. on the contrast it was brilliant. Jus tht not too many ppl turned due to the repo of the fest
@shrikant, harsh.. cheers!
@Chand.. note kar yaar, apne ko chaiyega
@Some one.. very true, wise words 🙂

15. Deepti - March 1, 2007

One of the negative points I felt was that probably we gave too much attention to sponsorships in the last few weeks and have neglected the campaigning..
Because of this the major events like dances and MNM weren’t upto the mark. However,we would be consious of all our little mistakes and make Felicity’08 a big success..

16. aniketsharma - March 7, 2007

See we had a long chat last night in OBH-230’s on this issue. I had observed the campaigning stuff from very close quarters. @Deepti, I do have to disagree with you. I think the campaigning couldn’t have been better.
Unfirtunately, quality participaton does not just depend upon the kind of campaigning done this year, but upon the cumulative brand value earned over all the felicities, especially the last 2-3 ones. And that’s precisely what took things away from us this year. We don’t have a very strong base yet. This year’s campaining( cheers to Joy and his team) will go a long way in building that brand.

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