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Top 10 Rock Songs February 15, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

Here’s my list:

1 ) Smells like teen spirit

2 ) Smells like teen spirit

3 ) Smells like teen spirit

4 ) Smells like teen spirit

5 ) Smells like teen spirit

6 ) Smells like teen spirit

7 ) Smells like teen spirit

8 ) Smells like teen spirit

9 ) Smells like teen spirit

10 ) Smells like teen spirit

Just can’t get enough of it πŸ˜€


1. abhijeet - February 16, 2007

fuck the teen spirit asshole…we are 20 now πŸ˜€
and yeah ………switch to maiden mann….they are waitin 4 us!!!!!!!!!

2. Maruti - February 16, 2007

F U .. the best song ever is “Sweet Child O’ Mine” …

@pagare nice comment πŸ˜‰

3. CHAND - February 17, 2007

Baba Pagare to buddhe ho hi gaye hain…
humare liye to Smells like teen spirit rocks…
yaar kuch bhi ho any list widout LP rocks…..

4. Himank - February 17, 2007

10 biggest assholes in the world
Karan Maroo

Karan Maroo

Karan Maroo

Karan Maroo

Karan Maroo

Karan Maroo

Karan Maroo

Karan Maroo

Karan Maroo

Karan Maroo

5. Karan - February 18, 2007

@abhijeet.. look at the soul of the song maan
@mauti.. no ways dude..
@chand. dude. thats ur opinion, but LP rulez the roost πŸ˜€
@Himank.. fuck you!

6. Hakon .. - February 25, 2007

iron maiden – can i play with madness πŸ˜‰ is the best song ever !!

7. GOD - March 7, 2007

Tools worst song is ten times better than any guns n roses, iron maiden, or nirvana album! Fuck you all, and good night.

8. bachodi - March 14, 2007

I too like his song, nice rock. But dont get the lyrics at all … a mosquito …a.. libido etc.

9. hax - March 15, 2007

i have a massive schlonge and ZEPPELIN is the best, end of discussion

10. evilminstrel - April 17, 2007

fade to black metallica

11. Thrak - May 19, 2007

nirvana is too repative so thats out, and tool is amazing but not the best

im goin to say Rush ‘2112’ if u havent heard iit you shouldnt be alive

12. Maddy anderson - May 29, 2007

FUCK YOU ALL BITCHES I LOVE AC/DC if anyone agrees post it

13. Enrico - August 17, 2007

bun dem 5 best rock songs r
1-stay captvie-still remain
2-the offspring- i want you bad
3- paramore-misery business
4-madina lake-here i stand
5-my chemical romance-black parade

14. fsfs - October 14, 2007


15. Scorpian96 - October 16, 2007

AC/DC would have to be my second favorite band. Rush in my opinion is still the best! ^_^

16. fuckhead - November 5, 2007

u guys are fkn retarded godsmacks the best damn band of all time end of discussion

17. Mark - December 11, 2007

Metallica, Guns N’ roses, Megadeth, helloween, testament, iron maiden and skid row are the best band ever!!! Coma(Gn’r),Master of puppets,DNR(testament),hallowed be thy name,Frozen(skid row),Dr.stein(helloween) and holy wars are the best songs ever.

18. bobbie - July 13, 2009

yeah, smart move asshole! since the teens are the future, i’ll make sure your life is a living hell.

19. Ahmed Sadek - October 5, 2009

Comfortably Numb – Pink Floyd
Stairway to heaven – Led Zepellin
Metallica – Fade to black
Simon & Garfunkel – Sound of silence
Don’t Cry – Guns N’ Roses
Woman – Scorpions
Hotel California – The Eagles
All Along The Watchtower – Jimi Hendrix
Dream On – Aerosmith
While My Guitar Gently Weeps – The Beatles & Eric Clapton

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