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Felicity Video’s Awesome February 8, 2007

Posted by Karan in IIIT centric.

I am sure this has been discussed and everyone’s realized it, but I’ll share a few experiences with you. The first time we gave a presentation in AU (Vizag), we just put the video on. Unfortunately, the authorities could not arrange speakers or projectors for us. In spite of it all, the impact of the video was thundering. Applauses followed the video even before we could actually get on to the dais and speak. The effect was evident at each of the presentations we gave, thanks to the video. Experiences were similar when we went out there for sponsorships… Our task had actually been simplified. The Central guy was especially impressed. Actually shows how little things done meticulously and thought out well can go a long way in simplifying things. Coming back to Felicity, the campaigning was more extensive this time around, there is more money involved and to top it all, the events look in good shape so far. The best thing has been the involvement of we guys and our juniors too… Last time it seemed to be a solo UG3 event.
With less than a fortnight to go for the D-Day, let’s give in our best to make it a huge success. Here’s wishing everyone good luck.


1. abhijeet - February 8, 2007

good karan ki tu notes bana raha hai….next year kaam aayenge… 😀

2. CHAND - February 8, 2007

sahi bola be Paggu…..
tu laga rahe hum tere piche hain .. hehe..

3. Himank Sharma - February 9, 2007

Badhiya hai beedu!!! Agle sam kam easy rahega!!! 🙂

4. Maruti - February 9, 2007

haan be next years felicity shud be rockin 😉

5. varun - February 12, 2007

yaaro…iss saal ka khatam to hone do….

6. sumanth - February 12, 2007

I felt that they overdid the start. 🙂 The rest is amaazzzingg.. Loved the bg score !! I just hope the whole fest lives up to the expectations that this vid wud generate.

7. Karan - February 13, 2007

I agree with Varun, though I must say that we’ll do well too 🙂

8. Deepti - February 21, 2007

Really hoping that this year’s event becomes a great success 🙂

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[…] and certificates were distributed immediately, unlike last year where it dragged on for months. • The Felicity Video. Have already written about it. It spurred us on to great heights. • Campaigning was really well […]

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