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Happy Birthday February 2, 2007

Posted by Karan in General, IIIT centric.

At the end the day it was fun to see the bull being tamed. Piyush looked like a little kid who had just gone through a rough ordeal. After all it was just an hour into his birthday and so much had happened already. It all started at 11:45 with the warm up bumps and at 12 there were those punches on his body. After the customary hugs and wishes we took him for a stroll around the campus. “Bang”, “Bang” went those eggs on his head… Chirag doing a spiderman act during the same. Hardly had he recovered that his co-Bhopali and dear friend Abhijeet was in it again. It was then the ‘aata’ which was smeared on his hair so as to stay for a couple of days 😛 Gosh! Of course, people like PK, Chand and Himank left no stone unturned while giving him the conventional bumps. The only relief for poor Piyush ( well couldn’t help feeling sorry for him then… in spite of what he does to all of us 😀 ) were those phone calls on his new 3230.
In the end of it all, he had a memorable day. ‘Cos he knows that this his how friends express their love for each other.

PS: Birthdays in hostels are real fun and painful.


1. Maruti - February 2, 2007

🙂 …. When is your bday ?? 😛

I totally agree with ur PS 😀

2. abhijeet - February 2, 2007

dude der there one more more relief that day…..we did not implement our plans to the fullest..i can only imagine what would have happened to the b’day boy then!!!!!

3. Himank - February 4, 2007

Ya seriously dude!! If we would have implemented the next two plans.. it would have been worse for him but i guess even the aata was quite a good idea.
@All: If you want to know about these ideas to try them on ur friends do contact us.. 8)

4. shrikant - February 7, 2007

ha ha ha nice comments and post :p
anyway ppl lets make it more memorable and fun then painful
i mean lets start sm new tradition except from giving bumps of course 😀
any new ideas like one we tried ……….

5. Vamsy - February 8, 2007

mght be u guys had laots of fun…lol!!!
check my new posts karan

6. Vivek - February 8, 2007

Miss those b’day bashes there in IIIT 😦

7. Karan - February 8, 2007

@ Maruti.. dude m lookin forward 2 ur b’day 😛
@abhijeet, himank.. yeah ppl.. god noes wat wud av appnd then
@shrikant.. beta tu bhi marega 😛
@vamsy. sure dude
@vivek.. u r welcome 2 come down here 😛

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