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Sachin’s Last World Cup… Can India Lift The Trophy? February 13, 2007

Posted by Karan in General.

Finally, the world cup cricket team’s been announced. The team was more or less expected, but I have a few points to make:
• The golden triangle of Yuvraj, Kaif and Raina has been broken. Now in this team, apart from Yuvraj, there are no exceptional fielders. Uthappa, Karthik and Pathan are good and others like Dravid, Tendulkar, Sreesanth are just about OK. Where on earth are you going to hide the likes of Ganguly, Munaf, Kumble etc who are all quite sloppy. Entering every match, Dravid should know that he is 20-30 runs behind top teams.
• Four openers in one team! If it were for me, I would have Tendulkar and Ganguly opening… both of them players who like to take the fight to the opposition. Besides, they share 7000+ runs in partnerships, which is the highest in LOIs.
• The middle order’s a major problem. Dravid’s looked out of sorts, Yuvraj has barely had a game, Sachin is new to this position and Sehwag is extremely vulnerable.
• We are still poor chasers. It seemed to be changing around the Natwest Series 2002, when Yuvraj and Kaif chased down a mammoth target under pressure, and the trend continued till 2005. However, Kaif and Raina are out and we are back to being tagged ‘chokers’. I still feel that Kaif’s been given a rough treatment.

In all probability, this is Sachin’s last world cup and am sure he’ll love to be tagged as ‘world champion’, but going by the current scenario, India barely stands a chance. Hoping against hope hopen that India lifts the trophy!


1. abhijeet - February 13, 2007

I feel this is the best India has to offer at the moment.Keeping in mind the current forms of Kaif , Laxman , they had to be omitted. As for Raina , blame it on Uthappa .He bedazzled in a short period.And as far as fielding is concerned , India have always had old legs in the team , so thats a regularity.
The onus is now on the big guns sachin , saurav,rahul ,kumble to play sensible cricket and the young blokes uthappa , dhoni , sreesanth to fire all cylinders and set the WC ablaze.

2. Namrata - February 13, 2007

Like you pointed out there were no big surprises when the team was announced but I kind of feel sorry for Laxman in particular because hes one guy who hasnt got his due.Good thing they had Uthappa picked up.Heres hoping to that India get the elusive world cup and repeat 1983’s magic.

3. Prateek GV - February 14, 2007

Seriously baap Sachin and Saurav should open. They should try Uttappa only when this pair fails. Feel sorry for Kaif though he being a stupendous fielder. Last time they played it world cup it had to do with numbers (After 20 years can India get back the world cup home?). Now its “Can India win the world cup at the same ground where they had won their first world cup?” lol 😀
I can assure you that this time its not the Aus who is going to take back the cup(Seeing their recent performance in the Tri Series)

4. Karan - February 14, 2007

@Prateek… abe we won the first world cup in Lords!

5. Prateek GV - February 14, 2007

@Karan .. Sorry I meant to say against WI. Mistake yaar hotta hai. Must be thinking of some hot chick when I worte that .. happens.

6. Kunal - February 14, 2007

kaif would surely be missed… India is relying only of batting & bowling, and ignoring fielding totally.. while announcing the team Dravid made some statement stating that fielding has not been given priority…

7. Abbulu - February 14, 2007

haha ..we can draw an analogy between the Indian team and eminem’s lyrics .. “…he ‘s choking now …rabbit! he’s choking now”
Do u think the Indian team should start rapping at their own misery :p …LOL

8. danprolde4u - February 15, 2007

hmm…. lets keep our fingers crossed… and hope that australia commits some mistakes…. we will need that even if we rock big time…..

9. Himank - February 15, 2007

I totally agree with you on the opening pair isssue.. Sachin should surely come to open the innings.. I too feel Kaif could have been given a chance if we can take Sehwag then Kaif also stands a chance.. Frankly speaking i dont see much chances for the team except if the players rose to some other level and shove india to win with their individual performances.. Seriously i would like Sachin to again shine in this world Cup like he did last time except that he should bring the cup to India.

10. Karan - February 15, 2007

@Abhijeet, Himank.. sahi bola bidu 😀
@Namrata, danprolde4u.. yeah, lets hope for the best
@Prateek.. abe yaar ladki ke baare mein baat mar kar 😀
@Kunal.. so very true dude.
@abbulu.. like u said.. a large lol

11. Deepti - February 21, 2007

Well lets hope the history repeats and India wins a world cup.. 🙂

12. Vamsy - February 22, 2007

not very sure off…with aussies in no league i guess we may face a very stiff competition from the kiwis n SA…hope that all the odds work out for us 😛

13. Kunal - February 23, 2007

Well the squad been announced this is my 11 that should play.
India is most likely going to go with 7 batsnan

Uthappa will definitely be in cuz of his recent form
Sachin is the master blaster so he is in the 7 batsman
Ganguly as well for his recent form
Dravid is the captain so he is in
Dhoni well i don;t need to say anymore you need him in your team if you need to chase a big total. He is versatile can play as the situation demands. Thats 5.
6.Sehwag will be included for his bowling option and he can be explosive when you need him to be.
7.It comes down to yuvraj and karthik and i pick yuvraj just because of more experience.

For the bowlers if irfan pathan’s injury is ok and he makes the trip they might try in warm – up games to see how he is doing and might opt for 5 bowlers with irfan acting as allrounder which is a long shot with a crazy batting line up we have got but it can happen.

in the warm matches india also might experiment with kumble playing some warmups and harbhagan playign some.

Agarkar is assured to play though i would pick pathan over agarkar agarkar is a good last 10 overs bowler which will be crucial to india’s success.
Munaf patel with his line and length he would be also included.
Zaheer khan as well that to me is india’s most important bowler if india wants to win teh world cup he has to perform his best.
Harbhajan will be in my 11 as well.

Basically in indias squad everone has a chance to play every match based on their performance but i think these players will play less matches as opposed to 11 i just mentioned – karthink, sreesanth, kumble, pathan are most likely to miss out from the 11 squad. but make no mistake india will experiment in the warm – up mathes and karthink might get a chance also kumble and sreeshant etc but those are the eleven that are goin to play.

I would prefer to have
1. Ganguly (can bowl)
2. Tendulkar(can bowl)
3. Uthhapa
4. Yuvraj(can bowl)
5. Dravid
6. Dhoni
7. Pathan (all rounder option)
8. Agarkar (can bat somewhat)
9. Harbhajan
10. Zaheer
11. Patel

Some combinations that india will try
1. Ganguly Ganguly Ganguly Ganguly
2. Tendulkar Sehwag Uttapha Uthhapa
3.Uthhapa Utthapa Sehwag Sehwag
4. Yuvraj Tendulkar Tendulkar Yuvraj
5. Dravid Yuvraj Yuvraj Tendulkar
6. Sehwag Dravid Dravid Dravid
7.Dhoni Dhoni Dhoni Dhoni
8. agarkar agarkar agarkar agarkar
9. singh singh singh singh
10. khan kahn khan khan
11. patel patel patel patel

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